For the similarly named epic Northrend gem, see  [King's Amber]. For mantid lore objects, see Amber (object). For the SI:7 agent, see Amber Kearnen.

Amber is the result of tree sap becoming hardened and/or fossilized. Insects or small organisms can become trapped and preserved in amber.

The sap of the Kypari trees in the Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes contains magical properties. It can be hardened and shaped into objects, used as building materials, eaten as food, and contains other uses through a kind of amber magic mastered by the mantid. The first Klaxxi Paragon, Korven the Prime, found a way to use the amber's preservative properties to preserve mantid of significant power as Paragons to fight when the Mantid Empire was in a time of greatest need. Kaz'tik the Manipulator would later master the process and preserve both himself and his pet kunchong Kovok. Much of the Empire's amber and Kypari trees were corrupted or destroyed by the Sha of Fear.

As a companion pet


There is no player-obtainable raw gem named amber, so there are no craftable designs for them. However, there are a number of cut amber gems available from vendors.

Yellow, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png sockets.
Name Effect
[Brilliant Tourmaline] +4 Intellect
[Gleaming Amber] +4 Critical Strike Rating
[Rigid Zircon] +4 Hit Rating
[Smooth Amber] +4 Critical Strike Rating
[Subtle Amber] +4 Defense Rating

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