NeutralAmber Arms

Shek'zeer Bladesworn
Start Ambersmith Zikk [55.0, 35.6]
End Ambersmith Zikk [55.0, 35.6]
Level 30-35
Category Dread Wastes
Experience 236000
Reputation +250 The Klaxxi
Rewards Item level 437 feet
11g 40s
Previous N [30-35] The Klaxxi Council


Gather 6 Amber Blades from Shek'zeer Bladesworn around the Heart of Fear and The Clutches of Shek'zeer.

Speak with Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver at Klaxxi'vess for a ride to the Heart of Fear.


You! Filth!

You work for me now!

The amber blades of the Shek'zeer Bladesworn are the finest weapons in the empire.

If you are not impaled upon them immediately after leaving here, bring me as many of the blades as you can carry! I want to make sure we have weapons in reserve, should we need them.


Inv boots cloth panda b 01 red.png [Motherseed Shoes] Inv boots leather panda b 01.png [Sapfly Shoes]
Inv boots mail panda b 01green.png [Withered Wood Shoes] Inv boots plate panda b 02.png [Lucidity Shoes]
Inv boots cloth panda b 01 red.png [Dreadspinner Shoes] Inv boots leather panda b 01.png [Ghost Fox Shoes]
Inv boots mail panda b 01green.png [Wind-Reaver Shoes] Inv boots plate panda b 02.png [Bladesworn Shoes]
Inv boots plate panda b 02.png [Coldbite Shoes]

You will also receive: 11g 40s


The bladesworn carry their weapons with pride. I want them on my weapon racks!


If all goes as planned, the Klaxxi will stop the Empress without any help. Still, it is better to be prepared.



Pick up N [30-35] Not Fit to Swarm, N [30-35] The Dread Clutches and N [30-35] Dead Zone before heading out. Then speak with Kil'ruk again:

I trust in the will of the Klaxxi. They know what is best for our people.
Gossip Please fly me to the Clutches of Shek'zeer
Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver says: I will drop you near the tower. Do not get used to this.
Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver says: The tower is just there. I will cover you from the sky. Be quick.

Adventurers are buffed with Angel of Death: "Granted by Kil'ruk the Windreaver. When you gather at least 2 enemies within 10 yds, Kil'ruk will assist with Reave. This cannot occur more than once every 60 sec. Only one Klaxxi Enhancement can be active at a time. Only effective in Dread Wastes. Reave - Kil'ruk cleaves nearby enemies dealing 118182 damage instantly and causing them to bleed for an additional 118182 damage over 10 sec."

Should any unfortunate mantid be in the area where players land, they find themselves one-shot via Sonic Divebomb, which deals ~550,000 Physical damage!

First things first, run just to the northeast and interact with the Inactive Sonic Relay. This will complete Dead Zone and start N [30-35] In Her Clutch automatically.

Start moving southeast killing bladesworn, clutch-keepers and swarmborn along the way. Note the Sha-Haunted Crystal in the middle of the spawn clutch. It starts N [30-35] A Source of Terrifying Power. Pick it up, then interact with the Ancient Amber Chunk, and prepare for a fight:

Hold off the swarm while Malik the Unscathed awakens!
Malik the Unscathed says: Unngghh...

70 seconds later...

Malik the Unscathed says: I am returned. I heed the call of the Klaxxi.

Wrap up then head back to Klaxxi'vess.


  1. Complete all of:
  2. Complete all of:

Next: N [30-35] Amber Is Life, N [30-35] Extending Our Coverage

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