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BossAmber Monstrosity
Image of Amber Monstrosity
Race Unknown (Elemental)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Heart of Fear

The Amber Monstrosity is located in the Heart of Fear.


  • Ability warrior bloodnova Amber Explosion — The Monstrosity releases a massive explosion of amber energy, inflicting 97,500 to 102,500[Notes 1] Nature damage to all players.
  • Inv elemental primal fire Massive Stomp — The Monstrosity stomps the ground forcefully, inflicting 74,000 to 86,000[Notes 2] Physical damage to all enemies within 15 yards and knocking them back.
  • Ability warrior throwdown Fling Tank Alert — The Monstrosity grabs its current target in one of its massive hands and hurls the hapless victim at a distant player, causing 63593 to 73906[Notes 3] Physical damage to targets within 8 yards of the point of impact and stunning them for 3 sec.
  • Spell burningsoul Destroy Will — When the Amber Monstrosity deals melee damage to player who was transformed into a Mutated Construct, its attunement to amber causes the target's will to unravel, draining 40 Willpower.


  1. ^ Amber Monstrosity Amber Explosion damage:
    • 10: 219.4-230.6K
    • 10H: 487.5-512.5K
    • LFR: 97.5-102.5K
    • 25: 219.4-230.6K
    • 25H: 487.5-512.5K
  2. ^ Massive Stomp damage:
    • 10: 139-161K
    • 10H: 185-215K
    • LFR: 74-86K
    • 25: 139-161K
    • 25H: 185-215K
  3. ^ Fling damage:
    • 10: 125K
    • 10H: 175K
    • LFR: 68.7K
    • 25: 125K
    • 25H: 175K




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