Ambusher's Cloak is an uncommon world drop item; it can be dropped by mobs in The Burning Crusade zones. It can also be found inside  [Shattered Sun Supplies].

Random enchantments

Suffix Stat bonus
of Agility +21 Agility
of Intellect +21 Intellect
of Nimbleness +21 Dodge
of Power +21 Attack Power
of Spirit +21 Versatility
of Stamina +32 Stamina
of Strength +21 Strength
of the Bear +21 Stamina, +14 Strength
of the Boar +14 Strength, +14 Versatility
of the Eagle +21 Stamina, +14 Intellect
of the Falcon +14 Agility, +14 Intellect
of the Gorilla +14 Intellect, +14 Strength
of the Invoker +17 Intellect, +11 Critical Strike
of the Monkey +21 Stamina, +14 Agility
of the Owl +14 Intellect, +14 Versatility
of the Tiger +14 Agility, +14 Critical Strike
of the Whale +21 Stamina, +14 Versatility
of the Wolf +14 Agility, +14 Versatility
of Arcane Protection +21 Stamina, +14 Arcane Resistance
of Fire Protection +21 Stamina, +14 Fire Resistance
of Frost Protection +21 Stamina, +14 Frost Resistance
of Nature Protection +21 Stamina, +14 Nature Resistance
of Shadow Protection +21 Stamina, +14 Shadow Resistance
of the Bandit +17 Stamina, +11 Agility, +11 Critical Strike
of the Beast +17 Stamina, +11 Haste, +11 Critical Strike
of the Champion +17 Stamina, +11 Strength, +11 Dodge
of the Elder +17 Stamina, +11 Intellect, +11 Versatility
of the Elder +17 Stamina, +11 Intellect, +11 Versatility
of the Prophet +11 Intellect, +11 Versatility, +11 Haste
of the Seer +17 Stamina, +11 Intellect, +11 Critical Strike
of the Soldier +17 Stamina, +11 Strength, +11 Critical Strike
of the Sorcerer +17 Stamina, +11 Intellect, +11 Haste


This item can be disenchanted with Enchanting (275).

Material name Quantity Drop chance
 [Arcane Dust] 2–5 Very high
 [Greater Planar Essence] 1–2 Medium
 [Large Prismatic Shard] 1 Low


This item's appearance uses...

Texture: Cape_Mage_A_01Green.blp
Model: Rectangular cloak

This appearance is shared with  [Willow Cape],  [Adansonian Cloak],  [Conjurer's Cloak],  [Drape of Horticultural Sanitization],  [Drape of the Possessive Soul],  [Therapeutic Cloak],  [Injured Trapper's Cloak], and  [Cloak of Renewed Hope].

There are also a number of items that use the same model, in different colors:

Color Level* Item names
Green 10  [Scout's Cloak],  [Willow Cape],  [Timberland Cape],  [Adansonian Cloak],  [Conjurer's Cloak],  [Ambusher's Cloak],  [Drape of Horticultural Sanitization],  [Drape of the Possessive Soul],  [Therapeutic Cloak],  [Injured Trapper's Cloak],  [Cloak of Renewed Hope]
Burgundy 10  [Seasoned Fighter's Cloak],  [Rathorian's Cape],  [Overseer's Cloak],  [Amplifying Cloak],  [Apexis Cloak],  [Rescuer's Cloak]
Red 10  [Melrache's Cape],  [Renzithen's Dusty Cloak],  [Venomous Silk Cover],  [Desperado Cape],  [Inferno Cloak],  [Fiery Cloak],  [Prelacy Cape],  [Stormpike Sage's Cloak],  [Dyed Taffeta Cape]
Orange -  [Worn Cloak]
Yellow 10  [Sun-Beaten Cloak],  [Golden Sunshine Cloak]
Olive 19  [Journeyman's Cloak],  [Sylvan Cloak],  [Librarian's Cloak],  [Cloak of the Cosmos],  [Scavenger's Cloak],  [Reversible Wool Cape]
Aqua 29  [Formulaic Cloak],  [Drape of Duplicity]
Cyan 15  [Laced Cloak],  [Feyscale Cloak],  [Double-Stitched Cloak],  [Zephyr Cloak]
Blue 9  [Loose Chain Cloak],  [Scene Investigator's Wrap],  [Third Fleet Cloak],  [Heavy Runed Cloak],  [Dwarven Guard Cloak],  [Shroud of Pure Thought],  [Crackling Cloak],  [Drape of Distilled Hatred]
Violet 29  [Dask's Cloak],  [Nightsky Cloak],  [Enigmatic Cloak]
Purple 26  [Stromgarde Surcoat],  [Shroud of Arcane Mastery],  [Lightning Beetle's Cape]
Brown 21  [Overlinked Chain Cloak],  [Twill Cloak],  [Cloak of Treason],  [Nether Cloak],  [Amber Cape]
Gray 15  [Flimsy Chain Cloak],  [Miner's Cape]
White -  [Ensign Cloak],  [Laminated Scale Cloak],  [Grimsteel Cape]
*The lowest level at which an appearance can be learned for transmogrification. A dash denotes an appearance that cannot currently be learned.

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