Realms in the Americas region are hosted for Blizzard in several datacenters across the United States and Australia. They are located in:

  • Chicago, Illinois (moved from Dallas, Texas in June 2010)
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Sydney, Australia (moved from Los Angeles on October 28, 2014)

While new players often wish to choose a realm matching their own time zone, those realms may actually be located far away from them. For example, some servers in Los Angeles have realms on US Eastern Time, and some servers in Chicago have realms on US Pacific Time. Instead, players may first wish to pick a datacenter to which they have good internet connectivity.

To that end, this is a list of US realms organized by datacenter, battlegroup, time zone, and realm type. Also included are the IP addresses of each realm server, and the IP address of the last hop from the player's computer to the server when doing a traceroute.

If your server's IP address is wrong, please feel free to update it.

Blizzard also has posted a list of IP addresses, which may not be up-to-date during the process of hooking up Connected Realms.

Time zones

The following tables have abbreviated time zones in an effort to conserve space. Those abbreviations and the full time zones are:

Abbr Time zone UTC offset Relative times
Winter Summer
AU-ET Australian eastern standard time +10 +11 2022-06-23 12:28
BRT Brasília time -3 -3 2022-06-22 23:28
US-ET Eastern time zone (US) -5 -4 2022-06-22 22:28
US-CT Central time zone (US) -6 -5 2022-06-22 21:28
MX-CT Zona Centro (MX) -6 -5 2022-06-22 21:28
US-MT Mountain time zone (US) -7 -6 2022-06-22 20:28
US-PT Pacific time zone (US) -8 -7 2022-06-22 19:28


When doing a traceroute to servers in Chicago, please trace to the following IP address:

Update: 09/22/2020

This seems to be labeled as "US Central" now under IP address:

Ability warrior rampage.png Rampage
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Alexstrasza PvE US-CT
Alleria PvE US-CT
Blackhand PvE US-CT
Dalaran PvE US-ET
Dentarg PvE US-CT
Galakrond PvE US-CT
Garona PvE US-CT
Ghostlands PvE US-CT
Goldrinn PvE BRT
Hellscream PvE US-CT
Illidan PvP US-CT
Kael'thas PvE US-CT
Khadgar PvE US-CT
Kirin Tor RP US-CT
Nemesis PvP BRT
Ravencrest PvE US-CT
Sentinels RP US-CT
Steamwheedle Cartel RP US-CT
Stormreaver PvP US-CT
Terokkar PvE US-CT
Thrall PvE US-ET
Uldaman PvE US-CT
Whisperwind PvE US-CT
Zangarmarsh PvE US-CT
Spell shadow scourgebuild.png Shadowburn
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Agamaggan PvP US-CT
Andorhal PvP US-PT
Archimonde PvP US-CT
Azralon PvP BRT
Azuremyst PvE US-CT
Baelgun PvE US-PT
Blackwing Lair PvP US-CT
Burning Legion PvP US-CT
Coilfang PvP US-PT
Dalvengyr PvP US-PT
Dark Iron PvP US-PT
Deathwing PvP US-MT
Demon Soul PvP US-PT
Dethecus PvP US-CT
Detheroc PvP US-CT
Doomhammer PvE US-PT
Emerald Dream RP-PvP US-CT
Eredar PvP US-ET
Executus PvP US-PT
Gnomeregan PvE US-PT
Gorefiend PvP US-CT
Greymane PvE US-CT
Haomarush PvP US-CT
Jaedenar PvP US-CT
Kalecgos PvP US-PT
Lethon PvP US-CT
Lightninghoof RP-PvP US-CT
Maelstrom RP-PvP US-CT
Moonrunner PvE US-PT
Ravenholdt RP-PvP US-CT
Sargeras PvP US-CT
Scilla PvP US-PT
Shadowmoon PvP US-CT
Shattered Halls PvP US-PT
Shattered Hand PvP US-PT
Spinebreaker PvP US-CT
Staghelm PvE US-CT
Tanaris PvE US-CT
The Underbog PvP US-CT
The Venture Co RP-PvP US-CT
Tol Barad PvP BRT
Twisting Nether RP-PvP US-CT
Ursin PvP US-PT
Wildhammer PvP US-CT
Zuluhed PvP US-PT
Spell shadow shadowwordpain.png Ruin
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Altar of Storms PvP US-ET
Alterac Mountains PvP US-ET
Anetheron PvP US-ET
Anvilmar PvE US-CT
Argent Dawn RP US-ET
Arthas PvP US-ET
Azgalor PvP US-CT
Azshara PvP US-CT
Balnazzar PvP US-ET
Black Dragonflight PvP US-ET
Bleeding Hollow PvP US-ET
Blood Furnace PvP US-ET
Bloodhoof PvE US-ET
Dawnbringer PvE US-CT
Destromath PvP US-CT
Durotan PvE US-ET
Duskwood PvE US-ET
Elune PvE US-ET
Exodar PvE US-ET
Gallywix PvE BRT
Gilneas PvE US-ET
Gorgonnash PvP US-ET
Grizzly Hills PvE US-ET
Gul'dan PvP US-ET
Lothar PvE US-ET
Madoran PvE US-CT
Magtheridon PvP US-ET
Malfurion PvE US-ET
Mannoroth PvP US-ET
Medivh PvE US-ET
Nazjatar PvP US-ET
Skullcrusher PvP US-ET
Stormrage PvE US-ET
The Forgotten Coast PvP US-ET
The Scryers RP US-ET
Thunderlord PvP US-CT
Trollbane PvE US-ET
Undermine PvE US-CT
Warsong PvP US-ET
Ysera PvE US-ET
Ysondre PvP US-ET
Zul'jin PvE US-ET
Spell holy vindication.png Vindication
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Aerie Peak PvE US-PT
Aggramar PvE US-CT
Area 52 PvE US-ET
Arygos PvE US-ET
Auchindoun PvP US-CT
Blade's Edge PvE US-CT
Burning Blade PvP US-ET
Cho'gall PvP US-CT
Drakkari PvP MX-CT
Earthen Ring RP US-ET
Eonar PvE US-ET
Fizzcrank PvE US-CT
Icecrown PvE US-CT
Kargath PvE US-ET
Kel'Thuzad PvP US-MT
Laughing Skull PvP US-CT
Lightning's Blade PvP US-ET
Llane PvE US-ET
Mal'Ganis PvP US-CT
Malygos PvE US-CT
Norgannon PvE US-ET
Onyxia PvP US-PT
Quel'Thalas PvE MX-CT
Ragnaros PvP MX-CT
Thunderhorn PvE US-CT
Turalyon PvE US-ET
Velen PvE US-ET

Los Angeles

When doing a traceroute to servers in Los Angeles, please trace to the following IP address:

Update: 09/22/2020

This seems to be labeled as "US West" now under IP address:

Spell nature bloodlust.png Bloodlust
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Blackrock PvP US-PT
Farstriders RP US-PT
Frostwolf PvP US-PT
Kil'jaeden PvP US-PT
Kilrogg PvE US-PT
Nazgrel PvE US-CT
Nesingwary PvE US-CT
Proudmoore PvE US-PT
Quel'dorei PvE US-CT
Sen'jin PvE US-CT
Silver Hand RP US-PT
Thorium Brotherhood RP US-PT
Tichondrius PvP US-PT
Vashj PvP US-PT
Vek'nilash PvE US-CT
Winterhoof PvE US-PT

Ability racial avatar.png Vengeance
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Aegwynn PvP US-CT
Anub'arak PvP US-CT
Bladefist PvE US-CT
Bonechewer PvP US-CT
Chromaggus PvP US-CT
Crushridge PvP US-CT
Daggerspine PvP US-CT
Eitrigg PvE US-CT
Garithos PvP US-CT
Garrosh PvE US-ET
Gurubashi PvP US-CT
Hakkar PvP US-CT
Hyjal PvE US-PT
Korgath PvP US-CT
Kul Tiras PvE US-CT
Misha PvE US-CT
Muradin PvE US-CT
Nathrezim PvP US-CT
Nordrassil PvE US-CT
Rexxar PvE US-CT
Runetotem PvE US-CT
Shu'halo PvE US-CT
Smolderthorn PvP US-CT
Uther PvE US-CT
Spell nature earthbind.png Cyclone
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Antonidas PvE US-PT
Azjol-Nerub PvE US-MT
Bloodscalp PvP US-MT
Boulderfist PvP US-MT
Bronzebeard PvE US-PT
Cairne PvE US-MT
Cenarius PvE US-PT
Cenarion Circle RP US-PT
Darkspear PvP US-MT
Draenor PvE US-PT
Dragonblight PvE US-PT
Draka PvE US-PT
Dunemaul PvP US-MT
Echo Isles PvE US-PT
Fenris PvE US-PT
Khaz Modan PvE US-MT
Lightbringer PvE US-PT
Maiev PvP US-MT
Perenolde PvE US-MT
Shandris PvE US-PT
Sisters of Elune RP US-PT
Stonemaul PvP US-MT
Suramar PvE US-PT
Uldum PvE US-PT
Wyrmrest Accord RP US-PT
Spell holy blessingofstrength.png Reckoning
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Akama PvP US-PT
Arathor PvE US-PT
Blackwater Raiders RP US-MT
Borean Tundra PvE US-PT
Darrowmere PvE US-PT
Dragonmaw PvP US-PT
Drak'Tharon PvP US-ET
Drak'thul PvE US-PT
Drenden PvE US-PT
Eldre'Thalas PvE US-ET
Feathermoon RP US-PT
Firetree PvP US-ET
Frostmane PvP US-CT
Hydraxis PvE US-MT
Korialstrasz PvE US-ET
Malorne PvP US-ET
Mok'Nathal PvE US-PT
Moon Guard RP US-CT
Mug'thol PvP US-PT
Ner'zhul PvP US-PT
Rivendare PvP US-ET
Scarlet Crusade RP US-PT
Shadow Council RP US-MT
Shadowsong PvE US-PT
Silvermoon PvE US-PT
Skywall PvE US-PT
Spirestone PvP US-PT
Stormscale PvP US-PT
Terenas PvE US-MT
Tortheldrin PvP US-CT
Windrunner PvE US-PT
Spell fire windsofwoe.png Beta realms
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Beta Leveling Realm 01 PvE US-PT
Beta Leveling Realm 02 PvP US-PT
Level 100 PvP PvP US-PT


Realms physically located in Australia were opened on October 28, 2014. For matchups only involving players on Oceanic realms, instances (like battlegrounds or raids) will also be physically located in Australia. However, should matchups involve players on non-Oceanic realms, instances will be physically located on whichever server is closest to the leader.

When doing a traceroute to Oceanic realms, please trace to the following address:

Update: 09/22/2020

This seems to be labeled as "Oceania" now under same IP address as above.

Spell nature bloodlust.png Bloodlust
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Aman'Thul PvE AU-ET
Barthilas PvP AU-ET
Caelestrasz PvE AU-ET
Dath'Remar PvE AU-ET
Dreadmaul PvP AU-ET
Frostmourne PvP AU-ET
Khaz'goroth PvE AU-ET
Nagrand PvE AU-ET
Thaurissan PvP AU-ET
Ability racial avatar.png Vengeance
Realm Type TZ IP addr
Gundrak PvP AU-ET
Jubei'Thos PvP AU-ET
Saurfang PvE AU-ET

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