Ammen Fields

The Ammen Fields are located within Ammen Vale on Azuremyst Isle. The fields are roamed by twisted Mutated Root Lashers, corrupted by the shards of the fallen Exodar. There is a quest called A [1-10] What Must Be Done... (from the quest chain beginning with Botanist Taerix) which involves killing these lashers for 10 [Lasher Sample]s. You can also collect 3 [Corrupted Flower]s for the quest A [1-10] Botanical Legwork which are scattered around the area.

The rather small landscape consists of a strange purple grass and flowers. There are also fragments from the crash landing of The Exodar scattered around the fields. The area is surrounded by other, green grass and evergreens.

It is the draenei starting zone bottleneck and most draenei should reach this area at around level 3.

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