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An Abyssal Opportunity

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Alliance & HordeAn Abyssal Opportunity
Start Alliance Instructor Ulooaka / Horde Rolm
End Alliance Instructor Ulooaka / Horde Rolm
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Professions
Experience 17,850
Reputation +25 Waveblade Ankoan / The Unshackled
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous B [120] Ancient Technology
Next N [120R] The Eternal Palace: We Can Make It Stronger...


Acquire 15 Abyssal Shards from <Artisan Okata / Finder Pruc>.


I believe, <name>, we can use this thing to make our armor stronger. By redirecting its power, we can take the strength of our crafts to a new level.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. The first thing we need to do is repair this device.

It'll require some powerful materials to fix it, and those are usually carried by the stronger creatures of this region.

However, <Artisan Okata / Finder Pruc> is great at collecting materials like the ones we need. I'd check with him to see what he's got.


You will receive:


How goes the hunt for the materials?


This should be plenty, <name>. I'll get started on repairing it right away.


Upon completion
Rolm says: I bet if I just line this up here... and a those over there... yea! Got it!


  1. B [120] Ancient Technology
  2. N [120] An Abyssal Opportunity
  3. N [120R] The Eternal Palace: We Can Make It Stronger...
  4. N [120R] The Eternal Palace: Pushing the Limits

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