An Ally in Lower City

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NeutralAn Ally in Lower City
Start Sky Commander Adaris
End Rilak the Redeemed
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Skettis
Experience 6250 (as gold)
Reputation +75 Sha'tari Skyguard
Previous  [Ishaal's Almanac]
Next N [70] Countdown to Doom


Bring  [Ishaal's Almanac] to Rilak the Redeemed in Lower City inside Shattrath.


There is an arakkoa in Lower City by the name of Rilak... He can be trusted. Take the book... to him.

<Adaris drifts into unconsciousness as he returns the book to you.>


This cannot be... this belonged to a talonpriest once. How did you ever come across it?



Rilak can be found in the northern part of Lower City, on the ground below Lissaf Blade Merchant. Coordinates: 52,21


This is part of the the Terokk's Downfall quest chain.

  1. N [70] Ishaal's Almanac
  2. N [70] An Ally in Lower City
  3. N [70] Countdown to Doom
  4. N [70] Hazzik's Bargain
  5. N [70] A Shabby Disguise
  6. N [70G3] Adversarial Blood
  7. N [70G5] Terokk's Downfall

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