NeutralAn Ancient Curse
Start Ancient Tablet[53, 76]
End Automatic
Level 25-50
Type Group (3)
Category Nazmir
Experience 22,300
Reputation +250 Talanji's Expedition
+250 7th Legion
Rewards 115x [Azerite]
46g 80s

Aiji the Accursed
Aiji's origins have been lost over the eons.


Activate the braziers of Xal'vor and defeat Aiji the Accursed.


<The harsh conditions of Nazmir have not been kind to the stone tablet.

Most of the inscriptions have been worn away but you are able to make out a picture that shows a chest surrounded by glyphs. Above the chest you noticed what appears to be a large floating skull.

Below the images you find a single word "Aiji".

The ruins ahead seem foreboding, and you may want to bring some friends to help you. With their help, perhaps you can find the secret of this "Aiji" and its treasure within.>


You will receive:


As the cursed creature falls at your feet, a glitter of gold catches your eye. The treasures of the ancient spirit is now yours.


Activate 5 Runed Braziers around a ritual circle in Xal'vor, then the players will see this text:

The ritual circle of Xal'vor flares to life!

Find Aiji in the center of the circle and defeat it. Once the quest is completed,  [Accursed Hexxer] can be purchased from Blind Wunja, Dodger and Shoak.

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