HordeAn Ancient Enemy
Start Morakki [68.0, 74.1]
End Vol'jin [68.9, 88.7]
Level 1-10
Category Echo Isles
Experience 675
Reputation +500 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards  [Sea Witch's Bracers] or
 [Footsteps of the Fallen Friend] or
 [Zuni's Family Heirloom] or
 [Spitescale Stompers]
and  [Sea Witch's Bag]
Previous H [1-10] No More Mercy, H [1-10] Territorial Fetish
Next Sen'jin Village


Long ago, the Sea Witch killed Vol'jin's father and chased the trolls out of their island homes. Now she returns, and Vol'jin is finally given a chance for vengeance.

Speak with Vol'jin in Spitescale Cove and aid him in killing Zar'jira, the Sea Witch.

  • Speak with Vol'jin at Spitescale Cove
  • Mob Zar'jira slain


Da Sea Witch is here, on top of dis very isle. We've been waitin' a long time for dis chance at revenge and ya will be havin' da privilege of seein' it through.

Meet with Vol'jin, up da ramp to da northeast. Let him know when you are ready ta join da battle.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 73v3.png [Sea Witch's Bracers] Inv boots leather 10v3.png [Footsteps of the Fallen Friend]
Inv belt 84v4.png [Zuni's Family Heirloom] Inv boots leather 10v3.png [Spitescale Stompers]

You will also receive: 3s

Inv misc bag 09 red.png [Sea Witch's Bag]


Tha power d'at burst forth when tha Sea Witch died was immense. I can use d'is power ta enact a vision of places far away.

Observe, youngblood. I want ya ta be here when I make contact wit' Thrall, perhaps it will be grantin' ya insight as well.


Vanira kneeling next to Zuni's body

Go up the ramp to the right of the cave, and meet up with Vol'jin and Vanira. Zuni joins too.

She has returned. Tha revenge of the Darkspear finally comes to pass dis day.
Let me know when ya ready, <name>. We'll not let her slip away again.

Gossip I am ready, Vol'jin.

Vol'jin yells: Ya were foolish to come 'ere, Sea Witch. Ya escaped our vengeance once, but the Darkspear Tribe will not abide ya trespassin' again.
Zar'jira yells: You are weak Vol'jin, like your father was weak. Today I will finish what I started long ago - the Darkspear shall be wiped from existence!
Battle ensues, then Zar'jira summons Manifestations of the Sea Witch.
Vanira yells: Take care of her spirits! We be handlin' Zar'jira.
Zar'jira encases Vanira and Zuni in ice, draining power from Vol'jin.
She's drawing power from the fires! Stamp out the braziers, quickly!
Stamp the fires to break away the ice and resume the battle.
Zar'jira yells: You were a fool to touch my fires! When Vol'jin falls, you know who dies next!
Zar'jira yells: Leave the fire alone, pesky trolls! Just give up and die!
After getting her low on health, she encases Vol'jin and Vanira in ice, draining power from Vol'jin.
Zuni yells: I'll get the fires dis time!
Zar'jira yells: Not so fast, little troll!
Zar'jira kills Zuni, then dies shortly afterwards.
Vanira yells: ZUNI! NOOOO!
Vol'jin says: It be done. Our ancient enemy is defeated.
Vol'jin says: I been waitin' a long time for a chance to avenge my father. A greater weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Vol'jin says: I must be returnin' ta Darkspear Hold. Please meet me there once Vanira is done with her healin' of the boy.
Vol'jin runs from the scene.
Vanira says: I'm afraid there's nothin' I can do for our brother... he power tore away at his soul.
Vanira says: I'll send some watchers ta get his body so we can offer a proper farewell... I wish I could do more.
Vanira says: Vol'jin rushed off in his eagerness, but I can take us back to safety. Just give me the word when ya ready, mon.
An ancient score is settled today.

Gossip Take me back to Darkspear Hold if you would, Vanira.

Vol'jin talking to Thrall

Vision of Thrall

After turning in the quest:

Vol'jin says: Tha Sea Witch is dead, our home is reclaimed, but our future still be uncertain.
Vol'jin says: I've no love for Garrosh, dat much is sure, but leavin' tha Horde is not a decision I be takin' lightly.
Vol'jin says: Dere's only one with tha answers I seek. Ya can stay and watch if ya like.
An image of Thrall appears.
Vision of Thrall says: Vol'jin. It is good to see you, brother.
Vol'jin says: Thrall! I am glad ya be well. Dere were rumors otherwise.
Vision of Thrall says: Indeed. Someone did try to kill me, but that is not my greatest concern at the moment. The world itself calls for my aid.
Vol'jin says: I must beg ya council my friend. I can't be standin' by Garrosh while he be turnin' our people against each other for the sake of war. My respect for ya does not extend to dis new Horde... I am tinkin' of leadin' my people away.
Vision of Thrall says: Vol'jin, I chose Garrosh because he has the strength to lead our people through these trying times.
Vision of Thrall says: For all my supposed wisdom, there have been moments that I've barely been able to hold the Horde together. The Wrath Gate and Undercity displayed that clearly.
Vision of Thrall says: The Horde cries for a hero of old. An orc of true blood that will bow to no human and bear no betrayal. A warrior that will make our people proud again. Garrosh can be that hero.
Vision of Thrall says: I did not make this decision lightly. Vol'jin. I know our alliances will suffer for it. I know the Horde will be irreversibly changed. But I made this choice with confidence that Garrosh is exacty what the Horde needs.
Vision of Thrall says: I'm trusting you and the other leaders to not let this divide our people. You are stronger than that.
Vol'jin says: I understand, brotha. I will tink on this and be troublin' ya no furtha. You have a world to be savin'.
Vision of Thrall says: Throm'ka old friend.
Vol'jin says: Ya be proud and strong, youngblood. Tha Darkspear will be honored ta have you fight beside de'm.
Vol'jin says: Dese will not be easy times, but i be suspectin' we will be stayin' with tha Horde for the good of all.
Vol'jin says: Thrall's words are true, as dey always be. The Horde is much more den a few old, stubborn leaders and a handfull of heroes from Northrend. The people be cryin' Garrosh's name... at least for now.
Vol'jin says: Still, I be hopin' Thrall will return to us one day. Tha future right now be lookin' very grim...and very bloody.
Vol'jin says: Go now. Make tha Darkspear proud. Dere are many wars ahead of us, an' I'm sure ya be hivin' a part to play in all of dem.

After the conversation ends, players can speak to Vol'jin to watch it again from the beginning.

I will see ta it personally dat the Darkspear rise as a power in their own right.
Gossip You spoke of communing with Thrall? Did I miss it?


  1. H [1-10] The Rise of the Darkspear
  2. Class quest:
  3. H [1-10] A Rough Start
  4. H [1-10] Proving Pit
  5. H [1-10] More Than Expected
  6. H [1-10] Moraya
  7. H [1-10] A Troll's Truest Companion
    Side quest: H [1-10] Crab Fishin'
  8. H [1-10] Saving the Young & H [1-10] Mercy for the Lost & H [1-10] Consort of the Sea Witch
  9. H [1-10] Young and Vicious
  10. H [1-10] Breaking the Line
  11. H [1-10] No More Mercy & H [1-10] Territorial Fetish
  12. H [1-10] An Ancient Enemy
  13. H [1-10] Sen'jin Village

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