NeutralAn Audience with the Highlord
Start Nathaniel Dumah
End Highlord Tirion Fordring
Level 15-30
Category Western Plaguelands
Experience 2,750
Reputation +455 Argent Crusade
Rewards 30s
Previous N [15-30] This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)
Next N [15-30] Taelan Fordring's Legacy


Report to Highlord Tirion Fordring at Hearthglen in Western Plaguelands.


Oh, before you go, <name>... I have a message for you. There's someone in Hearthglen who'd like to meet with you. Said he's "heard your name pop up" a few times already.

Consider yourself lucky, <name>. Not everybody gets a personal audience with Highlord Tirion Fordring.

Oh, and feel free to use one of my mustangs for the ride up there. They're the fastest money can buy.


<name>. It is truly a pleasure.

I know you are young, and still training, but I've had my eye on you. We among the Argent Crusade are always looking for promising new recruits, and you have indeed shown great promise. I have no immediate tasks for you, but merely wished to meet you in person, and see for myself what type of <race> you really were.

For the time being, the amenities of Hearthglen are yours to enjoy. I look forward to our next meeting, <name>. You are dismissed.


You will receive: 30s


Note that the Hearthglen Mustang is a vehicle rather than a mount, so you can ride it right into Mardenholde Keep without being dismounted. You could ride it back to Taelan's Tower to dispose of the Redpine looters.


Part 1 - The first battle for Andorhal
  1. B [15-30] The Battle for Andorhal / A [15-30] Hero's Call: Western Plaguelands! / H [15-30] Warchief's Command: Western Plaguelands!
  2. Both of the following, in either order:
  3. All of the following, in any order:
  4. B [15-30] Victory, For Now (breadcrumb)
Part 2 - The uneasy calm
  1. A [15-30] Uther's Blessing / H [15-30] Latent Disease
  2. A [15-30] The Abandoned Crypt / H [15-30] Who Needs Cauldrons?
  3. A [15-30] Ambushed! / H [15-30] Lower the Boom
    • Side chain:
    1. A [15-30] The Writhing Haunt / H [15-30] Strange New Faces
    2. A [15-30] This Is Our Army / H [15-30] When Death is Not Enough
    3. B [15-30] Combat Training
Part 3 - The mending of the Plaguelands
  1. The Menders' Stead (quest) (breadcrumb)
  2. N [15-30] A New Era for the Plaguelands
    1. N [15-30] Zen'Kiki, the Druid
    2. N [15-30] A Different Approach
Part 4 - Living in the Plaguelands
  1. N [15-30] Northridge Lumber Mill (breadcrumb)
  2. N [15-30] Learning the Ropes (no prerequisites)
  3. N [15-30] This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)
Part 5 - Hearthglen
  1. N [15-30] An Audience with the Highlord (breadcrumb)
    • Side chain:
    1. N [15-30] It's About Time!
    2. N [15-30] Drudges... <Sigh>
  2. N [15-30] Taelan Fordring's Legacy
  3. N [15-30] Unusual Behavior... Even For Gnolls
  4. N [15-30] The Good People of Hearthglen
  5. N [15-30] Bagging Bisp
  6. N [15-30] Turning Yourself In
Part 6 - The renewed plague
    • Side chain:
    1. N [15-30] The Long Trip Home
    2. N [15-30] Memories from a Lost Past
  1. N [15-30] Gahrron's Withering Cauldron
  2. N [15-30] Return to the Stead
  3. N [15-30] Desperate Acts
  4. N [15-30] Students of Krastinov
Part 7 - The battle resumes
  1. B [15-30] The Battle Resumes! (breadcrumb)
  2. Both of the following, in any order:
  3. A [15-30] The Depravity of the Forsaken / H [15-30] Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed
  4. Both of the following, in any order:
  5. A [15-30] Aradne / H [15-30] Andorhal, Once and For All
  6. A [15-30] Alas, Andorhal / H [15-30] The Reckoning

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