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NeutralAn Echo in the Darkness
Start Automatic
End Highlord Bolvar Fordragon [39.9, 68.6]VZ-OribosBlip
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Oribos
Experience 1,000
Rewards 12g 87s
Previous N [60R] Redemption for the Redeemer, N [60] The Captive King
Next N [60] The Highlord's Vision

An Echo in the Darkness begins the final chapter of the Patch 9.0 portion of the Torghast storyline and the greater Shadowlands campaign. To be offered this quest, players must have defeated Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria, completed the quest N [60R] Redemption for the Redeemer, and seen Bolvar's vision of Anduin Wrynn in Torghast in the quest N [60] The Captive King.


An Echo in the Darkness

Bolvar hunched in pain

Meet Bolvar Fordragon in Oribos.


<Name>, I... I am beset by dark visions. A power emanating from within Torghast.

A familiar sensation. One I have not felt since...

Come to Oribos. Do not delay.


You will receive:

  • 12g 87s
  • 1,000 XP


<Bolvar grimaces in pain.>


On accept:

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: Come at once to Oribos, Maw Walker. I feel a darkness... calling to me.
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: I fear something rises within Torghast. Something terrible.

On approach:

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: Malevolence... growing... Domination... rising...
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon says: No! Not again!

Thrall, next to Bolvar, offers the next quest.


Required prerequisite: N [60R] Redemption for the Redeemer

  1. N [60] An Echo in the Darkness
  2. N [60] The Highlord's Vision
  3. N [60] A Mourneblade Born
  4. N [60] The Jailer's Grasp

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