AllianceAn Important Mission
Start Sergeant Dalton
End Danath Trollbane
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 1,500
Rewards 1g 54s
Previous N [10-45] In the Blink of an Eye
Next A Warrior [10-45] Return to the Broken Shore


Speak with Danath Trollbane at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran.


Champion! I bear an urgent message from Danath Trollbane.

He requests that you join him at Krasus' Landing. He has an urgent mission that requires your expertise!


You will receive: 1g 54s


I am relieved you survived the Broken Shore when so many brave heroes were lost.

<Danath hangs his head in a moment of silence.>

I have been recalled from Honor Hold to aid the Alliance in its darkest hour. It is crucial that we learn from our mistakes.

Do you have time to speak?



As you walk around Dalaran over the Broken Isles, Sergeant Dalton will eventually appear, offering this quest.

Sergeant Dalton says: Commander! I have a message for you!
Sergeant Dalton says: I bear an important message from Danath Trollbane!
Sergeant Dalton says: If you please, this is an urgent matter that requires your attention!

On accept:

Sergeant Dalton says: Excellent, commander. Danath awaits you on Krasus' Landing.

When approaching Danath, who gazes upon the Broken Shore:

Danath Trollbane says: Look there, upon that terrible sight. How many disasters must we face before we can at last find peace?


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