An Invitation from Moonglade

Alliance 32.png An Invitation from Moonglade
Start Alliance 15.png  Mathrengyl Bearwalker
Alliance 15.png  Celestine of the Harvest
Alliance 15.png  Sheldras Moontree
End Loganaar
Level 8-30
Category Druid
Experience 155
Reputation +10 Cenarion Circle
Shareable Yes


Speak to Loganaar at Nighthaven in Moonglade.


You just missed the messenger from Moonglade, <name>. He said little, except that he carried an urgent message from

Loganaar, one of the honored trainers of the Cenarion Circle. Head to Moonglade as quickly as you can, <name>. The matter

sounds important.

Look for Loganaar in the village of Nighthaven.


I'm glad to see that you have arrived safely in Nighthaven, <name>. I offer you the welcome and the hospitality of the

Cenarion Circle.


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