AllianceAn Old Pit Fighter
Start King Varian Wrynn
End King Varian Wrynn
Level 10 (Requires 1)
Category Stormwind City
Experience 85
Reputation +500 Alliance
Rewards 35c
Previous A [10] The Alliance Way
Next Westfall storyline or Loch Modan storyline or Darkshore storyline or Bloodmyst Isle storyline


Spar with King Varian Wrynn.

  • Spar with Varian


I need to know if you can fight. There may come a time where you will be called upon for military matters, and I need to know that you can protect my kingdom.

I've heard stories about pandaren fighting techniques, but I've never seen them in person.

Shall we?


You will receive: 35c


You've more than proven your worth, in battle and in heart. Few would be willing to leave their homeland to join the Alliance. Fewer still would be willing to face the King of Stormwind in combat.

You, and the rest of your people, are welcome among our ranks. Welcome to the Alliance, <name>.


In order to complete the quest, you must enter into a melee with Varian. There will be a few words exchanged:

King Varian Wrynn says: Few people know this, but I was a once a pit fighter myself. A gladiator for the Horde's I know a thing or two about martial combat.
King Varian Wrynn says: Now, pandaren... let me see what you've got!

In the midst of the melee, Varian will taunt you:

King Varian Wrynn says: Don't hold back now! Let's have it!
King Varian Wrynn says: What's the matter? You'll have to do better than that.
Aysa Cloudsinger says: Careful, <name>! You don't want to hurt your new king...
King Varian Wrynn yells: Come on, pandaren! HIT ME!

Once the blow is made, a small cutscene plays as the world suddenly slows to Matrix bullet-dodging speed, with Aysa and Jojo Ironbrow looking on in stupefied horror as the player knocks Varian on his back. The cutscene ends as Varian comes to his feet, looking no worse for wear:

King Varian Wrynn says: Ha ha ha haaa! I haven't felt like this in YEARS! Don't worry, my new friend. I've been in worse scraps than this. A fighting spirit like yours is welcome in the Alliance. Now lets get back to business.

Varian returns to his throne room. Return to him to complete the quest.

This concludes the pandaren starting experience. Up next, Westfall! Or, head to Ironforge via the Deeprun Tram and level in Loch Modan. Or, head to Darnassus via the ship in the Stormwind Harbor and quest through Darkshore.


  1. A [1-10] Joining the Alliance
  2. A [10] The Alliance Way
  3. A [10] An Old Pit Fighter

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