NeutralAn Old Sea Dog
Start  [Weather-Beaten Coin]
End Fleet Master Seahorn
Level 10-30
Category Cape of Stranglethorn
Experience 2,000
Reputation +150 Booty Bay
-150 Bloodsail Buccaneers
Rewards 2s


Bring the  [Weather-Beaten Coin] to Fleet Master Seahorn in Booty Bay.


This old, weathered coin was found on the body of the pirate "Good-Boy" Bruce. Its front side bears the image of a large, unfamiliar pirate ship; on its back side, the term "Brashtide Crew".

Someone who has been in the piracy business for some time might know what this coin is, or what it means.


What's that you've got there, <race>? Let me see it.


That coin! Where did you get it?

Bruce... yes, I see. He was one of the Blackwater Raiders once. One of us, before Greymane closed the Gilneas ports and held his crew captive.

I know that what happened in Gilneas changed the people there, but I never expected them to change their loyalties. Especially not Bruce.

If you wouldn't mind, could I keep the coin? I'll pay its worth in gold.


  1. N [10-30] The Bloodsail Buccaneers
  2. N [10-30] Bloodsail Treachery
  3. N [10-30] The Baron Must Be Told
  4. N [10-30] Details of the Attack
  5. N [10-30] Getting In With the Bloodsail
  6. N [10-30] Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie
  7. N [10-30] Your First Day as a Pirate
  8. N [10-30] Swabbing Duty & N [10-30] Cannonball Swim & N [10-30] The Bane of Many A Pirate
  9. N [10-30] Attracting Attention
  10. N [10-30] Ol' Blasty
  11. N [10-30] Drive-By Piracy
  12. N [10-30] The Damsel's Luck
  13. N [10-30] Making Mutiny & N [10-30] Sinking From Within & N [10-30] The Brashtide Crew
  14. N [10-30] Call of Booty
  15. N [10-30] Doublerum
  16. N [10-30] Return to Revilgaz
  17. Complete all of:
    • Revilgaz's quest chain
    1. N [10-30] Prepare for Takeoff
    2. N [10-30] The Final Voyage of the Brashtide
    • Seahorn's quest chain
    1. N [10-30] Seeking Seahorn
    2. N [10-30] Turning the Brashtide & N [10-30] The Damsel's (Bad) Luck
  18. N [10-30] Bloodsail's End

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