An Ore for an Eye

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HordeAn Ore for an Eye
Start Ta'mil Nadu
End Ta'mil Nadu
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Mining
Rewards Mining Technique: Platinum Deposit (Rank 3)
Previous H Mining [110 - 120] An Exceptional Platinum Shard


Collect 20 Platinum Nuggets.


I have one last request before I can go.

I wish to see de sunset one last time. I have an enchantment in mind, and I have all the materials I need except de metal.

I need you to bring me twenty platinum nuggets.

I have asked de spirits to bring me de ore, but dey do not listen to me anymore. Dat is why I hid de map where only someone who could be of help would find it.

If you help me out, I will teach you what I can about mining platinum.


You will learn: Mining Technique: Platinum Deposit (Rank 3)


De elements beckon me. Do you have de platinum nuggets?



<Ta'mil mutters an incantation under his breath as he cradles the platinum nuggets in his hands. A bright light bursts out from between his fingers, fading away as he finishes. Turning to you, he smiles as he holds out what looks like a pair of platinum eyeballs.>

I see you. I thank you for dis. I suppose dis means de next sunset will be my last.

As for your training...

<Ta'mil picks up a large chunk of rock with platinum veins, and shows you his secrets to harvesting the metal.>


  1. H Mining [110 - 120] An Exceptional Platinum Shard
  2. H Mining [110 - 120] The Platinum Map
  3. H Mining [110 - 120] An Ore for an Eye

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