NeutralAn Unusual Tome
Start  [The Codex of Xerrath]
End Automatic
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Warlock
Experience 236,000
Rewards 19g 84s 50c
Next N Warlock [35] Reader for the Dead Tongue


Speak with your demonic minion to determine the origins of the tome.

  • Determine the language of the tome
  • Determine the tome's purpose


The tome appears to be written in an ornate, sprawling script that seems to rise off the pages. It vaguely resembles Demonic, but the symbols are far more elaborate than any you've ever seen.

Perhaps one of your demonic companions can tell you more.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


The codex appears to be a powerful tome written in an ancient, pre-demonic tongue. You strongly suspect this should be brought to the attention of the Warlock trainers in your capital city.


The Succubus, Felguard, Wrathguard, and Shivarra tell you the tome's language. The Voidwalker and Voidlord tell you the tome's purpose. The Observer tells you both.


Imp/Fel Imp

...yeah? Sup, boss?

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

Hmm... I have no idea.


Dismiss me... I wish to return to the void.

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

Words are not the way of the void. I do not know... it appears to connect two... stars together...

Gossip Fascinating...


You wish to speak with me...? Unusual...

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

I cannot read the words... but the magic points to a world that exists no longer. It was destroyed by the Legion.

Gossip Fascinating...


It looks at you blankly.

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

The felhunter just tilts its head and stares at you strangely.


Hello Master... what kind of service can I provide you today...?

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

What? You just want me to look at some dirty old tome? Ugh, how disappointing.
This is the script of the Nathrezim, what you call Dreadlords. They rarely use it outside of their home.

Gossip Fascinating...


...what do you want?

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

Hmm... I recall seeing such script on the Nathrezim homeworld. I cannot read it and I doubt any of your kind could either.

Gossip Fascinating...


Ah, Master <name>, how might I be of assistance?

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

Of course! This codex is written in the ancient Nathrezim tongue. Nathrezim, or the Dreadlords, as you call them, were once an enlightened and powerful race. Their skill in summoning and gateway magics was unsurpassed by any in the Great Dark Beyond.
This particular tome contains instructions to open a gateway to another world. Sadly, I fear that world no longer exists. It was destroyed as a show of power during the enslavement of Xoroth.
The tome is useless, I'm afraid. No <race> warlock could open such a gateway alone.

Gossip I had no idea you were so well-informed.

It is the way of the Observer to bear witness to all things that come to pass. So many delicious magics have I tasted at your side, master.

Gossip Fascinating...


What do YOU want, you miserable excuse for a <race>?

Gossip What can you tell me about this tome?

No. I won't help your kind read an ancient Nathrezim text. Now, release me!!

Gossip Fascinating...


236,000 XP


  1. N Warlock [35] An Unusual Tome
  2. N Warlock [35] Reader for the Dead Tongue
  3. B Warlock [35] A Tale of Six Masters
  4. N Warlock [35] Seeking the Soulstones
  5. N Warlock [35] Seek the Signal
  6. N Warlock [35] Infiltrating the Black Temple

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