Ancestral Brewmaster

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NeutralAncestral Brewmaster
Image of Ancestral Brewmaster
Gender Male
Race Ghost (Humanoid)
Level 85-90
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Brewmaster
Location Stormstout Brewery

Ancestral Brewmasters are pandaren ghosts found in the Stormstout Brewery.


Whatzit...are they...what are they doin' to our alementals?
Hey...hey YOU! Those are OUR monsters?
I think that druid had the hots for me!
That last priest had me smitten!
This view is terrible!
What, are you having trouble seeing the fight?
No, I can see it perfectly!
This group is awful!
See you here tomorrow?
You fool, you're sleeping through the fight!
Who's the fool? You're watching it!
Finally, we've seen a good group!
Does that mean we can stop coming here now?
Do you think all of this fighting is educational for this group?
Yes, it will drive them to read books!
Pay up, they made it through those alementals!
Double or nothing on the next group?
I liked that last group!
What did you like about it?
I thought it was the last group!
I think I'm going to need another drink!
Why do you say that?
I'm beginning to like these guys!
Do you think that we can return to life after death?
Sure! That last group did about thirty times!
Well, see you here tomorrow!
Unless I get lucky and black out!
You know what's the best thing about this group?
They opened the doors so we can escape!
Just when I think a group is the worst, something wonderful happens!
What's that?
They leave!
Oooh, this group takes me back.
If you can still see, it didn't go back far enough!
These guys aren't half bad!
They're not half good either!
I think this group will really improve with age!
You think they'll get better?
No, my eyesight will get worse!
I wonder if there's anything this healer isn't good at!
Sure! Choosing which group to be in!
There must be something wrong with those Hozen we saw earlier!
Why's that?
Because these guys made it past them!
You know, I really envy these guys!
Why's that?
Because they get to spend so much time with that foxy spirit healer!
You know, getting items must be hard for these guys!
Why's that?
Because pants never drop when they're around!
Are these guys Alliance or Horde?
Why does it matter?
I need to know which side to stop rooting for!
Why didn't that mage put intellect on his weapon?
Because he didn't want it to be smarter than he was!
How many of these outlanders does it take to paint a wall?
I don't know, how many?
It depends on how hard you throw them!
Do you think that undead party made it through in one piece?
No, I don't think they had the guts!
That last paladin offered me eternal salvation!
What'd you say?
Kings, please.
That last shaman really knew his place!
And where is that?
I've got a great joke for you!
What's that?
These guys' weapons!


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