AllianceAnchorite's Sojourn
Anchorite's Sojourn.jpg
Leader(s) Vindicator Gaabru
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Faith(s) The Light
Affiliation(s) Council of Exarchs, Exodar
Location Southeastern Talador[78, 56]
Status Active
Travel Done Flight Master(s)
Undone.gif Mass-transit
Undone.gif Portal(s)

Anchorite's Sojourn is a small draenei town found in the southeastern corner of Talador. It is placed along the Pilgrim's Road, connecting Shattrath City with the Temple of Karabor in the Shadowmoon Valley. It is a place where the devout draenei gather during their pilgrimage. The town is located on a small island in a lake south of Aruuna, connected to the mainland by two bridges. In the center of Anchorite's Sojourn one finds a fountain, surrounded by smaller houses. The most prominent building is the inn. It is protected by anchorites from Shattrath.

During the arakkoa campaign against the draenei in Talador, Anchorite's Sojourn was attacked by a band led by Kaavu the Crimson Claw. Although the mechanical vigilants protecting the town were destroyed, the attack was finally repulsed with the help of adventurers.

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During development, this area was named Pilgrim Rest.

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