Ancient Amber in the TCG.

"Stunned with a horrified expression.You'd make an interesting conversation piece on a shelf."

Ancient Amber is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 100 Fossil Archaeology Fragments to solve.


Using the Ancient Amber will end you up getting put in a scared/horrified position when you're encased in amber. You stay frozen for 5 minutes, but can click the buff off. It has a 30 min cooldown, you can't use it in combat and has a 1 second cast time.


Ancient Amber solution.jpg


A particularly large hunk of petrified tree resin containing what appears to be a small humanoid figure.


The diminutive humanoid figure trapped within this massive hunk of amber is impossible to make out, its outline seeming to waver and blur even under the most steady scrutiny. The object makes those who look into it for too long uneasy, as if some time over the past millennia the fossil had become tainted with bizarre, eldritch power.


It has some resemblance with the amber-like substance used in the TV series Fringe.

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