Ancient Guidance

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NeutralAncient Guidance
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Rare World Quest
Category Suramar
Reputation +350 The Nightfallen
Rewards Varies


  • Defeat the Test of the Moon Guard


First Arcanist Thalyssra says: Victory over Elisande will require strength beyond our own. Ascend to the Lunar Crucible and seek the blessing of the Moon Guard ancients.



First Arcanist Thalyssra says: Elisande shamed our people when she attacked the Moon Guard. By keeping their traditions alive, you help us make amends for her transgression.


Triggers in Moon Guard Stronghold. Teleport to Moonfall Overlook and make your way up to the Crucible, where Kir'altius, Hargo'then, and Lynel'a await at the center. (At least Kir'altius and Hargo'then are mentioned being killed during the War of the Ancients in The Sundering.)

  • You come to our crucible, where our most honored mages have been tested for millennia. Why are you here?
  • You tread on hallowed ground, outsider. I trust you would not do so without purpose.
  • What is it you seek: wisdom, or power? Both perhaps?

Gossip I seek the guidance of the Moon Guard.

Kir'altius says: Very well. Center your mind. You will be tested in the tradition of our order.
The ancients teleport up to the platform above the testing grounds.

The test consists of defeating one of three large elementals summoned by the ancients. Kir'altius will introduce it and then order it to attack. The one chosen will not change for the duration that the quest is available. They are based on the three mage specializations of fire, frost, and arcane.

Kir'altius says: Fire given form, fury brought to heel. Arise Qui'mar, the Firesoul!
Kir'altius says: Test our visitors with your full might, Qui'mar!
Kir'altius says: I summon you, Al'anath the Frostsoul, fury of the storm, shard of the glacier!
Kir'altius says: Unleash your fury, Al'anath, so our visitors might grow stronger!
Kir'altius says: Vis'ileth, the Manasoul, keeper of power, manifestation of will, arise!
Kir'altius says: Our guests would test their strength in our crucible. Oblige them, Vis'ileth!
Kir'altius says: Defeat is but an opportunity for change. Return when your mind is focused and face our test once more.
The ancients teleport back down to the testing grounds.
Kir'altius says: Well fought! You show promise beyond your years.
Kir'altius says: Our order is fading, but we will lend you what strength we have. Avenge us, and drive the Legion back to the hells from whence they came.

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