Ancient Knowledge (quest)

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NeutralAncient Knowledge
Start Deucus Valdera
End Deucus Valdera
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Alchemy
Experience 15,070
Previous N Alchemy [100] There's a Scribe for That
Next N Alchemy [100] A Dormant Burner


Observe Deucus Valdera as he attempts one of the vrykul recipes.


The tome contains a wealth of ancient vrykul recipes! Why, I could be the first alchemist in untold ages to craft one! How fortunate for you, friend <name>, that you are here to bear witness to my greatness!

Awful kind of that Svena person to die and leave her book for us, eh? Silly vrykul...



My poor table!

All the implements we needed to mix the new potions were on that table. Without them, the new recipes are useless!

Finding replacements will be no small task, but I'm confident you're up to it. If you need guidance, I can suggest places to look for the items we need.

Now, off with you!


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