The Ancient Neltharion Tablets are tablets found in Highmountain.


The tablets are written in Draconic, but a translation is provided below.[citation needed] 

Ancient Neltharion Tablets

Maez ante X, Mordanas, ante il lok rethul, daz ashjrakamas zila kanrethad re kirasath il xi veni, Matheredor. Golad Kazile il Gulamir.

Zila rethul revos daz azrathud faramos ze kieldaz lok sorankar ashj x toralar ril. Xi veni rukadare raka te shi veni xi revos, maz ur maz re veni veni adare, no gul maez, aman ante ashjrakamas x kazile mordanas.

Golad il lok mishun il daz rethul xi rakkan ashjrethul. Az daz rethul romathis maz alar parn enkilgular amanemodas.


Ancient Neltharion Tablets (translated)

Know that I, Izgarogg, last of the scales, has transcribed this knowledge as dictated by my lord, Neltharion, Earth Warder of Azeroth.

This tablet marks our fiftieth attempt at merging the elements into a binding ore. My lord believes this shall be the ultimate tool in his rise to power, but we may be many many years, if not ages, away from discovering a stable solution.

Below is the recipe of our search to remove impurities. It has proven powerful but will need additional refinement.

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