Spring Drifter moored at the southern end of the Ancient Passage.

Zone map.

The Ancient Passage of the Veiled Stair leads from the Spring Road to either the Secret Aerie or Binan Village of Kun-Lai Summit.

The Spring Drifter is moored at the southern entrance of the passage. To players level 87 and above it offers a free boat ride through the tunnel in peace, otherwise, travelers will have to contend with level 90 mobs!

Somehow, it seems to be the source of all rivers in Pandaria, with the exception of the waterfall that flows from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms into the Gilded Fan.

In-transit conversation

Brewmaster Boof says: Hey there. I don't think you want to go down that tunnel on foot. The saurok are out in force today and they are mighty territorial.
Brewmaster Boof says: Ever been to Kun'Lai before? It's great. Long flowing farmlands. Beautiful mountains. And absolutely nothing dangerous whatsoever.
Egg Shell says: Hozen attack grummles.
Brewmaster Boof says: Well... yes. There are problems with the hozen.
Egg Shell says: Tigers.
Brewmaster Boof says: Yes, and the tigers.
Egg Shell says: Darkhatched saurok are very dangerous, and very powerful.
Brewmaster Boof says: The spears are just for show. As long as we don't get out of the boat or make eye contact or get hit by a spear then we should be fine.
Egg Shell says: Saurok are very dangerous.
Brewmaster Boof says: It's safe. I brought Lorewalker Cho and his strange companions up this way not long back.
Egg Shell says: The "orc" tried to punch me.
Brewmaster Boof says: You had that coming. Waving your incense about in his face... wait a minute. Something doesn't feel right about this.
Brewmaster Boof says: Are those refugees? What's going on over there? Do I hear fighting?
Brewmaster Boof says: These people are farmers, not fighters! They may need our help!

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