Ancient Protectors

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BossAncient Protectors
Image of Ancient Protectors
Race(s) Botani, Infested orc
Level 102 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Verdant Grove, Everbloom
Status Killable

Ancient Protectors
Xeri'tac (optional)
Archmage Sol


The Ancient Protectors is the second boss encounter in the Everbloom dungeon. It is a council encounter consisting of three bosses with a shared health pool: Earthshaper Telu, Dulhu and Life Warden Gola.


Adventure Guide

Gola and Telu, a pair of botani forest-tenders, spread creeping growth as they urge the forest to reclaim and swallow the ill-fated outpost in its midst. Guarding them as they perform this task is the terrible brute Dulhu, long ago a Blackrock clansman who wandered too far into primal woodlands, but now more plant than orc.


This trio of forest protectors complement each other to overcome their foes. Life Warden Gola is a healer who can also empower his allies with Rapid Tides and heals them with Revitalizing Water. Earthshaper Telu protects his allies with Briarskin and disrupt players with Bramble Patch.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Use spell interrupts or crowd control to prevent Telu's Briarskin, or use offensive dispels to remove it.
  • Use spell interrupts or crowd control to prevent Gola's Rapid Tides, or use offensive dispels to remove it.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Water Bolt and Nature's Wrath target and damage random players.
  • Dulhu leaps at random enemies with Rending Charge, inflicting damage over time.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Use spell interrupts or crowd control to prevent Telu's Briarskin.
  • Use spell interrupts or crowd control to prevent Gola's Rapid Tides.


  • Ability druid naturalperfection.png  Shaper's Fortitude Heroic Difficulty — When a protector's ability is interrupted, they gain immunity to all crowd control and interrupt effects for 8 sec. 

Life Warden Gola

  • Inv elemental crystal water.png  Water Bolt Interruptible — Life Warden Gola blasts a random player with water, inflicting 11875 to 13125 Nature damage. 
  • Spell nature riptide.png  Revitalizing Water Interruptible — Life Warden Gola heals an ally for 15% of their maximum health. 
  • Ability shaman fortifyingwaters.png  Rapid Tides Interruptible Magic Effect — Life Warden Gola empowers an ally, removing cooldowns from all of their abilities. 

Earthshaper Telu

  • Spell nature wrathv2.png  Nature's Wrath Interruptible — Earthshaper Telu blasts a random player, inflicting 11400 to 12600 Nature damage. 
  • Spell druid massentanglement.png  Bramble Patch Interruptible — Earthshaper Telu conjures a patch of brambles under a random player for 45 sec. The brambles inflict 15000 Nature damage every 1 sec. and slows movement speed by 55%. 
  • Inv misc thornnecklace.png  Briarskin Interruptible Magic Effect — Earthshaper Telu protects an ally with briars for 8 sec. This effect reduces all damage taken by 75% and inflicts 16625 to 18375 Nature damage to attackers. 


  • Spell nature abolishmagic.png  Noxious Eruption — Dulhu erupts, inflicting 23125 to 26875 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards, knocking them back. 
  • Ability warrior bloodsurge.png  Venomous Charge — Dulhu charges to a random player, wounding them. This effect inflicts 4800 Physical damage every second for 15 sec. 
  • Inv misc herb nightmarevine stem.png  Grasping Vine — Dulhu wraps a random player in vines, pulling them towards him and Slashing at them. 
    • Ability druid infectedwound.png  Slash — Dulhu lashes out at his Grasping Vine target, inflicting 71250 to 78750 Physical damage to all players in front of him within 0 yards. 


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Life Warden Gola yells: The forest closes in around you.
Earthshaper Telu yells: You will never escape...
Earthshaper Telu yells: You befoul this place!
Life Warden Gola yells: You are not welcome here!
Revitalizing Waters
  • Life Warden Gola yells: Water brings life!
  • Life Warden Gola yells: Life renewed!
Rapid Tides
Life Warden Gola yells: Grow!
Brample Patch
Earthshaper Telu yells: You will be purged!
  • Earthshaper Telu yells: The forest shields us.
  • Earthshaper Telu yells: We protect.
Killing a player
  • Life Warden Gola yells: You were warned!
  • Life Warden Gola yells: Trespassers beware!
  • Earthshaper Telu yells: The cycle continues...
  • Earthshaper Telu yells: Life ends.
Life Warden Gola yells: I return... to the soil...
Earthshaper Telu yells: I will... be... renewed...

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