BossAncient Stone Keeper
Image of Ancient Stone Keeper
Race Stone keeper (Elemental)
Level 42 - 62 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Temple Hall, Uldaman
Status Killable

The Titans built the Stone keeper Ancient Stone Keeper to help protect Uldaman from would-be invaders and to oversee daily operations while Ironaya and Archaedas slumber. Another keeper yet corrupted is the Obsidian Sentinel in the Echomok Cavern.

Dungeon Journal

One of many golems that staffed and operated the great titan vault, the Ancient Stone Keeper was part of a small group that served as an intermediary between the watchers left in control of the facility and their many servants. With the corruption of the Obsidian Sentinel, the Ancient Stone Keeper is the last of its kind, performing its duty by protecting the secrets of the titans as best it can until its inevitable shutdown.


Spell nature earthbind.png  Sand Storms — Ancient Stone Keeper summons a sand storm that moves towards a player, inflicting physical damage and reducing movement speed of all players within 0 yards. 


Notable Loot from Ancient Stone Keeper
Inv gauntlets 12.png [Cragfists] Inv shoulder 02.png [Rockshard Pauldrons]
Inv misc runedorb 01.png [Titan Power Core]

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