Ancient Vrykul Mastered

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NeutralAncient Vrykul Mastered
Start Nicholo Swiftfuse
End Professor Pallin
Level 104 (Requires 104)
Category Inscription
Rewards [Recipe: Scroll of Forgotten Knowledge]
Previous N Inscription [104] Not So Complex?


Return the tablets and codex to Professor Pallin.


Here are those tablets back, along with their deciphered writing. You can take this codex back to Pallin, too. I'll start getting my things ready for when he calls me back to Dalaran.

<Nicholo sighs.>

Learn from my example, <name>. If I were you, I'd break free from Pallin's "requests" as soon as you can.


You will learn: [Recipe: Scroll of Forgotten Knowledge]


So, Nicholo was able to complete the codex? And the tablets are deciphered!

Hmm... that's interesting. These tablets have some interesting spells that we could use to our benefit... although I find working with stone to be a bit archaic. I'll just put these down on parchment and let you test for any side effects.


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