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An ancient glyph was a new type of glyph introduced with the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion as part of the Paths of the Titans character progression system. However, it was later canceled. These glyphs were rewards from archaeology and 4 to 5 slots to be available for level 85 characters at the launch of the expansion.[1]

Current details
  • "Ancient Glyphs" give you bonuses like:
    • Reduced damage, reduced stun duration, etc. [2]
    • Bleed reduction, bandage improvement, increased damage following a crit, etc.[3]
  • They are NOT inscription glyphs and are totally different.[2]
  • Glyph setups are tied to your talent specialization like current glyphs and can be respecced.[2]
  • After hitting level 85 cap you will earn points to buy more glyphs.[2]
  • You will eventually get all your ancient glyphs, but hardcore players will get them faster.
  • There will be a weekly limit to how fast you can get them.[2]