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Ancilorn was an Online Community Representative for the European Forums from February 2009 to June 2010. According to Wryxian, he has years of experience with both World of Warcraft and in the gaming industry.[1][2]


Possibly the most notable thread Ancilorn posted in was Kathranis' "Please buff my eyebrows". The player was complaining that his character had no eyebrows when transformed into a male human. (Note: Horde characters have a transformation applied to them when entering Caverns of Time dungeons that tell an Alliance story, i.e.: Culling of Stratholme.) Both Ancilorn and other players replied by manipulating the screenshot to give the character eyebrows from various sources, like Bert's eyebrows from the popular children's show Sesame Street. The eyebrows became wilder, and some even went as far as drawing make-up on Kathranis' character.[citation needed]  It eventually turned into putting eyebrows on Slorkuz (the other Community Manager to post in the thread).


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