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And Then There Were Goblins

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AllianceAnd Then There Were Goblins
Start Amber Kearnen [89.8, 32.4]
End Sky Admiral Rogers [16.5, 79.2]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Landfall
Experience 23600
Rewards 1g 98s 50c
Repeatable Yes
Next A [90 Daily] The Only Good Goblin...


Report to Sky Admiral Rogers aboard the Skyfire in Krasarang Wilds.


We're fighting a war on all fronts, <class>. Even Pandaria itself needs our protection.

The Bilgewater goblins are destroying land that doesn't belong to them. They must be stopped!

Report to Sky Admiral Rogers aboard the Skyfire. From her vantage point she should have a good idea of where their weak spots are.


You will receive: 1g 98s 50c


It's about time we dealt with this nuisance. Those Bilgewater runts need to be taught a lesson!


  • 23600 XP


Fly southwest (or take the portal) to the Skyfire. Turn in and pick up all of the quests on deck leading to the Bilgewater Beach.


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