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"Anduin" redirects here. For the former Regent Lord of Stormwind, see Anduin Lothar. For his tactics in Sepulcher of the First Ones, see Anduin Wrynn (tactics). For other uses, see Anduin (disambiguation).
AllianceAnduin Llane Wrynn
Image of Anduin Llane Wrynn

High King of the Alliance,[1][2]
King of Stormwind,[3][4]

Crown Prince of Stormwind[6]
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Class Priest[7][8]
Resource Mana
Affiliation(s) House of Wrynn, Kingdom of Stormwind, Alliance
Former affiliation(s) Mawsworn (forced)

High King of the Alliance,

King of Stormwind[4]
Former occupation(s)

Unwilling Champion of the Jailer,

Crown Prince of Stormwind
Location Unkown (lore);
Various (in-game)
Status Alive
Relative(s) Landan (great-great grandfather),
Barathen & Varia (great-grandparents),
Llane & Taria (grandparents),
Varian & Tiffin (parents),
Ellerian noble family (maternal relatives),
Magni Bronzebeard ("uncle"),
Jaina Proudmoore ("aunt")
Mentor(s) Varian Wrynn, Bolvar Fordragon, Jaina Proudmoore, Valeera Sanguinar,[9] Velen,[3] Genn Greymane,[3] Chi-Ji
Companion(s) Reverence (mount)

“There will be peace. One day.”

— Anduin Wrynn[1][3]

Anduin Llane Wrynn[10][3] is the King of Stormwind, High King of the Alliance, and commander of all Alliance forces.[11]

When Anduin was just a boy, his father, King Varian Wrynn, was kidnapped. In Varian's absence, Anduin was named King of Stormwind under the regency of Bolvar Fordragon and the advise of Lady Katrana Prestor. In truth, however, Katrana Prestor was a disguise for the black dragon Onyxia, who had used her dark magic to split Varian in two. When one half of Varian returned to the throne of Stormwind, Anduin was the first to sense something amiss with the man claiming to be his father. Before long, the other half of Varian returned to Stormwind and unmasked Lady Prestor for what she truly was, but in response, Onyxia kidnapped Anduin and brought him to her lair across the sea. Despite the two Varians' differences, their shared love for Anduin allowed them to work together to slay Onyxia and save their son from the dragon's clutches; in the process, Onyxia inadvertently fused Varian's two halves back into a single man.

Years later, in the wake of the Alliance's renewed tensions with the Horde and elemental unrest across Azeroth, Anduin traveled to the dwarven city of Ironforge as a diplomat and formed close ties with the dwarven ruler King Magni Bronzebeard and his assigned bodyguard Aerin Stonehand. After Aerin and many other citizens were killed in one of many earthquakes that began plaguing Khaz Modan, Anduin witnessed how Magni was transformed into a diamond statue in an earthen ritual gone awry and was later forced to remain in Ironforge after Magni's estranged daughter Moira Thaurissan took control of the city. Varian infiltrated Ironforge to end Moira's rule, but Anduin convinced him to spare her life and instead install a Council of Three Hammers to govern the dwarf clans. Throughout these events, Anduin repeatedly visited his surrogate aunt Jaina Proudmoore in her city of Theramore and, through a chance encounter, forged a close friendship with the tauren leader Baine Bloodhoof.

In contrast to his decisive warrior father, Anduin is contemplative and diplomatic, and around the time of the Cataclysm decided to pursue the path of a priest of the Church of the Holy Light, later beseeching the draenei leader Prophet Velen to accept him as a pupil. Similar in ways to Jaina Proudmoore prior to Theramore's Fall, Anduin sought a peaceful way to end the conflict between the Alliance and Horde.

Months later, Anduin was shipwrecked on the long-forgotten, mysterious continent of Pandaria. King Varian immediately dispatched agents of the SI:7 to bring his son home, but Anduin refused to be rescued while there were opportunities to help the inhabitants of Pandaria. Anduin ventured throughout the continent, studying under the August Celestial Chi-Ji the Red Crane and helping to combat the ancient threat of the sha, dark spirits who feed on negative energy. Anduin played a leading role in preventing the Horde's ruthless warchief Garrosh Hellscream from utilizing the sha as a weapon, though he nearly lost his life in the process. While recovering, Anduin made an acquaintance in the form of the eccentric Black Prince Wrathion. Eventually, Garrosh was overthrown and put on trial in Pandaria. Anduin often visited the captive Hellscream in his cell, and later saved his life after Vereesa Windrunner revealed that Garrosh's food was poisoned.

Years later, Stormwind tragically lost its king in battle against the invading demons of the Burning Legion. Following Varian's death, Anduin permanently assumed the throne of Stormwind. In the face of the Legion's onslaught, Anduin grew certain that lasting peace would not be achieved without bloodshed, and as he worked to save lives and fend off the demons' advance, Anduin was forced to reconcile his yearning for peace with the necessity for war.[1] In the wake of the Burning Legion's defeat, a global war with the Horde — now led by Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner — threatened everything that Anduin held dear. Though he led the armies of the Alliance across Azeroth, he remained dedicated to putting an end to the bloodshed, even if meant getting his hands dirty.[12] The war ended with Sylvanas abandoning the Horde, but she subsequently tore open a gateway into the Shadowlands, the realm of death, and her allies brought Anduin and other leaders of Azeroth into captivity in the Maw. Though the other captives were freed, Anduin remained a prisoner of Sylvanas and her ally, Zovaal the Jailer, and was ultimately subjugated by the latter's Domination magic and turned into a vessel forced to carry out the Jailer's will. Zovaal used Anduin to devastating effect in order to come closer to achieving his goals, but with the help of Azeroth's heroes Anduin eventually managed to free himself from the Jailer's control. Afterward, he decided that he would not yet return to Azeroth as he needed more time to recover from his traumatic experiences.

Anduin was named after two venerated figures of Stormwind history: his grandfather King Llane Wrynn and the legendary Sir Anduin Lothar.[13] As of Dragonflight, Anduin is 25 years old.[14]

Anduin serves as one of the main protagonists in the Warcraft franchise.



Varian, Tiffin & Anduin

Anduin with his parents Varian and Tiffin Wrynn.

During the time of renewed tranquility after the Second War, King Varian Wrynn was wed to a young, beautiful woman named Tiffin Ellerian in a pre-arranged marriage and in year 15 conceived a son, Anduin Llane Wrynn, named for Anduin Lothar and his grandfather Llane Wrynn. When Arthas Menethil visited Stormwind, he also met the recently born Anduin. Anduin gripped his finger.[15] When he was a small boy, Anduin would sneak into the map room and play with figures representing soldiers.[16] When he was three years old, he fell from a pony and nearly broke his arm.[17] At one point, the young prince was nearly stabbed by an assassin who had snuck into Stormwind Keep, but he was saved by Varian.[17] Anduin was taught to read by his servant Wyll Benton, who had served his father and grandfather before him.[18] Having inherited Tiffin's blonde hair, Wyll remarked to his wife Elsie that Anduin was ‘a boy of sunshine.’[19]

After the dust had settled from the Third War, Varian was asked to cooperate with Warchief Thrall. He hesitated but Anduin convinced him at least to go and hear the orc leader out despite Lady Katrana Prestor's objections. Varian journeyed to Theramore to speak with Lady Jaina Proudmoore regarding Horde/Alliance relations.[20]

After King Varian Wrynn went missing under suspicious circumstances while en route to a diplomatic summit to Theramore Isle, Stormwind was believed to be going through a state of disarray. At the behest of the royal councilor, Lady Prestor, young Anduin was given the crown so that order could be preserved within the kingdom of Stormwind. As wise a ruler as any ten-year-old has a right to be, few citizens were aware that their true king had been missing for so long, and Anduin did the best he could to allay their fears. It was widely held that the boy would grow to become a shrewd leader one day.[21] Highlord Bolvar Fordragon acted as the Regent of Stormwind and the Supreme Commander of Stormwind's forces on behalf of King Anduin, with Lady Prestor advising Bolvar on the proper use of Stormwind's resources.[22][23] The young king placed great importance on learning, and thus provided funds for making copies of various tomes and writings available to the public, an effort overseen by Donyal Tovald.[24]

Return of the king[]


Prince Anduin in World of Warcraft: The Comic.


The prince hiding from Onyxia in her lair.


Anduin threatened by Onyxia.

Anduin Varian Chronicle

Anduin and Varian returning to Stormwind City after the death of Onyxia.

When Varian returned, a massive ceremony was held in Stormwind to welcome him home. However, the Varian that returned was arrogant, frivolous, and markedly interested in Katrana Prestor. The people of Stormwind had only been informed that the Defias had ransomed the king, a ransom paid with a painful new tax imposed by the House of Nobles. Upon his return, however, Varian seemed concerned only with spending more of his people's money, leaving affairs of state by the wayside. Anduin Wrynn was distressed by his father's change.[25]

A few days later in Stormwind City, King Magni Bronzebeard was on a visit and was discussing war plans against the orcs and Dark Iron dwarves with King "Varian" and Bolvar Fordragon. However, Varian Wrynn was counseled by Lady Katrana Prestor to not send troops to help the dwarves fight against the dark irons. King Magni left disappointed in Varian's subservience to Lady Prestor's wishes and his dishonorable demeanor.[26] While going to the Deeprun Tram, Magni was met by the young Prince Anduin Wrynn who told the dwarven king that he too suspected something was amiss about his "father".

Some time later, Anduin was practicing his archery with his "father" and asked Varian how he was kidnapped by the Defias. Anduin further questioned him how he later came into the hands of the naga for ransom, in reply to which his father told him that his past was a blank and he could not recall any events before his rescue. For Anduin's improvement in his archery, Varian granted him one reward. Anduin requested that the details of Varian's disappearance be further investigated.[27]

Later Anduin, Varian, Bolvar, and Lady Prestor were riding horseback through the countryside outside Stormwind, with Anduin imploring his father to listen to Stormwind's problems. However, before Anduin could elaborate, his horse was purposely roused by an unknown assailant, causing Anduin to lose control and tumble over a ledge. Varian swiftly caught Anduin, but upon making physical contact, his mind was enveloped with a flashback of past events. Anduin, embracing his father, lost any doubts about him being an impostor. Varian started to tell Bolvar, Anduin, and Lady Prestor about his visions, until Lady Prestor touched him and remarked how astonished she was by his nobility. Bolvar surmised that Varian became befuddled when around her, losing his honor and respect for others. Bolvar became more anxious to discover the secrets of Varian's abduction and sudden return, knowing this would lead to trouble.[28]

One day, a second Varian and his allies marched through the gates of Stormwind. Katrana Prestor hastily gathered soldiers only to have the first Varian tell her that she was disobeying the chain of command and was not in charge of Stormwind. Entering Stormwind Keep, the second Varian - known by the nickname Lo'Gosh - declared Katrana's masquerade was over and called her by her true name: Onyxia.[29]

As Onyxia revealed her dragon form and transformed multiple guards into dragonspawn, Lo'Gosh and his allies began battle in the great hall of Stormwind Keep. The arrival of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon along with Anduin greatly aided them in securing the keep but Reginald Windsor was killed moments later by Onyxia. Anduin, surprised by seeing two Varians, urged them to stop fighting each other and face the true threat, the brood mother Onyxia. The great dragon snatched Anduin and teleported them to her lair; daring Varian to follow suit. Regrouping with their friends, the two Varians were left to grieve the loss of their son. Lo'Gosh told their friends and allies that the final battle would end in Onyxia's Lair.[29]

Though imprisoned by Onyxia in her lair, Anduin was able to cut through his rope restraints and evade Onyxia's dragonkin guards. Using his wits, he bunkered down in a small crevice where Onyxia's pursuing dragon whelps wouldn't be able to reach him. He was able to evade capture until Varian and his reinforcements arrived. Onyxia held Anduin hostage, threatening to kill him if Varian didn't surrender Stormwind over to her. Anduin urged his father not to give in to her threats and Lo'Gosh agreed to fight and die with Anduin if need be. Lo'Gosh threw a knife at the dragon's claw to loosen her hold over Anduin. Anduin fell from a great height but was caught and saved by Broll Bearmantle, who had assumed his raven form to catch Anduin mid air. With Anduin's safety secured, the Stormwind army continued the battle.

Leading an assault against Onyxia, both Varians engaged her in battle. Weapons and magic clashed with her numerous dragonkin, with both sides determined to win. Becoming desperate to end the fight, Onyxia began casting the spell she was going to use on Alcaz Island to kill Lo'Gosh, but Lo'Gosh's double responded by stepping in front of the blast, saying he should die because Lo'Gosh was the embodiment of the true Varian. Not willing to sacrifice his double, Lo'Gosh leapt alongside his other self hoping to save him. The magic spell became disrupted by having the two Varians in the spell, and after a moment of silence Varian emerged, his two halves fused back together. Onyxia tried desperately to incinerate him, but Varian swiftly reached Onyxia's head and impaled her. With Onyxia dead, Varian reunited with his son and friends, telling them that their long and noble deeds would be rewarded and that Stormwind had been reborn with a new hope for the future.[30]

Theramore peace summit[]

While returning to Theramore, Varian was asked by Jaina Proudmoore to meet with the orc Warchief Thrall so that they may discuss plans to ease tensions between the Horde and Alliance. Varian, however, was still wary of orcs for their role in Stormwind's destruction during the First War and didn't trust them to be true allies. Though he was content with just Stormwind and the Horde no longer being in a state of open war and reluctant to enforce such a peace, he was convinced by Anduin and Valeera Sanguinar to attend citing that a human-orc alliance may benefit Stormwind's prosperity.[31] Anduin participated in the summit[32] and was thus present when the Twilight's Hammer attacked the city. He encountered and was saved by Med'an.[9]

Scourge Invasion[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Anduin and his father Varian bond over a hunt.

When the Scourge attacked Stormwind Varian and Bolvar went to defend the city. At first, Varian wanted to get Anduin to the safety, but moments later, a Scourge soldier almost attacked Varian from behind and Anduin threw a dagger into him saving Varian's life. Bolvar then commanded Anduin to get atop a city tower and shoot the undead with his bow.[33] Stormwind won the battle and Varian pronounced that Alliance forces led by Bolvar will strike into Northrend. Anduin was saddened by Bolvar's leaving and by the upcoming war. Varian then calmed Anduin by telling him that after the death of Lich King, there will be a world of peace.[34]

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Anduin now stood by his father's side in Stormwind Keep's throne room.

Weeks after the Lich King was killed, Anduin became a victim of the Emerald Nightmare, suffering from his nightmares.[35]

The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm[]

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The Shattering - Magni Bronzebeard

Anduin and High Priest Rohan witness King Magni Bronzebeard's petrification.

For a long time, Anduin has longed for peace. He longs for a reprieve from the countless deaths and casualties taken from war and natural disasters. Unfortunately, this sometimes puts him at odds with his father's aggressive nature, which threatens to throw their kingdom into more conflict and war. Though Anduin is wary of Varian's violent outbursts, he understands that his father is a just man who wants to protect the Alliance's interests and that he needs compassion for the burdens he has to undertake to make the decisions of a leader. Burdens he realizes that he too will inherit some day. He took Bolvar's death very hard.

Although his archery and dagger throwing skills are superb, Anduin has no talent for martial training or handling heavy weapons, unlike his father. Despite this, Varian wants for him to become a warrior. Anduin follows a pacifist philosophy and is more compassionate and understanding; concerned more with the preservation of life. Though not considered weak by his father, he is considered soft. King Varian allows him to spend more time in Theramore under the guidance of Jaina Proudmoore while Varian tries to figure out how to deal with the aggressive outbursts evoked from his Lo'Gosh personality. Jaina gives Anduin a hearthstone she had already arranged to be created for him, which is set to her living room in Theramore and links it to him so that he can easily teleport over for a visit anytime he likes.

He later spends time in Ironforge as a Stormwind diplomat. Though he believed that he was sent there to aid the dwarves in such troubling times, to his chagrin, he quickly figures out that Varian hopes training with the dwarves would toughen him up (much like Hjalmar Anvilmar's training had improved Varian's own martial skills). During his time in Ironforge, Anduin also discovered his true calling in life: to be a priest devoted to the tenets of the Holy Light. For those who know Anduin well, this discipline is a perfect fit for the prince, who has consistently proven himself to be compassionate and thoughtful. While there, Anduin also witnesses first hand the destruction of the Cataclysm as earthquakes wreaked havoc in Khaz Modan, leading to the death of one of his friends, Aerin. In order to stop the earthquakes, King Magni led a small procession down into a secret place in the city, Old Ironforge, where he used the Ulduar tablets and was cursed with petrification. Anduin was present to represent Stormwind, and among the gathering of dwarves and gnomes was the only human to be invited. It may even be possible that he was the first human to ever see Old Ironforge in all its glory. During the funeral of Magni, Anduin for the first time saw heroes like Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion Stormrage and Nobundo.

In the wake of King Magni's petrification, Moira Thaurissan returned to Ironforge to claim the throne. Backed by the Dark Iron clan, Moira ruled Ironforge arrogantly and with an iron fist. She held all the people of Ironforge hostage, including Prince Anduin. Anduin escaped Ironforge with Jaina's hearthstone, just as Baine Bloodhoof also happened to be visiting her. At Theramore, he and Baine discussed their problems and their similar situations of being sons of leaders. Through their discussion, both discovered new insights on the difference between right and wrong and what it means to be a leader. Near the end of their discussions, Anduin gave Baine the great mace Fearbreaker. Anduin's reasons behind it were "it had chosen Baine, as it had chosen Anduin beforehand."

When Anduin heard Varian and eighteen SI:7 operatives were on a mission to liberate Ironforge by assassinating Moira Thaurissan, he convinced the very reluctant Jaina to open a mage portal to Ironforge for him, stating that while he hoped he would not become king for many years, one day he would and would have to deal with similar situations. Rushing back to the High Seat with the aid of an Inv potion 25 [Invisibility Potion], he arrived in time to convince Varian to spare Moira's life. Just before Varian was about to execute Moira, Anduin intervened and urged him that it would be better to guide Moira to be a better leader rather than to just execute her. Despite Moira being a tyrant who held the city hostage, she was still the legitimate heir to the throne and killing her would only put the succession of Ironforge into question, thus leading to more chaos and conflict. Whereas if she lived, through her and her son, all dwarven clans could unite. Varian slowly agreed but was also conflicted as Moira had caused so much chaos and had already threatened the safety of his son. Varian agreed to spare Moira's life but stipulated that if Moira was to be a leader and unite the dwarves, she would have to earn her crown by earning her people's respect. In order to take into account the opinions of all dwarves, Varian called for the formation of the Council of Three Hammers. Father and son hugged and reconciled while the populace of Ironforge applauded King Varian's decision.[10]

The death of Aerin impacted Anduin in another way. Before he met the dwarven guard, he resented training with heavy weapons and often found excuses to avoid it. But since he lost the dwarf who, for at least a brief time, taught him how to fight, he decided to train again so he could become at least a good swordsman, fully aware that he also has the Light by his side.[36]

Some time afterward, Anduin fostered the growing friendship between himself and Baine by exchanging letters.[37]


WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Anduin journeyed with his father to a summit of the Alliance delegates in Darnassus. Upon arriving in the middle of the banquet; his father started deprecating Genn Greymane and the rest of Gilneas for abandoning the Alliance in their hour of need during the Third War. During Varian's chiding, Malfurion noticed Velen's sudden interest in the young prince. When his father abruptly retired to his guest chambers, Anduin was inadvertently left behind and was found talking with Velen about the Light. Their discussion, however, was interrupted when the young prince's personal guards noticed he didn't retire with them and came to retrieve him. It was later that night, while the prophet was meditating in the Temple Gardens, that Anduin approached him again, wondering if they could resume their discussion.

After reflecting on his discussion with Velen, he was certain that the Light had a plan for him but knew that Varian's willful and overprotective nature was holding him back. It was after Anduin overheard the argument between Malfurion and Varian, that he made his decision and informed his father about his choice to leave, stating that he wanted to pursue whatever destiny the Light was drawing him to. When he felt that he couldn't get his father to listen to him, Anduin started to leave. Varian, in a fit of anger and desperation, grabbed his son's arm, inadvertently hurting him in the process. Though he loves his father, this violent act has caused Anduin to be wary of him. Varian then suggested to Anduin that he should study with Archbishop Benedictus, in order to get his son to stay in Stormwind, but the young prince declined, stating that Benedictus was not right for what he needed to learn and that he needed to go elsewhere, as previously informed by High Priest Rohan, and that elsewhere was with the prophet Velen.

After a final plea by King Varian, Anduin said his good-byes and headed towards the Temple Gardens to inform Velen of his decision. After making sure that the young prince was certain of his choice, Velen offered to take Anduin under his wing and noted that he has a great destiny ahead of him within the Light. After the battle for Ashenvale, Anduin sends a message to Varian to let him know that he will return to Stormwind City after his journey with Velen is completed.[38]

Prophet's Lesson[]

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When human refugees started to congregate outside the Exodar in the wake of the Cataclysm, Anduin was among them, offering his services and healing the sick. Despite his altruism, many of the refugees resented him for his special relationship with his mentor Velen. When Anduin questioned Velen about why he did not warn about the Cataclysm, Velen showed him a vision of a world destroyed by the Burning Legion, explaining that as terrible as Deathwing and the Cataclysm were, the war with the Burning Legion was a far greater struggle. That night, Anduin had a vision of a universe that was in the process of being utterly consumed by a darkness. But then beings of Light appeared, rescued him from the dark and showed him the face of one of the male refugees. The beings surrounding Anduin said or sang in a melodic tone, "Each life, a universe."

As the weeks passed, tension increased between the draenei and the human refugees, and Anduin rebuked Velen for focusing entirely on the Burning Legion while other, more immediate concerns pressed. When the refugees started a riot, leading to a fight with the draenei guards, Anduin rushed to Velen, begging him to stop the needless slaughter. Reminding the prophet of the words in his vision, that every life is a universe to protect, Velen at last realized that he had lost sight of the present world and its needs by being so focused on the future. Stopping the fight between the refugees and guards, Velen told Anduin that he would one day be a powerful priest and a wise king, and Anduin wished only that his father had heard those words.[39]

During his time in the Exodar, he would also spend some time with the naaru O'ros.[40]

Blood of Our Fathers[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Anduin returned to Stormwind for Remembrance Day, only to find his father in the throne room shouting at a group of nobles. Disappointed that his father was still ruled by his temper, Anduin left the throne room. He was reunited with his father shortly thereafter by Archbishop Benedictus, who had arranged a meeting for them at Tiffin's grave at Stormwind City Cemetery. Having been reminded of their love for Tiffin and of family, the bad blood between father and son soon faded away. Varian apologized to Anduin for being so blind in not recognizing the man Anduin has become, recognizing Anduin's strengths and giving him his mother's locket.

Their tender reunion was cut short by the arrival of a group of Twilight's Hammer assassins that had followed them to the cemetery, intent on killing both king and prince. The pair fought back, with Anduin using the Light to bolster and protect his father. However, the last of the assassins managed to summon a massive drakonid as he died, which eventually overcame Varian's defenses and nearly killed him. With his father dying, Anduin conjured a barrier to protect them and dispelled the drakonid's defensive magic, allowing Varian to use the last of his strength to slay the beast. As Varian lay dying, he told Anduin that he loved him, that he was proud of him, and not to mourn him as this had always been his fate. Though Marcus Jonathan and Jaina Proudmoore wanted to take Anduin to a more secure location, Anduin refused to leave his father. Praying to the Light, he infused his father's body with an influx of divine energy and saved his life.

In his Remembrance Day speech that evening, Varian stated that though in the past they relied on strength and steel to forge their destiny, a time would come when leaders would need to be healers instead of warriors: those who mend instead of those who break. Anduin watched his father with pride and love as his words stirred the hearts of their people.[41]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Anduin in Cataclysm.

King Varian Wrynn enlisted an Alliance champion to mentor his son, Prince Anduin Wrynn. After introducing the two,[42] Varian reveals that he has been amassing a war fleet to assault the Twilight's Hammer in the Twilight Highlands but several setbacks have delayed its launch. In order to resolve the constant delays, Varian has tasked the Alliance champion to oversee the operation personally while Prince Anduin observes. Varian, wishing for his son to gain some life experience but fearful for his safety, instructs the player to escort him throughout his apprenticeship;[43] this escort later turns into unraveling a Twilight's Hammer plot where a trusted Stormwind guard attempts to assassinate Varian but Anduin thwarts his plans.[44]

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War[]

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While Anduin continued his studies about the Holy Light with the draenei, he remained in contact with his "aunt" Jaina through a magical mirror. He and Jaina engaged in brief small talk about his studies and when Jaina went to go meet with Thrall, the young prince told her to be careful and to give his best to Thrall.

When word reached to Anduin about the Attack on Theramore Isle, he quickly returned home knowing that if Jaina had survived, she would venture to Stormwind. To his utter joy, his "aunt" did survive but during the subsequent hug he gave to her, he noticed that Jaina was stiff in his embrace. After answering why he was in Stormwind, Anduin was silent while Jaina and his father talked about going to war. However, as Jaina, in her quest for vengeance, began to advocate the slaughtering of all the orcs, Anduin quickly yelled her name in a mixture of pain, shock, and horror. When Varian pointed out that the Alliance shouldn't rush into the war and Anduin mentioned how not everyone in the Horde would agree with Garrosh Hellscream's decision to use the mana bomb, Jaina, in turn, berated both father and son: calling Varian a coward and Anduin a gullible child while apologizing for her role for encouraging his naivete in that regard. Jaina then called Varian and Anduin fools and turned her back on them when they cried out her name and stepped toward her imploringly. That night, both father and son had a long conversation about what exactly hatred could do to a person. Anduin mentioned that while he knew why the Alliance had to fight the Horde, he made it clear that he did not want to be like Jaina; attacking with hatred in his heart.

Later on, as Anduin, Varian, and Broll Bearmantle observed the new ships being constructed for the Alliance war effort at Stormwind Harbor, the young prince questioned if the night elves would be able to fight their way out of the Horde's blockade. Broll assured him and Varian that the night elves were doing the best they can at the moment and that any lives sacrificed had to count; pointing out that the Alliance had a better chance of victory when they were focused together. After contemplating Broll's words and gazing at the harbor, Anduin couldn't help but wonder why the Horde attacked Theramore with the mana bomb. He furthermore mentioned that the Horde had no idea that the civilians were transported away from Theramore. Varian laid a comforting hand on his son's shoulder and told him that he wished he could tell him why people did horrible things. Upon Anduin's inquiry if Garrosh will win if the Alliance doesn't stoop to his level, both Broll and Varian declared that they would never allow that to happen as long they both live and breathe. When Anduin further asked if Jaina would ever get better, his father told him that he hoped so.

During an Alliance meeting, Anduin informed everyone that Jaina had been to Theramore when Gelbin Mekkatorque asked if anyone had gone there following the massacre. When Gelbin, while relieved at her survival, questioned why she was not present in their planning, Varian only replied that she was too impatient to work with them and is fighting the Horde using her own methods. Soon afterwards, Varian was able to convince those at the meeting to commit to his plan to attack Orgrimmar itself. Later, both his father and Anduin gave an inspirational speech to remind the Alliance exactly what they were fighting for: they will fight the Horde for justice, not genocide, and would never stoop to the monstrous tactics that the Horde has committed. They will embody the ideals of the Alliance and will gain victory on their terms. At the end of his own speech, Anduin called upon the Light to bless all those going off to war, including his father. With Stormwind's king on the battlefield, Anduin was left in charge of the kingdom and was noted to have two draenei vindicators as bodyguards.[45]

During his father's reign, the prince of Stormwind would sometimes use the service of Valeera Sanguinar. Unbeknownst to Varian, he asked her to send messages.[46]

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.
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Anduin Pandaria

Anduin in Pandaria.

Anduin Young Alliance Soldier

The orc marksman Shokia unknowingly guarding Prince Anduin in the Jade Forest.

A few months before the discovery of Pandaria, Anduin had a brass compass made for Varian's birthday.[47]

While on a diplomatic mission, Anduin's royal flagship, The Vanguard, was engaged by the Horde's southern fleet. During the naval battle, Admiral Taylor bade him to the ship's hold where he felt restless and was unable to help injured soldiers. The flagship ran aground into the uncharted, mist-shrouded landmass of Pandaria. Given the code name "White Pawn" by the Alliance, he's shipwrecked in the Jade Forest and the Alliance characters are tasked to find and rescue him.[48] With the hold filling with water and his bodyguard dead, Anduin left the ship and ventured inland.

He is later rescued from hozen pursuers by Ren Whitepaw and his daughter, Lina.[49][50] The Alliance adventurer discovers his whereabouts several days later through a vision instigated by a pandaren dream brew.[49] After finding Anduin, helping him heal Ren's fever[50] and learning more about the Vale of Eternal Blossoms,[51] SI:7 agents arrive to return Anduin home. He refuses, however, as he wants to find the Sacred Pools of the Vale and study their healing powers. He then uses his powers to mind control his way out of their custody.[52]

However, not long after this he is captured by the Horde vanguard[53] and brought to General Nazgrim at Grookin Hill, who identifies him.[54] Fortunately, he slips away from his captors during the battle at Serpent's Heart and caught a ride with a merchant's family as they fled west to Zhu's Watch in the Krasarang Wilds, where he met Mei Barrelbottom.

Mei tells him about the Crane Wing order and on her advice he accompanied a courier to reach the Temple of the Red Crane and sought an audience with Chi-Ji. He studied with the disciples under the tutelage of Chi-Ji and learned a great deal, but his time there became much shorter than he was expecting.[55] When the Sha of Despair attacked the temple, Anduin escaped to the Crane Wing Refuge, where he accepts the help of adventurers of both the Alliance and the Horde in the defense of the temple from the Sha of Despair and its lesser minions.[56]

Anduin is later present in the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit, where he, the Alliance, and the Horde prove their worthiness to Xuen, the temple's August Celestial, in their quest to discover the Vale.[57] Sunwalker Dezco, who is also present, is impressed with Anduin and sees why his High Chieftain regards him with such high esteem. They are in turn brought to the Gate of the August Celestials, where Xuen and his counterparts open the Gates to the Vale. After this, Anduin and the Alliance are then found in the Shrine of Seven Stars.[58]

At the very conclusion of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms reputation questline, mogu are attacking the Golden Lotus and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Anduin is found helping the defenders by using his powers of the Light to keep the mogu from entering Mogu'shan Palace.[59]


Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

After Lion's Landing's construction, Anduin reunites with his father. Anduin tells Varian that the war will poison Pandaria but Varian assures Anduin that he is fighting the Horde not out of hatred, but for a love of what's right. Varian asks Anduin to trust him to do the right thing and to also lend him his support. Both Varian and Anduin resolve to work together to protect Pandaria. When news reached them that Tyrande Whisperwind and night elf rangers have been pursuing a Horde party holed up in the Temple of the Red Crane, Anduin advises Varian to not let the temple turn into a war zone as it is still recovering from a Sha infestation. Sensing that Garrosh was trying to lure the Alliance from the beach, Varian plans on defusing the situation with a handful of champions. Anduin trusts his father to handle the battle the right way and leaves the situation in his capable hands.[60]

King Varian later sends Anduin and the Alliance player to negotiate with Jaina Proudmoore the withdrawal of blood elves from Dalaran as the Sunreavers claim fealty to the Horde and represent a major threat to the war effort.[61] Jaina Proudmoore however, refused; citing a desire to maintain Dalaran's neutrality. Her reason being that despite her disdain for Garrosh, Dalaran could serve as a beacon of hope for peace. By showing the world that both Alliance and Horde can trust each other and work together in their city, the world would be able to believe that they could eventually be above the war.[62]

Later on, Anduin summons the player to meet him in the Imperial Exchange. Once there, he explains that the Explorer's League brought back a sha sample from their expedition from Mogujia. He goes on to say that it escaped containment and that it has begun to infect some of their own men. Both the Alliance champion and Anduin work together to cleanse the Sha infestation. After completing the cleansing, Anduin and the champion arrive in time to see the Alliance's dignitaries and allies arrive. With everyone in attendance, they start the proceedings of their summit. Anduin reports to Varian that it was the Sha energy that was causing their troops to act so violently. Though Varian is confident that the Alliance could defeat any foe, Anduin advises Varian to not underestimate the Sha as it feeds on one's innermost weaknesses, twisting and manipulating their thoughts. Just then, an Echo of Hatred manifests and Jaina Proudmoore restrains it in an ice block. Many of the dignitaries are shocked or horrified by its dark power, while others see merit in the Sha and want to study or weaponize the Sha's energy. Varian asks for Anduin's opinion on the matter and he states that while it may be possible to harness the Sha's power as a weapon, they risk destroying their own people in the process, a price that he is not willing to pay. Varian concurs with his son's assessment and destroys the Sha, thereby forbidding its use.[63]

Anduin then accompanied Sarannha Skyglaive into the Ruins of Korune where the Alliance found and teleported the Divine Bell to Darnassus. The Horde managed to steal the bell from the city, which was the reason for the Purging of Dalaran. After the purge, Anduin met with Varian and Jaina at Lion's Landing and witnessed Jaina pledge the Kirin Tor to the Alliance but also the ruined negotiations to get the Sin'dorei into the Alliance as a consequence of her actions.[64]

After hearing about the Horde's acquisition of the Divine Bell, Anduin began searching for a means to counter its power. His research has led him to an item known as the Harmonic Mallet. The Harmonic Mallet was last seen in the hands of the Monkey King. The tomb of the Monkey King is located in Tomb of Conquerors, where he and his mogu adversary are frozen in jade. As legend has it, the Monkey King and a Mogu named the "The Jade Warlord" were in the middle of a duel until both of them somehow became petrified in jade. Anduin discovered an incantation to release him from the jade imprisonment but it would release the Jade Warlord as well. After the Alliance champion defeats the Jade Warlord, the Monkey King asks the champion to solve his three riddles in exchange for the whereabouts of the Harmonic Mallet: an instrument used by the Pandaren rebels in ancient times to counter the mogu's Divine Bell by turning its power into pure harmony.[65] After solving his riddles, the Monkey King revealed that he had to break the mallet and sent his minions to hide its pieces in the far away corners of Pandaria in order to prevent it from falling into Mogu hands.[66] Anduin and the Alliance player then go on a quest to reassemble the Harmonic Mallet.

When news reached the Alliance that Horde forces were amassing in huge numbers at Emperor's Reach, everyone expected Garrosh to use the Divine Bell. Knowing that time was of the essence, Anduin stole the Harmonic Mallet and went to stop Garrosh personally.[67] The player witnesses Garrosh make a speech about the Horde's grand destiny, and how he will use the Divine Bell to erase weakness from his orcs and create a stronger Horde. Garrosh rings the Divine Bell and it turns his kor'kron into Sha. After they are dispatched by the player, Prince Anduin Wrynn intervenes and tries to deter Garrosh from using the Divine Bell. Anduin's pleas fell on deaf ears, however, and Garrosh used the Divine Bell to sha infest his champion Ishi, who the player then has to fight. Though Garrosh encouraged his troops to master the Sha energy, in the end, none of his champions were able to do so. In the aftermath of the battle, Anduin used the Harmonic Mallet to turn the Divine Bell's chaos into pure harmony. This stuns Garrosh but Garrosh recovers and strikes at the bell and destroys it; causing the rubble to fall on Anduin and crushing his body.[68] Believing him dead, Garrosh lets the Alliance champion live to relay the fate of Anduin to King Varian; thereby illustrating the price for his continued defiance. The player discovers that Anduin still lives, albeit badly injured in Garrosh's unprovoked assault, and retrieves Anduin's broken body from the ruins.[69] Using a signal flare for immediate evacuation, they fly to Lion's Landing where Varian mourns and tends to his son, ordering for Velen to be sent to their location at once. Both Varian and Jaina Proudmoore are furious at this assault and swear to make Garrosh pay.[70] Varian sent for Velen who did the initial healing. He told him that the pain probably would never disappear entirely, and there was a good chance it would increase with age.[71] Years later, the pain became an indicator of danger.[72]

Rise of the Thunder King[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.
Wrathion and Anduin

Wrathion and Anduin chatting.

Anduin was ultimately healed by pandaren mistweavers but is still recovering from his injuries. Despite objections from his father, Anduin insists on wandering around talking to people. He is revealed to be in the Tavern in the Mists recovering from his wounds and escorted by Alliance guards and by Sunwalker Dezco. There he met Wrathion and has been discussing the militant events of Pandaria with him.[73] Anduin later starts playing the pandaren board game Jihui with Wrathion. As they play, he and Wrathion discuss Lei Shen, the Thunder King, and his leadership style; to which they disagree with each other if whether his tyrannical and brutal reign should be applauded or not. Anduin disapproves of Wrathion's hard cutthroat outlook and Wrathion likewise thinks Anduin too soft.[74] Although suspicious of the black dragon and thinking that he shouldn't be trusted, Anduin is still intrigued by him.[73] When Wrathion starts plotting with the player to confiscate mogu technology, Anduin warns the player to be wary of Wrathion and the reckless pursuit of power lest they end up traveling the same dark path as Garrosh Hellscream.[75] Later on, Anduin becomes suspicious of Wrathion's schemes and asks him what he and the player are up to. Wrathion tells Anduin he has nothing to hide and invites Anduin to accompany him and the player to Mason's Folly, where they partake in the scenic views and Wrathion gifts the adventurer the Inv enchant essenceastrallarge [Crown of Heaven].[76] Anduin warns the player to think twice before putting the Crown of Heaven on.[77] When the adventurer brings the Inv heart of the thunder king icon [Heart of the Thunder King], he felt a chill within him at the first sight of it. Then Wrathion takes the heart from the adventurer and Anduin expressed his surprise and revulsion as Wrathion without warning, ate it and began to reveal memories in his head that Anduin didn't understand. After that, Anduin says aloud that he doesn't trust Wrathion; Wrathion replies that "[he] is wise not to."[78]

Timeless Isle[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Anduin appears on the Timeless Isle, accompanied by two Royal Bodyguards, standing by a table with Kairoz, Lorewalker Cho and Wrathion. At the conclusion of B [30-35] Time Keeper Kairoz, Anduin notes that time is frozen on the isle, and asks what could have created such an effect, to which Kairoz replies that this is what he wants to find out.

Siege of Orgrimmar[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.
Anduin at the end of Siege of Orgrimmar

Anduin at the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Anduin along side with the rest of the Alliance forces bore witness to a defeated Garrosh Hellscream. When Varian returns to his faction, Lady Jaina Proudmoore advised the High King to "dismantle the Horde". Varian commands his guards to march with him towards the Horde side and Anduin, confused of what he intended to do, questioned him of what he was doing. Varian responded to him, "What a king must do." He then witnessed his father negotiate a peace with the Horde.

War Crimes[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

By the time the trial of Garrosh Hellscream started and the leaders of Azeroth gathered, Anduin was already in the Temple of the White Tiger. Once reunited with his father, he stood by his teacher, Prophet Velen. Later, he was seen in Violet Rise having dinner. When the first day of the trial started, he revealed he had invited Wrathion to witness the proceedings. After hearing the charges against Garrosh, he felt sorry for Baine for having to defend him. When Baine, who acted as Garrosh's defense attorney, and Tyrande, who acted as Garrosh's prosecutor, finished their speeches, Anduin wanted to support Baine but was instead taken by his father outside of the trial proceedings so he wouldn't have to interact with Garrosh. Anduin was shocked when he saw Tyrande's first vision about the orcs and draenei on Draenor. Although he has learned about the violent history between the two races, he didn't know it was so brutal. When Velen, as the first witness, returned to his seat, Anduin went out for a walk accompanied by Wrathion and discussed Tyrande's strategy. Anduin asked Wrathion whether he considers him a friend to which Wrathion responded that he did. During the second hearing, he watched the visions of the deaths of Kelantir Bloodblade and Frandis Farley as well as the reactions of Halduron Brightwing and Sylvanas Windrunner to them. Anduin approved of Kelantir's courage.

During the second day of the trial, Anduin was called as the fourth witness. He retold the events of Theramore's meeting and how he stopped Garrosh from using the Divine Bell. Anduin revealed that he didn't intervene immediately because he feared what it would do to Ishi. Baine's questions eventually led the prince to say that he didn't want revenge after the Divine Bell incident and closed by saying that he believes Garrosh can change. Afterwards when the Wrynns went to have a meal, the prince encountered Vereesa and told her he understands her anger at his responses at Garrosh's trial whilst she responded that she understood his decision. After that, Anduin was brought to Taran Zhu and Baine who revealed that Garrosh wishes to meet the prince. Anduin agreed and convinced his father to believe in him. Garrosh asks Anduin if he believes in destiny. Garrosh continued to question him if he chose the Light or if the Light chose him. Anduin didn't know what to say even though he studied as a priest. Garrosh set an example of a golden-haired, beloved human prince that was a paladin, and yet he turned his back on the Light. Anduin quickly responded that he was nothing like him. When the hearing of Vol'jin was done, Anduin met with Garrosh and they spoke about the new Warchief as well as about what would Garrosh do if there was a peace between the Horde and Alliance that mutually benefited both factions. That led Garrosh to send Anduin away.

Anduin in Three Sisters

Vereesa Windrunner telling Anduin that Garrosh Hellscream's food was poisoned.

When the fifth day ended, the prince once again went to see the former Warchief. Anduin wanted to understand Garrosh's reasoning but he retorted that he would never understand. During the sixth day, it was revealed how Anduin, Jaina, and Baine worked together in the past to overthrow Magatha Grimtotem. Varian was angered by his son and Jaina conducting political moves without conferring with him and upon returning to Violet Rise, Anduin witnessed Varian arguing with Jaina. After that, he learned that Varian is going to be Baine's last witness. After the following dinner, the prince met with Wrathion once more and conversed about the recent events. During the seventh day, he watched the vision of Theramore's obliteration and on the last day he heard the closing argument. After Kalec came to say goodbye to the Wrynns, Anduin went to visit Garrosh one last time. On his way to Garrosh's cell, Anduin noticed Vereesa lost in her thoughts. She suddenly noticed him, and supposing that perhaps it's the work of the Light, told him that Garrosh's last meal is poisoned, before leaving for Dalaran. Immediately he ran to Garrosh's cell, convincing the brothers Li and Lo to let him enter for the last time. Anduin and Garrosh's last conversation was even more harsh and antagonistic. While Garrosh mocked him, the pandaren brought him his last meal. As the prince was going to tell him about the poison, Garrosh told him that when he is king, the orcs will march to Stormwind and they will raze it to the ground and the Stormwindians will wish Tiffin had miscarried. Anduin didn't know what to do - to watch Garrosh die, or to intervene. As Garrosh took his bowl and was about to take a bite from his meal, Anduin kicked the bowl. The meal spread across the cage and Garrosh took the Prince's arm in anger, twisting it and was about to tear it off. At this moment, a rat emerged and began eating the spilled meal and after a few seconds, died. Garrosh then let Anduin go and Anduin healed his arm with the Light, leaving without further words. He told the Chu brothers to remove Garrosh's chains from his feet during the final verdict of the hearing in order for Garrosh to stand as a warrior. After that, he sought Yu Fei, the pandaren trial courier, and sent Vereesa a message: "He lives. I will not make two children both fatherless and motherless. What you do now is your choice." Vereesa's response was: "Rhonin thanks him".

Afterwards, he returned to his seat and watched Garrosh's last speech. As he was watching him, Anduin was astounded by Garrosh being unapologetic for his criminal actions. Anduin was later called for by his father and the two went to the entrance of the temple. With Go'el, they all sensed something was wrong as Chromie went missing. The Prince started looking for her and he returned to the cell and found the Chus knocked out in front of the prison's door. He healed them quickly and they told him that two women with crossbows had attacked them. Suddenly they heard a gnomish voice from inside the cell. The voice belonged to Chromie, who revealed to Anduin that Kairoz is going to use the Inv relics hourglass [Vision of Time] for something. As Anduin turned, he saw Wrathion and understood that the Black Prince and his two bodyguards, Left and Right, were in league with Kairoz. The Black Prince told him that he is doing what is right for Azeroth and that he hopes that one day Anduin will understand that. Wrathion concludes that he hopes the two of them will fight against a common enemy as brothers in the future. The dragon held up a hand and caused Anduin to faint. Once awoken, he heard noises and when he returned to the main area, he entered chaos. He saw himself - King Anduin Wrynn from an alternate universe wielding Fearbreaker - and was warned by him of the hunter Vol'jin who preyed on his people and collected elven and human ears as a necklace. Prince Anduin took Fearbreaker from his alternate universe counterpart's hands and started attacking the alternate universe Vol'jin. However, the troll gained the upper hand and as he was about to kill Anduin, the King Anduin from the alternate universe lunged himself at Vol'jin, but the troll overpowered King Anduin and stabbed him. As he was about to take his ear, Chronormu snatched the hunter and tossed him across the arena. Chromie explained that understanding the essence of his counterpart returns him to his world. The prince kneeled by his alternate counterpart and told the king that their father lives in this reality. With this, King Anduin died and his body vanished. Prince Anduin then began healing other fighters caught in the fray.

After the chaos ended, he ran to his father and saw Jaina was dying from a wound. He started healing her but did not have the strength to save her. He then witnessed Chi-Ji's gift of resurrection and heard Chromie saying that it was Kairoz who orchestrated this attack. Anduin added that Wrathion supported Kairoz in this machination too. Ultimately, he heard the sentence of the Celestials - that every person here was judged, a fact he had grasped earlier.[71]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Heir to the throne of Stormwind, Anduin is wise beyond his years. Time and again, he has used diplomacy to end conflict, inspiring even his warrior father to lay down arms in pursuit of peace. But diplomacy has its limits, and some villains can't be reasoned with. As the Burning Legion threatens to annihilate Azeroth, Anduin will learn the true cost of peace... and whether he's willing to pay it.[79]

Legion Trailer - Varian Anduin

King Varian Wrynn and Anduin are warned of the Burning Legion's return by Khadgar.

Shortly after the Burning Legion returned to Azeroth, Varian and his fleet traveled to the Broken Shore alongside Sylvanas Windrunner to battle the demonic threat head-on, leaving Anduin behind in Stormwind. The battle ended in disaster, as Varian lost his life in the battle and the remaining Alliance forces barely got out alive due to the Horde's unexpected retreat.


A portrait of a young Anduin in Varian's compass.

At the memorial service for King Varian, Anduin was unable to speak formally.[80] He also received a letter that Varian had written before the disastrous battle from a veteran of the Broken Shore. When the discussion among the Alliance's leaders transitioned to how to respond to the Horde's treachery at the Broken Shore, Anduin agreed with Velen that the Alliance must focus on the Burning Legion and work with the Horde to that end. Jaina however, blamed Varian's death on the Horde leaving the Alliance to die and wants to fight them as well. She insisted that her mages would never work with the Horde again and left, as Anduin mourns his father's death, the disaster on the Broken Shore, and Jaina's and Genn's fixation on revenge. He couldn't blame Jaina or Genn for feeling the way that they did, but insisted there was a better way.[81] Following the service, the Illidari envoy Jace Darkweaver uncovered Burning Legion infiltrators plotting to attack the Alliance racial leaders, notably the newly crowned King Anduin, during their time of mourning and aided Alliance forces in repelling the demons. Grateful for the Illidari's assistance, King Anduin allowed the Illidari to establish a temporary camp in the Mage Quarter and tasked an Alliance champion to act as his envoy to them while cautioning the adventurer to keep an eye on them lest their dark powers consume their new allies.

Anduin later sent a force led by Genn Greymane and Sky Admiral Rogers to Stormheim to aid distinguished Alliance champions in obtaining the Ability paladin shieldofthetemplar [Aegis of Aggramar].[82]

Anduin legion model

Anduin in Legion.

During A Royal Audience, started when an Alliance champion reaches Prestige Rank 2, Anduin can be found in Stormwind Keep alongside other notable leaders of the Alliance. He hosted the ceremony that congratulated the champion for their battles against the Horde, following their receiving of the Achievement pvp a 14 [Grand Marshal's Medal of Valor] as well as an artifact appearance.

Anduin was advised by Detheroc disguised as Master Mathias Shaw for a time, receiving lies.[83]

The compass[]

For those of the Alliance, the loss of King Varian Wrynn at the Broken Shore echoed throughout Azeroth. But for his son, Anduin Wrynn, that loss was felt most keenly as he faced not only the loss of a father, but took on new responsibilities as a king.[3]

At the Broken Shore, an Alliance hero discovered Varian's compass, lost during the initial attack on the Broken Shore, at the bottom of the sea. The adventurer brought the compass to Anduin, who was stunned and realized that he hadn't had time to mourn after his father passed away. The king thanked the adventurer.[47]


The compass falls to the bottom of the sea.

All was quiet until Genn called for the same adventurer to meet him at Stormwind Keep. Genn mentioned that the king had not been the same ever since the adventurer brought the compass back, mentioning that Anduin had become listless and distracted. Genn sent two guards to surveil him and they said that the king had been praying at the Cathedral of Light. Genn asked the adventurer to remedy the king's melancholy by going to him and convincing him to resume his duties.

The adventurer found Anduin at the cathedral, praying to the Light for answers. Anduin felt forlorn, believing that he hadn't earned his father's crown and that his people didn't have faith in him. He decided to travel around the city to see what his people thought of him. To do this, he used a spell that disguised him in dark, hooded clothing. He passed by the royal guards and made his way to Lion's Rest with the adventurer.

Along the way, they came across Roy Pitts and Jenny Winslow. The two were having a conversation of whether they would be safe under Anduin should the Legion come to Stormwind. Another conversation was encountered with the two children Karyn and Dougie. Dougie was pretending to be Anduin but Karyn convinced him to be Varian because he was tougher. Arriving to Varian's memorial, Anduin spoke about how he had been praying to the Light for guidance and to know if his father's spirit was at rest, and that while his people liked him and respected him, they didn't believe in him the way they had believed in Varian.

Content knowing how his people felt, Anduin wanted to know how his advisers felt about him, fearing that they didn't trust him, and returned to the keep on his gryphon with the adventurer close by. Arriving at the keep, he found Genn and Velen discussing him. Velen held Anduin in high regard, saying that a vision had shown him the boy becoming a great leader. Genn, on the other hand, felt that Anduin didn't have the mettle to succeed, pointing out how he didn't have the experience of the Broken Shore and how a compass had managed to easily break his spirit.

Agreeing with Genn, Anduin decided to travel to the Broken Shore to see with his own eyes the threat they faced. He left the adventurer behind to tell Velen of his plan. While Velen believed that the Broken Shore was dangerous, he also understood that this experience was necessary for Anduin and sent the adventurer to keep an eye on the king.

The adventurer found Anduin at a campfire with a bunch of monks and accompanied him to Soul Ruin, where they put the lost souls of Alliance soldiers to rest. Afterwards, they made their way to Wrynnfall, where Genn was showing Velen the site of Varian's death. Velen commented that Anduin didn't know the Legion like they did. Anduin stepped up and revealed himself, much to Genn's initial shock, which quickly turned to sorrow. Revealing his worries and doubts about living up to his father's legacy, the young king found one of his father's swords comprising Shalamayne under the ash and sand and fell to his knees. Genn knelt before a despairing Anduin to speak to him face-to-face and tell him how Varian's heroic actions were a challenge to them to never let fear prevail, even at the very gates of hell. Before Anduin's eyes appeared an image of Varian, whom Anduin asked what he was supposed to do now; Varian simply responded, "What a king must do."[84] In that moment, as Anduin accepted the duties of a king,[80] the sword began to glow in his hands,[84] not with the red-orange hue of a warrior but with the golden glow of a priest. At that moment, Anduin began to heal.[80]

The king didn't tell anyone about what he had experienced when he sensed Varian's presence, not even Velen, who would have understood.[40]

Son of the Wolf (present)[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.
Anduin SotW

Anduin sits with his father's message and blade.

Anduin kills nathrezim - SotW

Anduin uses the Light to kill a nathrezim assassin.

By this point, Anduin had recovered Varian's second sword as well and wielded the combined Shalamayne.

While Anduin was rereading his father's letter, he silently contemplated his new duties as king. While musing that this was not the coronation he had dreamed of as a boy, a lone soldier entered the room, saying that he had brought good news from the Broken Shore. He then said "It seems the war is over... for you" before erupting in fel energy and lunging towards the king with a dagger in hand. In response, Anduin grabbed his wrist before incapacitating him in a magical web. When Captain Rivers and the guards arrived, Anduin, now standing in front of the trapped nathrezim, calmly told them to sweep the rest of the castle to make sure that the assassin was working alone. Once he and the demon were alone again, Anduin began questioning him what the Legion hoped to achieve, saying that the Alliance would not fall because one or even two leaders died. The nathrezim replied that it already had, that "the wolf" — Varian — was already dead and that the rest of the Alliance would soon join him in the grave. When Anduin said that the demon clearly knew nothing of the Alliance's resolve, the dreadlord responded by saying that the Legion knew everything and that Anduin was nothing like the wolf — that Varian had hoped to raise a warrior, but had instead raised a foolish runt who dreamed of peace where there could never be any, that Anduin had made the wolf weak by befriending his foes and standing in his way. The dreadlord then claimed that even though the new king had now seen the truth by trading words with warriors and nearly dying for it, he could not hope to stand against those who had killed his father and that he would only lead the Alliance to ruin. However, the nathrezim then made an offer: by joining the Burning Legion, Anduin could achieve the peace he had always strived for. Anduin replied that he was indeed a man of peace, that he was the light that remained after his father's death, and that he would "finish this". He then focused holy energy into the shape of a hammer before using it to strike the nathrezim's chest, instantly killing it and shattering its body into smoldering fragments. Anduin mused that while he had indeed changed his father, Varian had also changed him. He wondered if that would be enough for the Alliance and for Azeroth, and resolved that it would have to be and that there would be peace one day.[85]

The Wound[]

Anduin Speach at Lion's Rest

Anduin gives a speech at Lion's Rest.

Sargeras, lord of the Burning Legion, was eventually defeated, but not before he managed to wound Azeroth greatly in Silithus. King Anduin ordered Master Mathias Shaw of SI:7 to investigate the destroyed land and report back.[80] Despite their losses, Anduin gave a hopeful speech at Lion's Rest in Stormwind to the Alliance, after which he was approached by Spymaster Shaw and Genn Greymane for a private meeting. Shaw reported that many goblins had been digging up a mysterious new substance in Silithus. Though they did not know what this substance was, it seemed that the Horde did know. Anduin said they had to learn more, and Shaw assured him that SI:7 was already on it.[86]

Before the Storm[]

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Anduin later had a meeting with his councilors in Stormwind's map room. Among Anduin's councilors were: Shaw, Greymane, Prophet Velen, and Sky Admiral Rogers; all of whom Anduin asked for their opinions on Azerite. When Admiral Rogers suggested weaponizing it, Anduin reproached her and proposed to use Azerite for more benevolent applications. Greymane however, thought Sylvanas would use it for destructive purposes and so should the Alliance. Anduin argued that perhaps the Alliance should seek to be more righteous in their use of Azerite than the Horde and though he was sure they could take pragmatic measures to mitigate the Horde threat, he thought that with enough knowledge they could also set out to focus on the non-destructive capabilities of Azerite. Anduin proposed involving the other Alliance nations in their discovery and seek their aid in understanding the enigmatic mineral. Anduin also revealed his plans to travel to the other member nations of the Alliance so that he may strengthen their diplomatic bonds and provide economic aid. Greymane however, reminded Anduin that he is king of Stormwind and his people needed him there, adding that Gilneas for their part, needs no royal visit. When Anduin transitioned the conversation of how his travels to the Broken Shore has benefited his development as a leader, Greymane stressed to Anduin that his safety and presence is integral to the stability of his kingdom and the dangers of him adventuring with no successor to his throne. Even so, Anduin firmly believed that although Stormwind needs him, him traveling to the other Alliance countries to promote unity and prosperity is the right thing to do for all and the proper use of peace time.

Sometime later, Anduin had breakfast with Genn Greymane and Prophet Velen. Anduin told Genn he would like him to act as a temporary leader of Stormwind while he was away. While Genn was honored and agreed to serve Stormwind in Anduin's absence, he also noted that he was an old man and that Anduin should be thinking of creating an heir. Anduin distracted his advisers from the uncomfortable topic by turning their attention to making plans for their diplomatic tour and ways for Stormwind to show their allies its appreciation. Anduin's first stop in his diplomatic tour was Ironforge, and Anduin had gifted the dwarves ten wagons of Inv misc bag 10 [Barley]— the key ingredient to arguably Ironforge's best-loved export, ale. Anduin and his entourage were treated to a feast with the Council of Three Hammers. By the time they were about to be served desert, Anduin, Moira Thaurissan, and her son decided to take a stroll through Ironforge while Velen stayed behind to converse with Muradin Bronzebeard and Falstad Wildhammer. As Anduin and Moira had a pleasant conversation while Dagran explored Old Ironforge, a messenger told them that Magni Bronzebeard has returned to Ironforge and required a conference with the both of them. Moira and Anduin found Magni in the Library section of the Hall of Explorers, conversing with High Explorer Muninn Magellas and Velen, while Falstad, Muradin, Gelbin Mekkatorque, and Captain Tread Sparknozzle stood beside them listening intently. Magni explained that Azeroth is wounded and that they must set to healing her or all will perish. Thus Magni has been recruiting priests and other healers for that express purpose. Moira proposed that they reach out to the Conclave to aid in this endeavor. Anduin also thought this was an opportune time to show all in attendance the shard of Azerite he had in his possession. Magni was the one to coin the name Azerite and confirmed it was the "essence" of Azeroth which is proliferating on the surface. Azeroth would normally be able to heal itself, but with Sargeras's sword impaled in Silithus, it is unable to do so without outside help. Despite stated desires to weaponize Azerite against the Horde, Anduin reminded the leaders that they are not at war with the Horde and that their priorities should be to heal Azeroth and to keep Azerite from falling into the Horde's hands. Anduin asked Gelbin to lend the gnomes' ingenuity to the Alliance and figure out ways to put Azerite to good use while Magellas sent a team of Explorers' League to Silithus. With their purpose clear, the leaders of the Alliance set out on their tasks.

Before the Storm Cover art

Before the Storm

Anduin, Velen, and Moira later portaled to Netherlight Temple, where he witnessed the multiracial priests of the Conclave. There he met the Forsaken Alonsus Faol, who Anduin stated was one of his heroes. After being introduced to the priests of the Conclave, Anduin pondered if the Conclave could become a template for the disparate estranged factions of Azeroth so they too may come together one day. Faol also introduced Anduin to Calia Menethil, whom Anduin was relieved and shocked to hear had survived. Though he had questions for Calia, Calia was unwilling to talk about her past and Anduin had to prioritize enlisting the aid of the Conclave for the mission of healing Azeroth. Moira addressed the Conclave and requested their aid. After Anduin's injury from the Divine Bell, Anduin would only receive aches in his bones when he was being cruel, thoughtless, or courting danger; Anduin believed these warning signs to be the Light guiding him. Since he felt no pain from his body, he thought it safe to share with the multi-factional priests of the Conclave the discovery of Azerite. He told them that with Azerite, they may have the potential to fix Azeroth but they require more research on the mineral before they can utilize it. In the meantime, Anduin asked the Conclave to recruit other healers such as shaman and druids to their mission. Faol welcomed Anduin to partake in Conclave affairs and return anytime he wished and Anduin agreed that he could garner new ideas from the Conclave. Anduin gave Moira his shard of Azerite to deliver to Mekkatorque, while he made preparations to return to Stormwind.

Genn Greymane and Anduin later had dinner in Stormwind, where they were filling out all the paper work required to formalize the state of affairs before Anduin's trip to Darnassus. Genn once again thanked Anduin for trusting him with his kingdom, but he felt it was his duty to discuss the matter of an heir for Stormwind. Though Anduin tried to make light of the situation, Genn sternly reminded him that matters of politics isn't a game and Stormwind could find itself in a dire situation if power is transferred to the wrong person. Genn gave Anduin the same advice he would have given his late son Liam: that life is too short and unpredictable. Genn urged Anduin to use this time of peace, for however long it may last, to search for a queen to bear him a successor. Genn suggested that if he has not found a mate already, perhaps he should consider an arranged marriage and would even offer his own daughter's hand. Anduin knew he needs to undergo a courtship eventually but he found the idea of an arranged forced marriage, stranger or not, abhorrent and felt Tess Greymane would feel the same. Anduin promised he will revisit this topic with him at a later date and transitioned the discussion to be about his meeting with Calia Menethil. When Anduin discussed how the Conclave had brought together priests from all walks of life, including Forsaken and Horde, Genn reminded him that although his compassion for all races is an admirable trait, he must be wary it does not lead to dangerous naiveté. Although the Horde has produced some notable noble members such as Thrall and Baine, Genn stressed that the Forsaken are depraved abominations who don't feel the same things living people do. When Anduin countered that the Conclave was being led by the Forsaken Alonsus Faol, Genn was outraged that such a blasphemy had befallen such a beloved hero of humanity and questioned Anduin how he could tolerate it. Anduin responded that the Conclave had shown him that the Forsaken aren't all mindless Scourge and although not all of them are good, some such as Alonsus Faol and Frandis Farley are. Although Genn was eager to walk out and dismiss the notion of seeing the Forsaken as people, Anduin was stern and managed to get Genn to listen to his proposal. Anduin proposed using Faol to open negotiations and heal the rift between the Forsaken and the Alliance. Anduin proposed that if the Alliance reunited the Forsaken with their families, Sylvanas may be convinced to not consider the Alliance as a threat and use Azerite for destructive means. And should true diplomacy with the Forsaken succeed, then the Alliance and Horde can work together to heal Azeroth. Later on, Anduin tasked Valeera Sanguinar to send a letter to Baine Bloodhoof about initiating a meeting between Forsaken and their living relatives.

Anduin arrived in Darnassus and met with Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage to discuss the night elves' progress in healing Azeroth and their investigations about Azerite. During their discussion, a gnome Kirin Tor mage portalled in to deliver a message from Kalecgos. Kalecgos reported Jaina Proudmoore's visit to him and informed Anduin she will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. Anduin revealed the message spoke of Jaina and all the leaders spoke of their hopes that Jaina will one day return to active duty in their coalition. With Velen already spurring the draenei to aid in their endeavors, Anduin hearthed back to Stormwind. There Anduin met with Valeera who reported that Perith Stormhoof had refused to accept his letter for Baine, as he was being watched, but noted he would relay the contents of the message to his chieftain instead. She also gave Baine's letter to Anduin which implied that Sylvanas Windrunner had learned of their correspondence and had pressured him into cutting off all contact with Anduin. Anduin was also gifted a small chip of Baine's horn as an offering of respect and friendship. As Anduin lamented that his pool of trusted comrades was growing smaller, Valeera reassured Anduin that he can always count on her friendship but warned him as king, he cannot afford to trust unwisely.

Anduin returned to the Netherlight Temple to discuss with Faol and Calia the progress of their mission. Furthermore, Anduin sought to enlist Alonsus' aid in his endeavors to formalize a Gathering between the Forsaken and their human loved ones. Although Alonsus had doubts of the two races' ability to move past their prejudices or theirs to overcome the obstacles that sought to oppose such a unity, with Calia's urging, Alonsus agreed to work with his fellow priests to lay the groundwork for the event. Anduin then received word that his manservant Wyll Benton was dying. Though Anduin rushed to his side to tend to him in his final moments and even offered to heal him with the Light, Wyll refused as he tired of living with old age and wanted to see his deceased loved ones once again. After arranging the funeral of Wyll, Anduin summoned his councilors, with the addition of High Exarch Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner, to the map room. When Anduin revealed his intention to set up the Gathering, all of his advisers were opposed to the plan with the exception of Velen, who supported it, and Shaw who remained neutral to the idea. Even so, Anduin's desire for peace, partially to honor his friend Wyll's dying wish, and his belief that Sylvanas would never endanger her Forsaken in such a way that would start a war overcame his trepidation for any of the stated risks. Sternly, he commanded his advisers to support him in securing and orchestrating this meeting.

Some time later, Anduin heard back from Sylvanas Windrunner that she has agreed to support the Gathering, but only on the stipulation that it be conducted with a small vetted group and rules implemented to heighten the security of both factions. Anduin also received a letter from Vellcinda Benton, a member of the Desolate Council and Wyll's widowed wife. She thanked Anduin for informing her of Wyll's passing and for looking after him in his final moments. She also informed Anduin that all members of the Desolate Council were in full support of the Gathering and they have been tasked by Sylvanas to aid in the vetting process. In the meanwhile, Anduin, Genn Greymane, and Calia Menethil set out to recruiting suitable human participants for the Gathering from the Alliance's side. As they worked together, Anduin asked Calia if she sought to reclaim the throne of Lordaeron and if she had a child that could one day become her heir, to which Calia did acknowledge a daughter and told Anduin her intentions. However, Calia also requested to participate in the Gathering. Since his body did not respond to any nefarious intentions, Anduin agreed to permit it should Faol also consent.

After Anduin orchestrated a tense yet productive reunion between Genn Greymane, Turalyon, and Alonsus Faol, Anduin had managed to gain Turalyon's support for the Gathering but Genn still remained cynical. During the Gathering, Anduin met with Sylvanas Windrunner face to face to set the terms of the event and bluntly asked her if she intentionally betrayed his father during the Battle for the Broken Shore. Though shocked by Anduin's straightforwardness, she gave an honest answer, that the Burning Legion's numbers sealed Varian's fate regardless of the decision she made. Though the Gathering started off peaceful, Sylvanas eventually ordered to recall the Forsaken participants. When some Forsaken participants refused or hesitated to retreat from the event, Anduin felt the Divine Bell's pain in his body and realized that Calia had revealed herself to instruct any of the deserting Forsaken to find sanctuary in the Alliance's side of Stromgarde Keep. Sylvanas responded by sending her dark rangers to kill all the Forsaken participants. As Anduin's generals scrambled to prepare a defense and secure the Alliance participants, Anduin took a gryphon to try to secure any of the Stormwindians trying to flee with their Forsaken counterparts or rescue any of the Forsaken participants from assassination. However, he came too late, and all the Forsaken participants died. Sylvanas herself personally murdered Calia Menethil right in front of him, and with his Light powers exhausted, Anduin called Sylvanas' bluff that she would kill him since she was not prepared to face the unrestrained ire of the Alliance. Leaving himself vulnerable, Anduin carried Calia's corpse back to Stromgarde. He later sent Calia's corpse to Netherlight Temple and Velen advised Anduin to travel there as well to seek Saa'ra's council so he may know how to guide his people in coping with the tragic events. Saa'ra summoned Anduin to its chamber, where Anduin learned that Calia's body was not decomposing. With Saa'ra's guidance, Saa'ra, Alonsus Faol, and Anduin Wrynn raised Calia Menethil back to life with the power of the Light, but as an undead.

Back in the Arathi Highlands, Anduin helped the Stormwindians bury the Forsaken participants of the Gathering. As Anduin and Genn attended the Forsaken's funeral, Anduin fully expected to be chastised for his failure and welcomed Genn to do so as he felt responsible for the dead. Instead, Genn gave him comforting words and told him to not blame himself, and that Sylvanas was the one responsible for killing her own people. Genn apologized and acknowledged that the Gathering showed him that the Forsaken still had humanity in them and that peace was possible between them and the living. Anduin also acknowledged that Genn was right about Sylvanas, but Genn said that he was wrong about her as well, as he thought her to be ruthless to the Alliance but not to her own people. Anduin lamented how Sylvanas had politically outmaneuvered him to twist the outcome of the Gathering to her own advantage. Anduin finally came to the conclusion that peace could never be possible with Sylvanas in power, and that he truly believed that Sylvanas was irredeemable.

New allies[]

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Anduin sent letters summoning champions to the Stormwind Embassy, where he unveiled his plans to seek new allies for the Alliance.[87] Eventually, and thanks to Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner, the Alliance recruited both the Lightforged draenei[88] and the void elves,[89] with Anduin thanking the champions for their assistance back at the Embassy.

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Queen Moira Thaurissan's leadership and the Dark Iron dwarves' aid have proven to be valuable assets to the Alliance. Sometime during the Fourth War, King Anduin formalized the induction of the Dark Iron dwarves into the Alliance.[90]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

War of the Thorns[]

King Anduin sitting in Stormwind Throne

King Anduin sitting on Stormwind Keep's throne.

Elegy - Genn and Anduin

Anduin and Genn sparring.

As Anduin and Genn Greymane sparred in the royal garden, Mathias Shaw interrupted their training to report that their plan to saturate Orgrimmar with SI:7 agents had been successful. Shaw stated that there has been a disagreement between Nathanos Blightcaller and High Overlord Varok Saurfang regarding the deployment of troops. Saurfang was said to have wanted an army deployed to Silithus, while the Blightcaller regarded it as a waste of resources. After relaying this information to High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, Anduin and Tyrande agreed this argument over war strategy indicated that the Horde had weaponized Azerite and were planning to secure a monopoly of the mineral in Kalimdor. Tyrande had begun to secretly amass a night elf army in Feralas to intercept the Horde forces should they march to Silithus.

The reported public fistfight between Nathanos and Varok and Nathanos' subsequent reprimanding seemed to confirm the Alliance leaders' suspicions of the Horde's capability to make Azerite weapons and that Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner had endorsed Saurfang's Silithus campaign. After deliberating with other Alliance leaders about their course of action, Anduin decided to endorse the deployment of the night elven army to protect Silithus. Anduin and the Alliance leaders would continue to create war strategies in Stormwind to prepare for the upcoming war. In the midst of their planning, Anduin and the Alliance leaders decided to take a break by visiting Lion's Rest. Their recess was interrupted by a Stormwind guard who reported the Horde was invading Ashenvale and that night elven refugees were being portaled into Stormwind. Realizing that the Horde had deceived them into weakening Ashenvale's defenses, the Alliance leaders coordinated with each other to accommodate as many refugees as possible and to reinforce the Ashenvale warfront. As the War of the Thorns progressed, Anduin became more restless. One sleepless night, he went to the map room to look over the map table and recalled which areas the night elves were losing ground in. Genn, who also couldn't sleep, joined him in contemplating about their dire situation. Anduin discussed with Genn that the Horde's influence would nearly dominate all of Kalimdor and should Sylvanas hold Darnassus and its citizens hostage, it could tear the Alliance apart or paralyze the Alliance from retaliating. Anduin told Genn that Sylvanas may coerce him to abandon Gilneas in favor of safeguarding a hostage Teldrassil, and that political manipulation would put them at odds. To Anduin's surprise, Genn told Anduin he would not withdraw his support from the Alliance even should such an event come to pass, as he would never betray the kindness of the night elves in order to reclaim his homeland. Genn stated he was committed to the protection of his Alliance allies even if it required sacrifice and that was something that Sylvanas did not understand about the living nor the Alliance. Anduin and Tyrande, who had overheard their conversation, were moved by Genn's words. Tyrande stated that even should her city fall, the Alliance will not be divided. However, she also bore bad news as recent reports stated that the night elves were making their stand at Astranaar.

Later on in the war, Tyrande received a missive that revealed that Malfurion Stormrage's wisp wall defense had failed and he was in the process of confronting Sylvanas alone. This new information had compelled Tyrande to fight by Malfurion's side despite Anduin's objections. When Anduin realized nothing he could say would dissuade her, he gave Tyrande hearthstone that he had attuned to Stormwind and told Tyrande to come back with Malfurion alive since their people would need their leadership in these troubled times now more than ever. Tyrande found Varok Saurfang kneeling and confronted him. She was successful and returned with a recovering Malfurion to Stormwind, but it became apparent when smoke was coming out of their portals that the evacuation efforts were running out of time. King Genn Greymane and Queen Mia evacuated the last of the refugees they could save before it became too dangerous to maintain the portals. When they returned, Genn revealed that the Horde had burned down Teldrassil. Anduin was among many who were shocked that Sylvanas would resort to such a tactic. Anduin regretted not taking the numerous chances he had to stop her in the past and felt the casualties of this war would forever haunt him until he could avenge them. Anduin resolved to stop Sylvanas permanently.[91]

Battle for Lordaeron[]

Jeremy Chong

Anduin leading the Alliance forces during the Battle for Lordaeron.

As High King of the Alliance, Anduin led the assault on Tirisfal Glades with King Genn Greymane as his second-in-command. Their forces managed to corner the Horde in the ruined Capital City, which they began to besiege. The battle was turning in the Alliance's favor until Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner launched a devastating counter-attack on an Alliance siege weapon, which rallied the Horde in driving back their enemies. Anduin ordered his forces to push forward and personally killed several Horde warriors until he was knocked down by a blow from Varok Saurfang, whom Genn swatted aside before trying to help Anduin and being incapacitated by a troll shaman. After fending off a troll warrior who tried to attack him while he was down, the young monarch looked around himself and saw his army wavering. Dropping his father's sword, the young king then conjured a massive dome of Light to heal his forces and to keep the Horde at bay. After the dome ceased, he rallied his reinvigorated forces and told his men to stand united for the Alliance, with both Horde and Alliance forces charging toward each other and resuming the battle.

Battle for Azeroth -Alliance heroes

Anduin, Genn, and Jaina witnessing Sylvanas' blight on Capital City.

The Alliance army managed to overcome many of the Horde forces, but the tide of the battle turned when Sylvanas unleashed the Forsaken Blight on the battlefield and used her necromancy to summon an undead army from the fallen; forcing the Alliance to fall back. The Alliance was nearly routed until Lady Jaina Proudmoore arrived to neutralize the Blight and the undead with a powerful Spell frost frostnova [Frost Nova] spell and created an opening for the Alliance inside the city. Anduin and the other Alliance leaders beat back the Horde forces inside the city. King Anduin had personally ordered the capture of Varok Saurfang as a prisoner of war, who he respected. The Alliance pursued Sylvanas to the imperial chamber, where King Anduin demanded she surrender herself or die. However, Sylvanas had lured the Alliance leaders into a trap and had rigged Capital City to be blighted. While Sylvanas escaped to her gunship, the Alliance leaders were trapped in the collapsing imperial chamber. Fortunately, Jaina Proudmoore had mass teleported the Alliance leaders onto her own magical flying ship before the imperial chamber could fully saturate in blight. Anduin and other Alliance leaders returned to Stormwind Keep to plan their next move.[92]

Kul Tiras[]

Anduin The Stormwind Extraction

Anduin on Reverence during The Stormwind Extraction.

Anduin Wrynn Boralus

Anduin in Unity Square.

Following the Battle for Lordaeron, the Horde sent an elite force to rescue the Zandalari prisoners Talanji and Prophet Zul from the Stockades. At one point the agents had a close call when they only barely avoided Anduin, who was patrolling the streets on Reverence alongside several guards, but the infiltrators managed to escape with the prisoners to Zandalar.[93] Fearing a possible alliance between the Zandalari and the Horde, Anduin sent Jaina on a mission to Kul Tiras in the hopes of bringing it back into the Alliance and gaining access to its legendary fleet.[94] Genn and the 7th Legion followed her and established a foothold on the island, for their plan must not fail.[95]

After the Alliance settled in Kul Tiras's capital city of Boralus, Anduin arrived aboard the Wind's Redemption accompanied by his Lion's Guard and Captain Shwayder. He entrusted an adventurer with the task of preventing the Horde from allying with the Zandalari. To aid their efforts, he gave them full support of the Alliance's finest soldiers, the 7th Legion, under the leadership of High Commander Halford Wyrmbane. For situations that require a more subtle approach, he put the SI:7 and Mathias Shaw at their disposal.[96]

At the end of Wyrmbane's campaign, Anduin provided congratulations to Wyrmbane and his team: Shandris Feathermoon, John J. Keeshan, Kelsey Steelspark, Magister Umbric, and Falstad Wildhammer for their work, but he knew more was to come.[97]

Eventually, Katherine Proudmoore named Jaina the new Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras. At the ceremony, Anduin was introduced to a young woman, Taelia, who revealed that she was the daughter of Bolvar Fordragon and had been raised by the Proudmoores since the Third War. Shocked by this, Anduin asked for Taelia to come to Stormwind when she could so he could share stories about her father.[98]

Lost Honor[]

At Stormwind Harbor, Anduin and Greymane watched as soldiers prepared for war and Greymane commented that soon they would have to start recruiting from farmers. Anduin had thought they were fighting for peace, but what he saw was just fighting. Genn reassures Anduin he's doing everything he can to stop Sylvanas, causing Anduin to give a resolute stare of disagreement out into the distance.

Anduin approached Saurfang in his cell to ask him why the orc had spared him at Lordaeron when he could have killed him and ended the war there. As Anduin asked him if he was wrong about Saurfang's honor and questioned if he wanted more innocents to suffer, Saurfang angrily shouted that he had given everything for the Horde but Sylvanas was destroying it, and what he wanted was to have his Horde back. Saurfang admitted to Anduin that the reason he had spared him was because he thought Anduin could stop Sylvanas, but as Anduin left the Stockades he told Saurfang he couldn't—not alone. As Anduin left, he kept Saurfang's cell door open.[99]

Tides of Vengeance[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Shandris Feathermoon, Maiev Shadowsong, and Sira Moonwarden sought to convince Anduin to commit Alliance forces to Darkshore to retake it from the Horde, but with the war focused on Zandalar, Arathi, and Kul Tiras; Anduin did not have the troops to do so.[100] Despite Anduin's refusal, Genn wouldn't stand by. Citing all the aid that the night elves had given to the Gilneans in the past, Genn sent Gilnean forces to Darkshore to help.[101]

Following the Battle of Dazar'alor and death of King Rastakhan, Anduin returned to Boralus and spoke with Shaw, Genn, Wyrmbane, and Jaina. Although there was victory, Anduin mourned the loss of life and worried about Gelbin Mekkatorque, who was barely surviving after his encounter with Jastor Gallywix. Anduin also worried that rather than drive a wedge between the Horde and Zandalari, killing Rastakhan had only ignited the Zandalari's fury. While Wyrmbane, Genn, and Shaw wanted to push the advantage and win the war in a matter of weeks, Jaina argued that attacking while the Zandalari mourned their king would make them no better than Sylvanas. Anduin resolved to keep fighting, but said that the Alliance must never lose sight of who they are and what they stand for.[102]

After Genn, Shaw, and Wyrmbane left, Jaina and Anduin spoke in private about the losses in Dazar'alor and Mekkatorque's state of health, which neither Jaina nor Stormwind's priests could help. Anduin was glad to have his aunt back with them, and Jaina commented on how much had happened while she was away; specifically, she wanted to know about the rumors she had heard of her old friend Calia Menethil and what happened in Arathi Highlands. The two left to go somewhere private to talk.[102]

As a token of Kul Tiras' renewed bonds with the Alliance, Lord Admiral Jaina Proudmoore gifted King Anduin his own Kul Tiran battleship.[103]

Rise of Azshara[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

After Alliance spies caught wind of Sylvanas Windrunner planning to assassinate Baine Bloodhoof, Jaina, recognizing that she owed Baine for returning Derek to her, agreed to Anduin's request to rescue Baine. Thus, she, along with Mathias Shaw and an Alliance champion headed off to Orgrimmar.[104] During the rescue, the Alliance encountered and allied with Thrall and Varok Saurfang in order to rescue Baine. After liberating Baine from his execution and teleporting everyone out of Orgrimmar, Jaina and Shaw departed from the Horde in order to report the mission's success to Anduin.[105]

As Saurfang's and Anduin's forces rallied together, Anduin and Saurfang had a private meeting in Dustwallow Marsh. Anduin asked what type of Warchief Saurfang would be. In response, Saurfang revealed that the Horde he joined was birthed by blood and tainted by corruption, the Horde was founded on the great lie that anything it did was honorable. He further remarked that it wasn't Thrall or Vol'jin but Sylvanas who inherited Blackhand's bloody legacy. However, Anduin denied this telling him them that his forces were the Horde but was interrupted by scornful Saurfang who remarked that he never knew honor. He further remarked that his loyalists deserved more and that he felt that the Horde was forever shackled to the past, which caused Anduin to point out that the Horde had no inclusive claim to regrets by invoking Arthas Menethil and Daelin Proudmoore. Saurfang was dismissive, however, pointing out that nothing could close the chasm between the Horde and Alliance, which made Anduin ask what they were fighting for. After a moment Saurfang and Anduin rallied their forces to break the cycle and defend Azeroth, with "For Azeroth" as their rallying cry.[106]

Thus to protect Azeroth and depose of Sylvanas, the Horde revolutionaries and Alliance planned to strike at Orgrimmar and to that end set up camp in Razor Hill. In response to Sylvanas's forces collapsing part of the tunnel between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar, Anduin turned to Tinkmaster Overspark and Gazlowe to breach the canyon.[107] With their forces established within the Dranosh'ar Blockade, Anduin turned to dealing with Sylvanas's spies and protecting their siege weapons.[108][109] Knowing that Orgrimmar's greatest weakness was its multiple entrances, Saurfang's strategy relied on attacking all three entrances at once. To that end, he and Anduin directed for Genn Greymane's forces to attack Orgrimmar from the Northern Barrens, Lor'themar Theron and Shandris Feathermoon to lead their forces to attack the city from Azshara, and for Anduin, Saurfang, and Thrall to lead their forces to attack Orgrimmar from Durotar. They further ordered Mayla Highmountain to lead her people to protect Thunder Bluff in case of Sylvanas launching a counterattack.[110]

However, before the battle could commence, Saurfang recognizing Sylvanas's loyalists as his brothers and sisters in the Horde and unwilling to spill more Horde blood challenged Sylvanas to Mak'gora. When Sylvanas questioned why she should accept his challenge Saurfang merely pointed out that she wanted him to suffer, causing Sylvanas to wordlessly agree. While Sylvanas armed herself, Saurfang was granted Thrall's axe and Shalamayne by Anduin. Sylvanas initially had the upper hand against Saurfang, however, when she began to mock him about hope, Saurfang got his second wind by declaring that Sylvanas couldn't kill hope. As Saurfang turned the tide against Sylvanas, he claimed that she failed to kill hope at Teldrassil, failed in getting the Horde and Alliance to keep killing each other at Lordaeron, he further declared that the Horde would endure, that Horde was strong and was able to slash Sylvanas across her eye. This turn caused an enraged Sylvanas to declare that Horde was nothing, that they were all nothing. Sylvanas then killed Saurfang quickly with a blast of unknown magic and abandoned the Horde altogether. In the wake of Saurfang's death, Anduin, Thrall, and Zekhan, carried his body into the now opened gates of Orgrimmar as the majority of Sylvanas's forces had declared for the revolution following Sylvanas's betrayal.[111]

In front of Grommash Hold, Thrall and Anduin served as the speakers for Saurfang's memorial service and Anduin departed from Orgrimmar after the service was over. Thrall proclaimed that Varok would be brought to Nagrand as the High Overlord would have wanted.[112]

Visions of N'zoth[]

The war between the Horde and the Alliance was over when Sylvanas abandoned the Horde, but the threat of N'Zoth remained. Anduin met with Baine, Mayla Highmountain, Shaw, Valeera, as well as Magni who came with Wrathion as his new advisor to help to deal with the Old God. Wrathion told him that the armies would be useless and that N'Zoth would strike at the minds. Afterward, Magni requested from Anduin to give him back Fearbreaker which the young king agreed to.[113]

Following the fall of N'Zoth, Anduin called for the Alliance leaders to gather in Stormwind.[114] During this meeting, Anduin declared that with the armistice signed, the Fourth War was over. However, Tyrande Whisperwind rejected this and declared that the Black Moon still cried out for vengeance, and it would not stop until the Horde answered for its treachery. In response, Anduin reminded her that further bloodshed would not bring back the fallen and suggested that they must renew hope and forge a future for those who survived. Tyrande challenged this view by asking what would happen when the next warchief mustered an army and asked if hope would save him if Stormwind burned. Though Anduin acknowledged that it was difficult to trust, he expressed his hopes for the future by revealing that the Horde changed when they abandoned the Warchief position for a council style leadership. In turn, Tyrande told him his faith was naive and she should only sign a treaty when it was written in Sylvanas's blood. Genn believed that there was truth in Tyrande's words and that though they had peace today, soon enough the Horde would sound the drums of war once more. Though realizing that not all would walk the path to peace, Anduin believed that it was the best way to build a future.[115]

Following the meeting, Anduin remained tense and revealed to Jaina that while she found peace in her heart, he couldn't say the same about himself and his belief that neither Tyrande nor Genn would consider the war to be over until Sylvanas was brought to justice. In response, Jaina expressed her belief that Sylvanas couldn't hide for long with Kul Tiran fleet scouring the seas and the SI:7 searching every dark corner of Azeroth. However, Anduin revealed that he wasn't concerned that Sylvanas would remain in hiding but that she would not. Anduin then changed the subject by asking Jaina about a messenger from Kul Tiras. He subsequently learned that Taelia Fordragon sought to see Stormwind City and learn more about her father, Bolvar Fordragon. The pair then got into a brief argument about telling Taelia that he had become the new Lich King; with Anduin against the idea of telling her the truth, believing that it would break her heart. In the end, Jaina decided that the decision remained in Anduin's hands but warned him that if she learned that the truth was kept from her, it would hurt her all the more.[115]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Shadows Rising[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Feeling crushed over the knowledge that Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage had decided to remain in Nordrassil, while leaving all of his missives unread, Anduin decided to take Reverence for a ride to Westfall with Mathias Shaw. After hearing explosions, the pair investigated and discovered that Jago had taken advantage of a farmer's son hospitality near Saldean's Farm by using the barn to brew moonshine, which had caused the explosion that destroyed the building's roof. Upon seeing Anduin, Jago tried to attack the young king, blaming him for not stopping Sylvanas at the Gathering. Jago was intercepted by Mathias and passed out soon after. After briefly speaking with Alleria about Sylvanas, Anduin and Shaw soon departed for Stormwind.

Anduin then attended a meeting with Genn Greymane and Turalyon in the crypts of the Cathedral of Light, in which the corpses of retrieved of SI:7 members suggested that dark rangers were on Zandalar. This knowledge caused Turalyon to wonder if Sylvanas sought vengeance on Queen Talanji for pulling her support to the Banshee Queen, while Genn believed that Talanji was still working with Sylvanas and was providing her shelter on the island. Anduin then declared Turalyon as the Lord Commander of the Alliance forces, with the task of finding Sylvanas Windrunner and to use whatever means he must, something that Genn told him was a wise choice.

Jaina Proudmoore, knowing about his concerns with the lack of progress from Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner in finding Sylvanas Windrunner, sought to counsel him towards patience but none of her arguments were able to ease his troubled heart. Thus, when Anduin requested that she personally check on the pair for an update, she agreed. Jaina was then disturbed to see that the pair had been interrogating a man by having Turalyon use the Light to shackle him in place, while Alleria's Void powers invaded his mind. After hearing the information they learned, which proved that an agent of Sylvanas was heading towards Zandalar, Jaina departed with the intention of informing Anduin about the information and exactly how it was obtained. She further revealed her belief that their tactics represented him poorly and by sanctioning them, she questioned what it said about them.

After a moment of thought, Anduin said that they would do whatever they must to bring murders to justice. That it said that they shall not forget those lost in war, never forgot Teldrassil, Lordaeron, and the mak'gora. He then reminded Jaina how not so long ago she was not above the swinging the harsh hammer of retribution and asked if she had forgotten. Jaina retorted that she had not forgotten but reminded him how his father had once warned Vol'jin to uphold honor or be ended. She further remarked that one of her brightest wishes was for Anduin's reign to endure and be remembered fondly, for more than anything that he was remembered in the same breath as his father.

Anduin responded by remarking that difficult decisions have to be made and that he trusted Turalyon and Alleria. He then asked her if their statues would preside over Stormwind if they were without honor. This caused Jaina to remark that people change. The young king agreed but once more declared that he trusted Turalyon and Alleria, despite the misfortunes that have befallen them. He then pointed out that Stormwind would not exist without them and that they were woven into the very fabric of Stormwind's history. Recognizing that there would no swaying him, Jaina told Anduin that clarity and time are the final editors of all stories, as she would know.

He discretely sent Valeera Sanguinar to ask Baine Bloodhoof if the Horde had any knowledge of Sylvanas being in Zandalar, to which Baine responded negatively. Anduin also sent Shaw to obtain further intelligence on Banshee loyalists within Zandalar, while also sending Turalyon and Alleria to Boralus should nothing be discovered on the Zandalari coast. They were soon interrupted by Flynn Fairwind, who reported that Shaw had been taken prisoner by the Zandalari Empire. When Turalyon and Alleria sought to respond with war against the Zandalari, convinced that they were working with Sylvanas Windrunner, Jaina Proudmoore called upon them to not add fuel on an already kindly fire and risk the treaty. Jaina then stated she would use the treaty itself before turning to the blade.

Thus, the Horde Council received a missive from Jaina where she revealed that they were aware of the unrest in Zandalar, their belief that Talanji was working with Sylvanas, and that they had requested to speak with the council. In the end, the council voted unanimously in favor of Thrall and Ji Firepaw to meet with Jaina and Anduin in hopes that it would aid in the hunt and capture of Sylvanas Windrunner. Thus, they subsequently met on a boat at seas off the coast Zandalar. In a show of open trust, Thrall revealed that he had met with Tyrande Whisperwind, stunning both Jaina and Anduin. When Anduin accused the Horde of betraying the Alliance by allowing Sylvanas to have a refuge on Zandalar, Ji became outraged. While Thrall was quick to smooth over Anduin's worries, the information they received allowed the orc and pandaren to realize that the Banshee loyalists were aiding the Widow's Bite. When Anduin mentioned how Mathias Shaw was taken prisoner by the Zandalari Empire, Ji reassured the young king that the Horde Council did not execute prisoners without trial. However, Anduin retorted that he wished to have Shaw returned soon. When the waves threatened to upend the boat, Jaina ported everyone to safety.

Feeling the need to be a boy again, Anduin secretly traveled to Goldshire under the alias Jerek where he was caught by Jaina. After he explained himself, Jaina told him that she understood as he had caught her red-handed too.

After the Horde destroyed the Widow's Bite and saved Bwonsamdi, they released Shaw and sent him back to Stormwind with Sira Moonwarden, who was captured at the end of the conflict and who Thrall wanted to be sent to Tyrande. After Shaw revealed what Thrall wanted of her, Anduin agreed but first, he sought a word with her. Anduin demanded to know where Sylvanas was, and Sira declared that she was nowhere they could find her and that they had already lost. In response, Anduin attempted to use magic against her which caused a look of fear on Jaina's face shook Shaw to the core, while Sira just laughed, declaring once more that they had already lost, and that Anduin would serve well. She was subsequently placed in the Stormwind Stockades and Anduin sent a missive, informing Tyrande that he had a gift from the Horde for her.[116]

Later, Anduin wrote a letter to Mathias Shaw and Flynn Fairwind, granting them temporary leave from their regular duties and assigning them on a mission to inventory artifacts hidden across the Eastern Kingdoms.[117]

Captivity in the Maw[]

The Lion's Cage

Sylvanas talking to the imprisoned Anduin at the Tremaculum.

When the Scourge began to rampage across Azeroth, Anduin was among the leaders captured by Sylvanas' Mawsworn kyrian and taken into the Maw, the realm of torment in the Shadowlands.[118] In his absence, Turalyon took up the position of regent and protector of Stormwind with the support of the House of Nobles.[119]

Within the Maw, Anduin, Baine, Thrall, and Jaina were held captive and tortured under the personal oversight of Sylvanas and the ruler of the Maw, the Jailer. According to Thrall, it sometimes felt as if the group was being tested for something.[120] Anduin was held captive in the Tremaculum, where his imprisonment was overseen by Phael the Afflictor.[121] Jaina tried repeatedly to rescue her "nephew" but failed due to the large number of forces guarding him.[122] Even throughout their torments, Anduin insisted to Jaina that their allies on Azeroth would come to rescue them.[120] This eventually proved true when adventurers and the Knights of the Ebon Blade entered the Maw. Thrall and Jaina accompanied adventurers to the Tremaculum, where Sylvanas was having a conversation with Anduin and expressed disappointment in his "narrow vision" before departing.[122] The heroes freed Anduin from his bonds and the group returned to the Forlorn Respite, where they learned from the captured Tormented Amalgamation that there was a possible way out of the Maw in the form of a waystone at Zovaal's Cauldron, which was also the location where Baine was being held captive.[123] On the way to the Cauldron, the group encountered Helya, who blasted them into the River of Souls. The party made it out of the river to Zovaal's Cauldron just in time to see the Jailer drop Baine off a cliff.[124] They subsequently discovered that the Mawsworn had placed a curse on the High Chieftain's soul and had to work together to save his life.[125][126] With an invisibility spell by Jaina, the party made it to the waystone, which began to react to the adventurer's presence. Anduin remarked that although he had studied titan artifacts, the waystone seemed to be made by a different hand. The adventurer began charging the waystone, an effort that was noticed by the Jailer and prompted him to send his Mawsworn armies to stop them. When the party was about to be overwhelmed, Anduin proclaimed that the Light was with him even in the Maw and called down a barrier of holy magic which held off the Mawsworn long enough for the champion to escape to Oribos. The Jailer declared this to be "interesting", and when Anduin claimed that he had failed, the Jailer calmly responded "No... I have precisely what I need."[127] The Jailer subsequently brought Anduin, Thrall, Jaina, and Baine into his tower of Torghast for further torture.[128][129] The Jailer specifically wanted Anduin because his heroic personal qualities would allow him to enter the realm of Bastion for the purposes of the Jailer's plan.[130]

After starting to aid the Shadowlands' covenants and becoming known as Maw Walkers, adventurers repeatedly ventured into Torghast with the guidance of Bolvar Fordragon (who used the Helm of Domination to peer into the tower), rescued Baine, Jaina, and Thrall, and brought them to the safety of Oribos. However, Anduin was taken deeper into the tower than the others, and the heroes initially found no sign of him.[131] During the rescue of Thrall, the Maw Walkers eavesdropped on a private conversation between the Jailer and Sylvanas in which the Jailer proclaimed that they had to begin preparation of their new "weapon". Sylvanas convinced the Jailer to leave him to her, arguing that bringing their "instrument" around into believing in their cause would yield superior results compared to simply enslaving him.[132] In the Twisting Corridors, the Maw Walkers recovered Anduin's ring, an emblem from his armor, and a length of chain used to hold him, but not the king himself.[131]

Sylvanas Choice

Sylvanas drawing Kingsmourne upon Anduin.

Shortly after, Sylvanas visited Anduin in his cell deep within Torghast. Anduin told her that he was tired of her lies and games. In response, Sylvanas frankly explained that she and the Jailer intended to use Anduin as a weapon to achieve their goal: breaking the unjust system of Death and replacing it with one that is fair and in which everyone would have control of their fate. Anduin questioned why Sylvanas believed that she wasn't simply being used by the Jailer. In response, the banshee gave the king her ultimatum: join them willingly or be made to serve. The entire conversation was remotely observed by Bolvar, the Maw Walkers, and the leaders in Oribos through the Helm of Domination. They agreed that they had to remain patient and cautious, since the Jailer might decide to "discard" his prisoner if he believed his prize to be in jeopardy.[133]

Around the same time as the Jailer's ally Denathrius was defeated, the Jailer had Shalamayne reforged into mourneblade named Kingsmourne,[134] which he infused with the remnants of Arthas Menethil's soul.[135] The Jailer told Sylvanas that they had to take a more direct approach with forging Anduin into their next weapon. The banshee returned to Anduin's prison to offer him a last choice between willing cooperation or forced servitude. Anduin realized that the reason Sylvanas tried so hard to persuade him was because there was a part of her mortality still haunting her and she wanted to give him the choice she'd never had. Sylvanas interrupted him and thrust Kingsmourne on him while telling him to submit. Anduin was not fazed, replied that Sylvanas held all the power, and told her to make her choice.[136]

In Oribos, Baine argued that the Azerothians should attack Torghast and free the king right away, but Thrall countered that they weren't ready to launch an assault on the Maw. Jaina stated that they would work with their allies in Oribos to rally the covenants and, with their help, hopefully stop the Jailer and save Anduin.[136]

Chains of Domination[]

In the end, Sylvanas made the choice to forcibly turn Anduin into an unwilling vessel for the Jailer. He was equipped with Kingsmourne as well as a suit of armor covered in Domination runes that suppressed his will and allowed the Jailer to control him directly,[130][137][138] but it was Arthas' soul within Kingsmourne that served as the main source of Anduin's Domination.[139] Each time the Jailer dominated Anduin's will, he felt himself slipping further away, as though everything he had once been was being consumed by darkness.[140]

Disguised as his normal self, Anduin traveled to Elysian Hold in Bastion and asked for an audience with the kyrian Archon Kyrestia. On the way, Anduin passed the Forsworn Uther, who reacted to the sight of the king by reaching up and touching the Frostmourne-caused wound on his own chest. At Archon's Rise, Kyrestia recognized the Jailer's presence in Anduin and demanded that he release the king from his grasp. In response, the Jailer's voice spoke through Anduin to proclaim that "He is bound to me, just as you once sought to bind your own brother". Anduin plunged Kingsmourne into the ground, creating a shockwave that stunned the nearby Paragons, before leaping at Kyrestia, stabbing her through the chest, and extracting her covenant sigil—the second of five desired by the Jailer.[141] Anduin briefly returned to his old self and reacted with horror at what he had done before the Domination runes on his armor flared up and placed him under the Jailer's control once again,[130][137][138] after which he returned to Torghast to deliver the sigil to the Jailer.[141]

The Heart of Ardenweald - Claiming the sigil

Anduin claims the Winter Queen's sigil.

The Jailer subsequently sent the Mawsworn to attack Ardenweald and seize the Winter Queen's sigil, and the covenants united to defend the forest. Jaina and Bolvar joined the defense in the hopes of saving Anduin, but saw no sign of him on the battlefield.[142] The covenants managed to push out the Mawsworn, but Anduin snuck behind enemy lines, breached the Heart of the Forest, and absorbed the queen's sigil into Kingsmourne. He created a Maw barrier to keep Jaina and Bolvar from reaching him, and they could only watch as he opened a portal and escaped back to the Jailer.[143]

Untangling the Sigil - Severing the sigil

Anduin severs the Primus' sigil.

A Maw Walker accompanied by Bonesmith Heirmir later traveled to Torghast and gave the imprisoned Primus his sigil back, freeing him from his imprisonment as the Runecarver. The Jailer immediately noticed this, teleported into the Runecarver's Oubliette, and began battling the Primus while Heirmir and the hero fought the Jailer's accompanying minions. As the battle progressed, the Jailer stunned Heirmir and the Maw Walker and summoned Anduin, who resurrected all of the Mawsworn that Heirmir and the hero had killed. After he and his master launched a coordinated attack to stun the Primus, Anduin used Kingsmourne to sever the sigil from the Primus' body and launch it into the Jailer's waiting hand. Having now obtained all but one of the sigils he needed, the Jailer teleported himself, Anduin, and his other minions away.[144]

Sylvanas encounter - Anduin

Anduin during the battle in the Crucible, wearing the full set of Domination armor.

Sylvanas later briefed Anduin on the plan to claim the final sigil from the Arbiter: Sylvanas would deal with the forces of Azeroth atop Torghast, and once they reached the Crucible in Oribos, Anduin would defend the Jailer while he completed his ritual to break the Arbiter's defenses. Anduin lamented the control the Jailer had over him, but Sylvanas told him that their sacrifices would be worth it once they achieved their goal. Anduin cut her off and said that the two of them would both be "lost" by the time that happened. He then expressed his hope that his friends would remember him the way he'd been, not what Sylvanas had made him become. Unbeknownst to his captors, Anduin secretly used the Light to enchant his father's compass, imbuing it with the memory of his conversation with Sylvanas.[140]

A Symbol of Hope - Sylvanas and Anduin

The compass displaying Anduin's message.

The Jailer's plan proceeded as intended: he ascended to the Crucible and broke through the Arbiter's defenses while Anduin was forced to battle Jaina, Thrall, and Bolvar on the central platform and Sylvanas kept the Maw Walkers occupied on the surrounding pillars. After claiming the Arbiter's sigil, the Jailer opened a portal to Zereth Mortis and revealed his true goal: not to give everyone free will as Sylvanas had believed, but to remake reality into one where all would serve him. Sylvanas turned against him upon hearing this, but he left her at the mercy of the Maw Walkers and their allies and left with Anduin through the portal, telling him to "Be the first to witness reality's end".[145] Moments before he disappeared through the gateway, Anduin managed to resist the Jailer's control just enough to drop Varian's compass on the ground, allowing Jaina to find it. She brought it back to Keeper's Respite, where she and Bolvar magically examined it and unlocked the message Anduin had left for them. Jaina and Thrall concluded that there was still some part of the king resisting the Jailer's Domination and resolved to save him no matter what it took.[140]

Eternity's End[]

Fighting for the Forge - Oracle and Anduin

Anduin and Dausegne at the Forge of Afterlives.

In Zereth Mortis, the Jailer commanded Anduin to travel to the Forge of Afterlives and use Domination to enslave its protector Dausegne in order to open the way to the Jailer's ultimate goal, the Sepulcher of the First Ones. Upon hearing that Anduin had been sighted near the Forge, Jaina, Baine, and a Maw Walker hurried there in the hopes that they could free the king from the Jailer's control. However, before they could get to him, the Jailer arrived in person, forced the dominated Dausegne to disable the Forge, and used it to transport himself, Anduin, and Dausegne directly to the Sepulcher[146] before sealing the way behind them.[147]

Back in Oribos, Uther the Lightbringer helped Sylvanas awaken from the coma the Jailer had put her in,[148] allowing her to lend her help to the Maw Walkers' allies (after Uther convinced them to trust her). Sylvanas stated that they had no chance of stopping the Jailer without a means to resist his Domination magic and that freeing Anduin might be the key. Uther believed that since Sylvanas had held Kingsmourne, the mourneblade that bound Anduin to the Jailer's will, her presence could also help to free him. Alongside the Maw Walkers, Uther, Jaina, and Sylvanas headed into the Sepulcher,[149] where they ultimately confronted Anduin at Domination's Grasp.

In the ensuing battle, Anduin periodically used Kingsmourne to separate the Maw Walkers' souls from their bodies, allowing them to assist the king's own struggling soul and restore his willpower, in turn allowing him to manifest the source of his Domination—the Remnant of a Fallen King—from the mourneblade. At the end of the battle, the Jailer forced Anduin to plunge Kingsmourne into the ground, enveloping him in smoke as the sword seemingly began draining his soul and the Jailer whispered to him to fulfill his "final purpose": annihilation. As Anduin struggled, he suddenly saw his father Varian appear at his side to remind him that Shalamayne had not been forged by darkness, but by valor. He then saw Varok Saurfang appear at his other side to add that the sword had been forged by honor as well. Varian continued that both of their legacies along with that of Shalamayne were with Anduin. With Varian and Varok's help, Anduin was able to get a firm grip on Kingsmourne and—with a great exertion—split it in half, turning it back into Shalla'tor and Ellemayne and finally freeing him from the Jailer's control, with his Domination armor fading away like smoke. Splitting Kingsmourne also released the last remnant of Arthas' soul, which faded away as Anduin and the heroes watched.[150]

Although his will was now his own again, Anduin was haunted by the lingering effects of Domination and the memories of the things the Jailer had made him do. The heroes brought him to Haven in Zereth Mortis in the hopes that he could tell them how to counteract the Jailer's power, but he stated that he didn't know how.[151] The group turned to another plan by first gathering phrases from the language of the First Ones and then meeting in the Chamber of First Reflection in Bastion, where memories could be drawn out and expunged and where those who had suffered from Domination in the past could infuse the memories of what had allowed them to resist into the shards of the Helm of Domination.[152][153] Anduin—who wished he'd known about the place earlier—volunteered for the ritual after Bolvar and Darion Mograine, stating that he wanted to do whatever it took to help defeat the Jailer. When he gazed into his memories, however, he was quickly overwhelmed by his painful memories of the Maw and forced to stop. Sylvanas recognized his struggle from her own experiences and asked to "offer perspective" by describing how she'd once broken free of Arthas' control and sought revenge against him.[154]

What We Overcome

Anduin peering into his memories in the Chamber of First Reflection.

This caused Anduin to understand that everyone who'd been affected by Domination got the strength to resist from something, be it nobility or vengeance, and that he had friends who were willing to stand with him. He attempted the ritual again, this time managing to draw out a Mawbound Monstrosity which the Maw Walker defeated, allowing the king to infuse his resistance into the shards. Afterward, Sylvanas told him that this wouldn't be the end of his suffering, but at least a step forward.[155] The group then returned to Torghast to meet with the Primus, who used the language and the memories to reforge the Helm of Domination into the Crown of Wills, an instrument allowing them all to become resistant to Domination.[156]

With the resistance granted by the Crown, the Maw Walkers managed to defeat the Jailer within the Sepulcher. Afterward, Sylvanas was brought to Oribos to be judged for her crimes by the Arbiter Pelagos. Anduin and his friends attended the trial, during which Sylvanas handed herself over to the judgment of her nemesis Tyrande. Pelagos asked if anyone presented objected to this. Anduin looked conflicted but remained silent,[157] and the trial ended with Tyrande sending Sylvanas to the Maw to free all of the souls trapped therein.[158]

The Fate of Sylvanas - Anduin

Jaina, Anduin, and Thrall at Sylvanas' trial.

Anduin told the Maw Walkers that he couldn't simply go back to being the person he'd once been and that he still needed time to recover from the trauma of the Jailer's control. He thanked them for helping to set him free and asked them to continue aiding the Alliance and Horde and defending Azeroth. In the Crucible, Genn Greymane, who'd come to the trial as well, told Anduin not to blame himself for the things the Jailer had made him do. Anduin tried to argue that he should've been stronger, but Genn replied that he was the strongest man he knew. Anduin stated that he couldn't return to Azeroth yet and that he trusted Turalyon to watch over the Alliance and Genn to watch over their loved ones in his absence. Genn protested at first, arguing that Stormwind's people needed him, but then accepted Anduin's decision and asked him to take the time he needed and come home when he was ready.[158]

Anduin ultimately made the decision to enter the Maw to find Sylvanas. However, after some time, Sylvanas questioned as to why he was there, with so many people awaiting his return. In response, Anduin admitted that while his friends believe his hands are clean, he doesn't feel that they are cleaned, causing Sylvanas to point out it was perilous to confuse "what you are made to do with what you choose to do." However, Anduin countered that he couldn't help it, as it all blurred together into something horrific and exhilarating, that it sickened him that such satisfaction may have been his own. This allowed Sylvanas to realize that Anduin had arrived to aid her because he feared that he might not be who he thought he was. Anduin further revealed that he was afraid to call on the Light, concerned that it wouldn't answer him. After Sylvanas reassured him about his own free will and choices, Anduin departed, as they each wished each other farewell.[159]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Anduin has remained missing for the three years since the Jailer's defeat. Genn has followed up many rumors regarding sightings of the young king, but none have turned up anything substantial. Genn has concluded that Anduin won't be found until he's ready to be found, and in the meantime Turalyon remains in his position as regent.

A time-displaced version of young Anduin appears in the Everywhen Inn in Thaldraszus, being teleported there when he was playing Hearthstone with his father. He asked adventurers to get back his lucky card that dragon whelps stole from him. In the meantime, he played Hearthstone with Innkeeper Bob, who also provided him with juice. Once the adventurer recovered the card, he took a portal home to his time.[160]

The War Within[]

Sometime following his disappearance, Anduin begins receiving visions and hearing a mysterious voice, leading him to the deserts of Silithus. There, he is located by Thrall, who has also begun hearing the voice. Believing his return is needed, Thrall asks for Anduin's Light to be restored. This causes Anduin to lash out, claiming he has no Light due to his actions while under Zovaal's influence. Thrall's reassurance and trust in Anduin restores some of his confidence, before they are interrupted by the voice again, calling out "Hear me". This causes the pair to gaze up at the dormant Sword of Sargeras, believing that the mad titan was aiming at someone when he stabbed the planet.

Son of the Wolf (possible future)[]

Anduin future

High King Anduin Wrynn many years into the future.

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

In a possible future,[161] many, many years later, Anduin Wrynn as an old man re-reads his father's last letter and contemplates that there is only one more battle to be fought. Aboard the Exodar, Velen informs the High King that it is time, that they will never have an opportunity or chance like this again. As Anduin stands up, he remembers his father and all the others who have fallen, and Velen says that the Light will triumph over the Shadow this day.[85]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Stormwind Keep ?? 28,527,600
Jade Forest 5 - 15 164 - 384
Krasarang Wilds 87 9,585
Timeless Isle 90 11,494
Siege of Orgrimmar (instance) 90 57,470
A [10-45] The Fallen Lion ?? 1,104,563,968
Stormwind Embassy ?? 17,954,400
B [10-50] The Battle for Lordaeron ?? 12,268,800
A [10-50] Tides of War ?? 51,876,000

Powers and Abilities[]

Anduin was born with a great connection with light, from a young age he trained in the priesthood and was able to cast many spells linked to the sacred light. From force fields to healing and casting rays of light, but his most notable ability has been the ability to revive others through light, a skill that only a few can use.


During N [15-35] Sha Can Awe
  • Spell holy symbolofhope Aura of Hope — Anduin restores a portion of your health and mana and inspires Hopeless Redwing Defenders within 15 yards whenever you kill a sha creature at the Temple of the Red Crane.
  • Spell holy holysmite Holy Smite — Smites an enemy, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Spell paladin lightofdawn Hopeful Vigor — Purges Languor from the target, inspiring them with hope and increasing their haste and movement speed by 10% for each application of Languor removed.
During A [15-35] Heart Of The Alliance and A [15-35] The Monkey King
  • Spell holy powerwordshield Power Word: Shield — Wraps an ally in a shield that lasts up to until canceled., absorbing a maximum of 30 Physical or magical damage. While the shield holds, spells will not be interrupted by Physical attacks.
  • With Holy Smite listed above.
Stormwind City
  • Spell holy greaterheal Greater Heal — Heals the caster for 25% of maximum life.
  • Spell holy penance Penance — Launches bolts of holy light at up to 5 enemies every 1 sec for 6 sec, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Ability priest clarityofwill Power Word: Aegis — Shields the caster with a protective ward for 15 sec, absorbing 30816 damage.
  • Spell shadow psychicscream Psychic Scream — Lets out a psychic scream, causing up to 5 nearby enemies to flee for 4 sec.
Stormwind City, Legion intro
  • Spell holy innerfire Inner Fire — A burst of Holy energy fills the caster, increasing armor by 10% and spell power by 10%.
Broken Shore, A [45] A Found Memento-questline
  • Spell holy heal Heal — Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally.
  • Spell holy searinglight Holy Fire — Consumes an enemy in flames, burning it and inflicting additional Fire damage every 2 sec. over 8 sec.
  • Spell holy holysmite Holy Smite — Smites an enemy, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Spell holy persuitofjustice Holy Word: Serenity — Perform a miracle, healing an ally for 1.
Battle for Lordaeron
  • Spell holy flashheal Flash Heal — Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally.
  • Spell holy greaterheal Greater Heal — Heals the caster for 100% of maximum life.
  • Ability paladin shieldofthetemplar Holy Barrier
  • Spell holy penance Penance — Launches bolts of holy light at up to 5 allies every 1 sec for 6 sec, healing them.
  • Spell holy penance Penance — Launches bolts of holy light at up to 5 enemies every 1 sec for 6 sec, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Spell nature reincarnation Taunt — Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.
  • With Psychic Scream listed above.
Escape from the Maw
In the Sanctum of Domination
  • Spell holy holynova Blasphemy — Anduin stuns targets while manifesting an unstable orb of raw Light, then shatters it, inflicting 11017 Holy damage to targets within 5 yards of each piece of Light that strikes the ground.
  • Spell shadow raisedead Crippling Defeat — Strikes a target with an empowered Death blast, inflicting 200% of the target's health as Shadow damage as well as stunning them for 3 sec, in case the damage doesn't finish the job. "That prison could not hold me forever."


Objective of[]

He needs to be interacted with in:

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.

He needed to be spoken with in:

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.


Anduin Wrynn Throne

Anduin in the throne room.

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

King Anduin is perhaps the hardest city leader to defeat for Horde players. The location of Stormwind Keep and Stormwind's geography make getting to Anduin undetected nearly impossible. Additionally, Anduin's elite guard are spread all the way along the path to the king, ranging as far as the steps of the keep itself, and as such players on flying mounts may want to use the side entrance to Stormwind Keep in order to save some time. Every second counts, as a fast kill is vital due to Stormwind being highly populated during most hours and Alliance players are very likely to come to the aid of their King. Unlike Varian, Anduin also comes equipped with the ability to heal and shield his allies. Melee fighters should also be wary of his Psychic Scream.


  • Spell holy greaterheal Greater Heal — Heals the caster for 25% of maximum life.
  • Spell holy penance Penance — Launches bolts of holy light at up to 5 enemies every 1 sec for 6 sec, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Ability priest clarityofwill Power Word: Aegis — Shields the caster with a protective ward for 15 sec, absorbing 300000000 damage.
  • Spell shadow psychicscream Psychic Scream — Lets out a psychic scream, causing up to 5 nearby enemies to flee for 4 sec.


Although only a young adult, Stormwind's king, Anduin, has persevered through numerous trials and tribulations, such as being kidnapped by the scheming black dragon Onyxia. His greatest challenge, however, might lie in his relationship with Varian. Anduin is no stranger to his father's love and affection, but he is constantly wary of sudden outbursts from Varian's violent, gladiatorial side. Anduin has also struggled against his father's insistence that he become a warrior.

Events just prior to the Cataclysm signaled a new chapter in Anduin's life. While undergoing martial training in the dwarven bastion of Ironforge, Anduin witnessed as Moira Thaurissan—the estranged daughter of the late King Magni Bronzebeard—held the city hostage with a contingent of Dark Iron dwarves. Despite being the legal heir to Ironforge, she drew the ire of Varian for her heavy-handed tactics. Before long, the king and a team of SI:7 agents infiltrated the city, intent on killing the brash dwarf heiress. Only through Anduin's wise and resolute intervention did Varian stay his hand and spare Moira's life, thus averting a political disaster that might have ignited a dwarven civil war.

During his time in Ironforge, Anduin also discovered his true calling in life: to be a priest devoted to the tenets of the Holy Light. For those who know Anduin well, this discipline is a perfect fit for the prince, who has consistently proven himself to be compassionate and thoughtful. No longer the child-prince of Stormwind from years past, Anduin is fast becoming his own man with the courage to speak up for what he believes in. He does not share Varian's outright hatred and mistrust of the Horde. On one occasion, he even imparted sage advice to the tauren chieftain Baine Bloodhoof after the death of his father, Cairne. Yet in Azeroth's current state of turmoil, it is unknown whether Anduin's destiny with the Light will proceed on its current course, or whether his path will take a different turn.[162]

After assuming the throne of Stormwind, Anduin's yearning for peace clashes with his duty to fight. But he has begun to prove himself as a skilled wartime leader for the Alliance.[163]


Anduin is physically similar to his mother Tiffin, with light skin, blue eyes and medium-short blonde hair which he ties in a ponytail. He previously wore priest of light robes but after ascending to King of Stormwind he began to wear blue and gold armor with a lion symbol in the center.


Arthas officially joined the Silver Hand when he was 19, Year 15, and he claimed that Varian was a new father which indicates that Anduin was born around Year 15.[164] This confirms that Anduin was 10 around the time of World of Warcraft. The Ultimate Visual Guide finally confirmed that Anduin was crowned the temporary King of Stormwind at age ten when his father was kidnapped.


World of Warcraft: The Comic[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.
  • "The druid was injured in my service and I will protect him with my life! To reach him, monsters, you'll have to go through me!"
  • "Meeting Thrall would be great, dad. From what I've heard... He's extraordinary. And isn't establishing peace something a king should do? If he can?"
  • "Why waste your warriors and resources in battle when a few words will bring you greater profit?" (Said to Garrosh Hellscream during the summit at Theramore)
  • "You're anxious to return to Stormwind? But there's so much to discuss here that may ensure our kingdom's future peace and prosperity."

World of Warcraft[]

WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.
  • Greetings citizen.
  • Hi there. Have you heard any news of my father? (Removed in 3.0.2 with the return of his father.)
  • Enjoying your stay in Stormwind?


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
  • Greetings citizen.
  • Hello. Have you come to speak with my father?
  • I hope you're enjoying your stay in Stormwind.
Escorting the Prince
  • Keep your eyes open for anything suspicious.
  • I'm glad you're here.
  • Something strange is happening in Stormwind...
  • We'll get to the bottom of this.

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.
  • Have you ever seen such a place?
  • There's work to be done here.
  • There's more to this land than meets the eye.
  • We're far from home, friend.
  • Can you believe the majesty of this place?
Greeting (At Grookin Hill)
  • It's not too late to end this war.
  • I have always heard that the Horde was honorable.
  • We don't have to keep fighting. Don't you see?
  • You know who my father is, right?
  • I'm telling!
  • I will see you soon.
  • Stay safe.
  • Keep your guard up.
  • Be careful.
Grookin Hill, looking at Grookin Grenadiers and Jinyu Captives
  • There is still time to stop this madness. You don't have to do this Shokia...
  • There is so much we can learn from this land, and yet you are content to watch it burn around you.
  • Bringing our war to these natives is wrong. We should be teaching them the best of ourselves not the worst...
  • This is absolutely barbaric!
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Grookin Hill
  • Perhaps you could speak to Nazgrim on my behalf? He seems unwilling to negotiate with me.
  • I would recommend releasing me. My father is not as forgiving as I am.
  • I am sure that if you let me contact my companions we can begin negotiations for my release.
  • Look at this land. Now is the time to be talking about peace and exploration.
  • Noble <race>, I am sure there is some agreement we can come to for my release.
Initial at Crane Wing Refuge, to Horde players

Our people have their differences, <class>, but we are all guests in this place.

The pandaren have shown me great hospitality and respect, as I'm sure you've also received, and now they need our help.

The Horde is not without honor. If you know honor, you will know to save our quarrel for another time.

Gossip How did you end up here?

When the SI:7 found me, they wanted to take me home. I ran away.
It wasn't long before the Horde found me.
During the battle at Serpent's Heart, I managed to slip away in the chaos. A merchant allowed me to ride with his family as they fled west, to Zhu's Watch.
It was there that I met Mei Barrelbottom.
She told me of the Crane Wing order, and on her advice I accompanied a courier to the temple to seek an audience with Chi-Ji, the Red Crane.
I was studying with the disciples there when the sha arrived.
Gossip Why didn't you return to Stormwind with the SI:7?
I could not bear to sit in Stormwind Keep while my people's blood spills here!
Pandaria has so much to teach us. There is great power here. Power that could save thousands of lives.
And I aim to find it.
After first set of quests

My time with the Red Crane was short, but I learned a great deal under his tutelage.

This foe--this "sha" energy--is unlike anything we've ever faced. It is the physical manifestation of emotional turmoil, bottled in the land for centuries.

This emotional energy has now burst forth to find living, feeling hosts in which to reside.

The sha threatens to wash over the whole continent, possibly the world, if we do not aid the pandaren in facing it down!

During N [15-35] Sha Can Awe

Together we can reclaim the temple and restore hope for the people here. It's my honor to accompany you in this task.

Temple of the White Tiger

Oh, hello, <name>.

Your timing couldn't be better.

Gate of the August Celestials

This is a historic moment, <name>. What do you think lies beyond the gates?


Garrosh is going to try to use the Divine Bell to wreak havoc on the land. We must find a way to stop him.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
  • For the Alliance above all.
  • A just cause is always worth fighting for.
  • Greetings friend.
  • A king is only as noble as the cause that he serves.
  • Stormwind will endure.
  • Sometimes we must fight for what we believe in.
  • Stormwind honors your service to the Alliance.
  • Now is not a time for that.
  • You try my patience.
  • You know I'm king now, right?
  • The light shall burn you!
  • Be vigilant.
  • Victory in the light.
  • Safe journey to you.
  • You are always welcome in Stormwind.
  • Never lose hope.
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Stormwind Embassy[]

War is coming to Azeroth, <name>. It is time for us to bring in new allies to join our cause.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
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War Campaign - Durotar[]

This is our one and only chance. We must stop Sylvanas here and now.

Gossip Where is Tyrande?

She... hasn't responded to my missives since departing for Darkshore. I fear vengeance has consumed her.

Stormwind Embassy[]

We have faced much together, <name>. You have always been a noble friend and ally.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.
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  • Fate is ours to determine.
  • There is much to be done.
  • We will claim victory. Together.
  • We will not allow darkness to triumph.
  • Honor those we have lost.
  • The Light is with us... even here.
  • We fight for Azeroth, and the Shadowlands.
  • We will set things right.
During The Crown of Wills
There is a shadow upon my mind. Like a cold hand whose fingers curl ever so softly around your heart.
The Crucible after N [60] Penance and Renewal
The shadow of the things I've seen... what the Jailer forced me to do... hangs over me.
For the part you played in setting me free, I'll always be grateful.
But I cannot pretend that I can simply go back to being the person I was. I need... time.
<Alliance I must ask more of you. The Alliance will need your dedication, now more than ever. / Horde No doubt the Horde will rely upon your courage in the days ahead. Defend Azeroth, <name>. No matter what comes.>
Dialogue with Genn Greymane (triggered by talking to Genn)
Penance and Renewal end - Genn and Anduin

Genn and Anduin in the Crucible.

Genn Greymane says: I can't tell you how relieved I am to see you safe, my king. Even after reading Jaina's reports, I can scarcely imagine the horrors you endured.
Anduin Wrynn says: There were times I thought I would never escape the Jailer's control. The things he made me do...
Genn Greymane says: Those actions were not your fault! You cannot blame yourself.
Anduin Wrynn says: I... I should have been stronger...
Genn Greymane says: Anduin Wrynn, you are the strongest man I know. And when you return to Stormwind, the whole kingdom will tell you the same.
Anduin Wrynn says: I can't go back, Genn. Not yet.
Genn Greymane says: But the people need--
Anduin Wrynn says: Turalyon will keep the Alliance safe in my absence. And I know you'll watch over everyone we care about... Old Wolf.
Genn Greymane says: Of course. Take whatever time you need. And when you're ready... please, come home.

Alternate timeline[]

A version of Anduin existed in a timeline where Varian was killed and Anduin was made king at a young age as detailed above, under the War Crimes section. According to Baine, Kairoz selected the most broken and darkest versions.

In Hearthstone[]

Anduin HoW

Anduin in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • Anduin is the default hero (player character) for the priest class in Hearthstone. His flavor text reads: "The future King of Stormwind is a kind, gentle soul. Except when he's in Shadowform."
  • Winning 1,000 Ranked or Arena games as a priest unlocks the alternate King Anduin hero, whose flavor text reads: "The boy who would be King is King now, and woe be to anyone who crosses a priest powerful enough to wear plate."
  • In the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, the nine heroes of Warcraft have been raised as powerful death knights of the Lich King, with Anduin abandoning the Light and fully embracing the Void, becoming Shadowreaper Anduin. Upon being played, Shadowreaper Anduin replaces the player's Hero Power with Voidform. His flavor text reads: "I will tell you what Velen never taught me. Whosoever stands before the Light... inevitably casts a shadow."
  • Anduin is an epic Caster mercenary in the Mercenaries game mode.

In Heroes of the Storm[]

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content related to Heroes of the Storm and is considered non-canon.

Anduin is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm as a ranged healer. His Heroes of the Storm design is based on his Battle for Azeroth appearance, with armor combining his prince garbs with the plate armor he wears in combat. He carries Shalamayne on his back, though he only uses it for a few of his abilities, most of which are based on priest spells from World of Warcraft.

Notes and trivia[]

  • At some point, King Anduin sneaked out of Stormwind Keep to the Gilded Rose tavern, dressed as a commoner. Unfortunately for him, the SI:7 found him.[170]
  • Anduin has ridden hippogryphs. In Before the Storm, he got to ride a nightsaber (though he doesn't choose a white one with black stripes, as that reminded him too much Xuen and felt it would be almost disrespectful to the August Celestial).[171]
  • He understands bits of Darnassian.[172]
  • Anduin has blue eyes.
  • He is the youngest Alliance leader.
  • He's studied titan artifacts.[173]
  • Anduin's horse is a white-coated warhorse named Reverence.[174]
  • Despite wearing full plate armor and wielding Shalamayne in combat during the battle for Lordaeron, Anduin is still a priest and not a paladin.[8]
  • Anduin's favorite Pandarian food is lotus root paste buns.[167][175]
  • Anduin's favorite spot in Pandaria is Mason's Folly, as he loves the idea of stairs that lead only to beauty and he finds the place to be serene.[176]
  • Anduin Wrynn's impaled body can be seen in the Stormwind Harbor of the Realm of Y'Shaarj.
  • Prior to becoming a priest, Anduin was shown to have a skill with ranged weapons. At various points in World of Warcraft: The Comic he used a bow, a gun, and Valeera Sanguinar instructed him in throwing daggers.
  • Master Mathias Shaw, King Genn Greymane, and Prophet Velen are his advisors.[177][178]
  • By the time of the Cataclysm, Anduin had met Thrall only once.[179] This is likely referring to the Theramore Isle peace summit after Onyxia's death.[180]
    • At this time, Anduin did not know of Bolvar's ultimate fate yet, and Varian hoped he never would.[181]
    • Following Varian's death, it was made clear that Anduin is aware of his fate, having taken on his father's oath to not tell anyone. He discusses this with Jaina following the defeat of N'zoth, where she recommended that he personally tell Taelia the truth about Bolvar.
  • In Anduin's quarters hangs only one picture: a portrait of Queen Tiffin holding Anduin when he was a baby.[182] In The Enemy Revealed, what appears to be a Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain poster can be seen hanging on one of the walls in Anduin's room.[183]
  • Anduin calls Jaina Proudmoore "Aunt Jaina", and freely accepts hugs from her.[10]
  • When Anduin stays in Ironforge, Magni Bronzebeard asked him to call him "uncle".[184]
  • As he became friends with Calia Menethil, Anduin noted that unlike the more parental figure Jaina had been for him, Calia was more the big sister he never had.[185]
  • The friendship between Anduin and Baine resembles Jaina and Thrall's which helped keep the peace between the two factions when the latter was still Warchief.
  • According to Genevieve, Prince Anduin got his hair cut at Northshear Abbey.
  • As of Before the Storm, he is taller than Valeera Sanguinar.[186]
  • During the original Twilight's Highlands intro questline in Stormwind City, Anduin had access to a Ability mount ridinghorse [Swift White Steed] and a Ability mount gryphon 01 [Armored Snowy Gryphon] to convenience player mounts.
  • Anduin as an NPC used barriers, shields, and holy fire, and mind control. In War Crimes, when Garrosh insulted his mother the late Queen Tiffin, an outraged Anduin felt like "[blasting Garrosh's] mind".[187]
  • According to Chris Metzen, before Christie Golden wrote The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm, Blizzard had no plans for Anduin's character. The team had worked out the outline for the book when Golden suggested including Anduin as an important component of the story. Metzen was initially skeptical but agreed to trust Golden, who in his opinion ended up doing an excellent job with Anduin's inclusion in the novel.[188]
  • Prior to Cataclysm, Anduin was the only child in the game with voiced dialogue. After the Cataclysm, he was the only teenager with a non-child model in the game.
  • The images of Varian and Anduin briefly appear in N [30-35] Gods and Monsters, a story told by Lorewalker Cho.
  • A number of fans pair him with Wrathion. However, Christie Golden has stated that "their relationship was only good friends"[189][190] and that it has been established "Anduin likes girls".[191]
  • Anduin is one of two racial leaders who were replaced by someone else (by Varian in Wrath of the Lich King) but then got his position back later. The other is Thrall, who served as the leader of the orcs and resumed his position after the death of Varok Saurfang. Unlike Anduin, however, Thrall's position as Chieftain of the orcs is not the same as his original position, which was Warchief of the Horde.
  • The only time the Dominated Anduin uses his lion-skull helmet is during the Sylvanas Windrunner encounter in the Sanctum of Domination, in which he appears out of players' reach away from the actual boss battle. In every other place where his Dominated model is used—including the Sanctum's ending cinematic—his face is exposed.
  • There is an Alliance carrier used during the naval missions on the alternate Draenor that bears the name Anduin's Prayer.
  • Finduin is an Anduin-themed murloc pet that was given to attendees of BlizzCon 2019.
  • Anduin was voiced by Joey Cash in classic World of Warcraft, Jim Mahoney during Cataclysm, and now is voiced solely by Josh Keaton.
  • Actor Geordie Holibar performed the motion capture for Anduin in the Battle for Azeroth intro cinematic.[192]
  • Like his namesake, Anduin Lothar, Anduin's name is identical to that of the famous river Anduin in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth.
  • Anduin Wrynn is an epic Alliance ally card in the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game's Blood of Gladiators series.
  • During Anduin's original stay in Ironforge, Aerin Stonehand took to calling him "li'l lion",[193] similarly to Sylvanas Windrunner who often referred to him as "Little Lion".[174][133] Lorewalker Cho at one point referred to Anduin as "young lion",[194] while Xuen called him "young cub".[195] Sunwalker Dezco described him as a "human calf".[196] At BlizzCon 2017, Alex Afrasiabi referred to Anduin as the "lion of Stormwind",[197] possibly as as a parallel to his namesake Anduin Lothar, who is often called the "Lion of Azeroth". Bolvar Fordragon also referred to Anduin as the "Young Lion".[198]
    • Anduin personally resented the "White Pawn" codename that SI:7 gave him during the events in Pandaria.[199]
  • Anduin's appearance and personality has strong similarities with Valerian Mengsk from StarCraft. Both are also voiced by Josh Keaton.
  • After the release of the Legion reveal trailer at gamescom 2015, many fans began nicknaming him "Manduin" for his more adult appearance as well as his subsequent character maturation.
  • While not seen, it's suggested that Anduin was among those who fell to the whispers of N'Zoth within the Vision of Stormwind, due to Wrathion stopping the adventurer and telling them: Wrathion says: No, <name>. Not the keep. That is one vision I would rather not see. when they approach Stormwind's Keep.
  • His generic name in the Escape from the Maw is Stormwind Paladin.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Although not a paladin nor a warrior, he could possibly be considered a "battle-priest".

Holy Word: Salvation?[]

While the spell he used during the Battle for Azeroth opening cinematic has been confirmed to not be Mass Resurrection,[citation needed]  Anduin has a spell in Heroes of the Storm called Holy Word: Salvation which appears to be identical in terms of both appearance and effect, implying it is, in fact, the same spell.


Heroes of the Storm
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  • Anduin Wrynn, a Blood of Gladiators TCG card
  • Prince Anduin Wrynn (Twilight of the Dragons), Twilight of the Dragons TCG card


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