Anglers' Water Striders

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  • Anglers' Water Striders
  • Binds to Blizzard account
  • Unique
  • Mount Equipment
  • Use: Equip in your mount equipment slot to allow you to walk across water while mounted. Any damage will cancel the effect. Does not work in Battlegrounds or Arenas.
  • Requires Level 20
  • Sell Price: 10g

The Anglers' Water Striders is a mount equipment that can be purchased from Nat Pagle at Anglers Wharf or the player's garrison. If you completed the appropriate quests and requirements, you can also do so from Nat at your garrison's Fishing Shack on Draenor.

Players who owned a water strider mount prior to patch 8.2.0 will receive a permanent discount. When equipped, all mounts will be able to walk on water, except for those that are noted.


Players who owned a water strider mount prior to patch 8.2.0 were mailed this item on every level 100+ character by Nat Pagle:

Mastering Water Walking

Hey There Angler!

We've been observing the water strider population here at Angler's Wharf. The creatures have been evolving, and it seems they have lost their ability to walk on water while carrying a passenger.

But I have good news! After extensive study of the creature's movements, we have figured out how to craft equipment that will allow ANY of your mounts to walk on water!

Because you've taken such good care of your strider, I wanted to send you a free sample. If you ever need to purchase another one, come visit me at Angler's Wharf. I'll always cut a deal for an old friend like you!

Your Pal,

Nat Pagle


During the early PTR, the mail was noticeably different.

Mastering Water Walking

Hey There Angler!

I have great news for you! After much research here at Angler's Wharf we have managed to create an item that we can equip on our mounts to enable water walking!

Unfortunately in this research we may have caused irreparable harm to the Water Strider population and they lost their innate ability to walk on water, however, our new Anglers' Water Striders mount equipment works for them as well.

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