For the ogre group from the main universe, see Ango'rosh tribe.
NeutralAngo'rosh clan
Main leader Agg'thok the Eternal
Race(s) Ogres
Base of operations Ango'rosh Ruins
Theater of operations Talador
Status Destroyed

The Ango'rosh ogres[1][2] was once a clan of ogres on Draenor that have been wiped out by an unknown force. Their spirits continue to live in the ruins of their home cursed to suffer for all eternity.

The spirits of ogres and their chieftain helped the combined forces of the Sunsworn and Auchenai in the fight against the Shadow Council while attacking Gul'rok.

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Agg'thok the Eternal Leader Deceased Ango'rosh Ruins, Talador
Neutral  Dur'gol the Ruthless Undead-Killable Ango'rosh Ruins, Talador
Neutral  Mok'war the Terrible Undead-Killable Ango'rosh Ruins, Talador


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