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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Angus Sootbeard is one of the young and upcoming aces. He is a rare Ironforge dwarf techno mage, with a definite addiction to extremes. Rising to fame with the creation of his one true love, the T-Bird, Angus works as a mercenary, taking odd jobs for the Alliance when he is not pursuing new technological or magical projects. His ship is a fully enclosed vessel bearing a cargo bay large enough to hold an ogre or two, often filled with either bombs or warriors ready to parachute below. While many create similar vehicles, his is the first to be powered by an elemental he bound into a marvelous single engine in the back, giving him an endless source of power, as well as unparalleled speed and control. While the elemental copilot is rather finicky at times, they have a decent working relationship. The vessel at first seems unarmed, but Angus has set several wands aimed in various directions; most expel lightning-powered lashes. Few can withstand the combined power of technological genius and magical might.[1]