Anima Conductor at the Elysian Hold in Bastion.

When activated.

Anima Conductors are found in the four Covenant Sanctums.

Players can enable additional content by investing anima into specific areas in their Covenant’s realm. When you channel anima to a location, it revitalizes the area, allowing you to access new quests, unearth wondrous treasures, or lure out powerful foes to slay for unique rewards.[1] Once a player summons an enemy using the Anima Conductor, other nearby players can join in to defeat it, regardless of their own covenant. Different areas are tied to different content unlocks; upgrading the Anima Conductor increases the variety of locations it can channel to.

Each day you use the Anima Conductor, its power grows. After every 10 uses, this power can be used to reinforce an anima stream, which permanently activates the Anima Conductor's benefits at a specific location. Anima Conductor uses do not need to be on consecutive days to progress toward reinforcing a stream.

Channel locations

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Night Fae

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