Animated Plague Slime

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MobAnimated Plague Slime
Image of Animated Plague Slime
Race Ooze (Aberration)
Level 10-30
Location New Agamand, Howling Fjord

Animated Plague Slime is a level 68 ooze-slime created by experimenting with  [Flask of Vrykul Blood] from Cauldron of Vrykul Blood with Harris's Plague Samples.


  • Spell shadow creepingplague.png  Dark Sludge (5 sec cast) — Increases the time between the attacks of nearby enemies by 33% for 5 min.  (3 min cooldown)


Chief Plaguebringer Harris yells: Steady your hand, you fool! Those are rare components you're spilling on the floor!
The failed concotion spills on the floor and appears to come to life!
Chief Plaguebringer Harris yells: The mixture! It moves!

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