• Annals of Darrowshire
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The Annals of Darrowshire could be looted from the Musty Tome in the Western Plaguelands.

As a quest objective

This item is an objective of N [56] The Annals of Darrowshire.


The Annals of Darrowshire are in the Musty Tome with a small X on the spine. You may need to change the video settings to see this. Although not necessary, zooming in to first-person view and typing /sleep while facing the spine of a Musty Tome makes the spine easier to see. If you opened an incorrect Musty Tome, be ready for a fight with 1-2 level 55-56 ghouls.

The annals might have a mistake in the timeline. It says that Darrowshire was attacked by Scourge in the Second War, before they even existed. It is reasonable to think that they actually meant the Third War.


The Annals of Darrowshire

Darrowshire, named from the Darrowmere Lake to its west, is a village tucked into the southern foothills of Lordaeron. Known for humble yet hardworking residents, Darrowshire stayed in the background of Lordaeron history until the Second War.

Heroes were made during that war. And heroes were lost.

The Battle of Darrowshire

The Battle of Darrowshire took place in the middle of the Second War, when scourge forces rampaged across Lordaeron. Darrowshire was cut off from the bulk of Alliance forces, but the town was bolstered by a company of troops, a contingent of paladins of the Silver Hand, and a staunch group of local militia led by Captain Joseph Redpath.

The Scourge's first assaults on Darrowshire were sparse. Small groups of marauding skeletons and corpses wandered the outskirts of the village and were repelled.

But the Scourge were not balked by the defenders' tenacity, and responded in kind; soon after the first wave of attacks a second wave emerged. Champion ghouls, servants of the ghoul lord Horgus, screamed down from the hills and clashed with beleaguered Darrowshire defenders.

The Defenders weakened, but were relieved by paladins, disciples of the Silver Hand. Their leader, Davil Crokford, was a native of Darrowshire. He brought his followers to the village when he heard of the impending attack, and together with the defenders they held back the servants of Horgus.

When Horgus himself entered the battle, he met with Davil. For many minutes they fought and Davil eventually prevailed, but he suffered a mortal wound and died soon after defeating the ghoul lord.

The battle continued, and Captain Redpath led his militia bravely. And it might have been won, had the captain not been corrupted by the death knight Marduk the Black.

In the middle of the fray Marduk rode up to Redpath, and with black magic he tore loose Redpath's spirit, twisting it into an evil shadow of the brave captain.

The corrupted Captain Redpath then spread his evil taint among the defenders of Darrowshire, who betrayed their allies and slaughtered them. They then turned on the town of Darrowshire and killed all who hid in their homes.

The remaining scourge army, along with the corrupted spirit of Captain Redpath, then left the ravaged village of Darrowshire and tore into Lordaeron, adding to the pain and death of the Second War.

For extended version see  [Extended Annals of Darrowshire].

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