Image of Anthracite
Race Unbound earth elemental (Elemental)
Level 93 Elite
Location Brawler's Guild
Status Killable

Anthracite is a legacy encounter in the Brawler's Guild and requires the use of a challenge card to fight.


Anthracite - 11,399,562 health:

  • Inv summerfest firespirit.png  On Fire — The caster ignites, inflicting 29,850 to 30,150 Fire damage to all enemies in the area every second and retaliates against all attackers for an equal amount of damage. Instant. Aura. Can only be removed with Cooled. While On Fire, provides access to...
    • Inv summerfest firespirit.png  Smoldering Heat 100 yd range — Inflicts 29,850 to 30,150 Fire damage to the target every second. Instant.
    • Spell fire flare.png  Hurl Fire 100 yd range — The caster prepares to hurl a patch of fire at the location of a random nearby enemy. 5 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Targets the ground. Triggers...
      • Inv summerfest firespirit.png  Fire Patch 100 yd range — Inflicts 29,850 to 30,150 Fire damage to the target every second. Instant.
  • Spell frost coldhearted.png  Cooled — Stunned. Increases damage taken by 50%. Instant. Aura, 20 sec duration. Applied after using the Extra Action Button.

Ionized Water - 1,053,980 health:

  • Spell nature lightningshield.png  Ionized Water — Defeat this creature to capture a charge of water for H2-0's spray feature. Instant. Aura on the water.

Player abilities:

  • Inv misc volatilewater.png  Spray 10 yd range — Tells your H2-0 unit to spray water behind you. Instant. Spawns with one charge of and requires... (10 sec cooldown)
    • Inv potion 137.png  Water in the Tank — Stores a charge of ionized water for the H2-0 unit to use. Instant. Gained by running over ionized water clouds.


H2-0 spawns, a friendly mech:

Hey there! I'm a Hydrolizer model two, dash zero or, H2-0 for short.
I've been sent here to help you keep Anthracite under control.
I come stocked with a complimentary charge of water, you'll have to find more if you wish to take advantage of my Hydrolizing feature multiple times.

At the start of the encounter, Anthracite is On Fire, reflecting 100% of damage dealt to it and ticking significant damage as well with Smoldering Heat. Quickly turn facing away from Anthracite, then use the extra action button to Spray a jet of water at him, keeping him Cooled, which stuns him and causes him to take 50% more damage for twenty seconds. To use the extra action button again, kill one of the Ionized Waters moving about the arena and move through the cloud of mist they leave behind.

Anthracite can not be allowed to stay in the On Fire state for very long, so switch off of the elemental at least five seconds before the cooled debuff expires and start working on another Ionized Water, which has just over a million health.

Anthracite will require at minimum 100,000 DPS to beat the enrage timer, plus another million health more for each Ionized Water killed.


Defeating Anthracite awards the Brawler's Guild achievement Having a Brawl, signifying the victor's accession to Rank 9 in the guild.

Patch changes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-05-23): Anthracite will now reset properly when a player dies or leaves the arena and can no longer be attacked by players spectating the fight.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.3.0 (2013-05-21): Added.

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