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BossAntoran High Command
Image of Antoran High Command
Gender Male, Female
Race Eredar (Demon)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Gaze of the Legion, Antorus, the Burning Throne
Status Killable

The Antoran High Command (or the War Council)[1] is a trio of eredar bosses in Antorus, the Burning Throne: Admiral Svirax, Chief Engineer Ishkar, General Erodus.


Adventure Guide[]

Long ago, in the golden age of eredar civilization, a council was formed to oversee the defense of Argus and maintain peace. But after their dark bargain was struck with Sargeras, these master tacticians used their military expertise to help orchestrate a Burning Crusade that ravaged countless worlds.

Now the full might of the Legion's army is theirs to command, and they wield this terrible power to annihilate all who oppose the Dark Titan's will.


The Antoran High Command's three commanders attack their enemies both face to face and from inside their command pods. Only one commander is out of their pod at any given time, and commanders still in their pods attack their enemies using the might of the Legion military. While a commander is attacking directly, their command pod is empty and can be commandeered. After a period attacking their enemies face to face, commanders will Assume Command and return to their pod. On Mythic difficulty, Screaming Shrikes will appear periodically and channel Extract Interloper in an to attempt to remove your allies from command pods they have commandeered. Additionally, the effects of Psychic Scarring last for the duration of combat.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers[]

  • Group up under a Felshield to mitigate the effects of Fusillade.
  • Interrupt Fanatical Pyromancers when they cast Pyroblast.
  • Make maximum use of Legion command pods when one is vacated by the enemy.

Healer Alert Healers[]

  • Group up under a Felshield to mitigate the effects of Fusillade.
  • Focus additional healing on allies who enter a Command Pod as they suffer the effects of Psychic Assault.
  • Quickly heal allies targeted by Chaos Pulse, and dispel the effects it leaves behind.

Tank Alert Tanks[]

  • Group up under a Felshield to mitigate the effects of Fusillade.
  • Position active commanders facing away from allies so they do not get hit by Exploit Weakness.
  • Avoid taking too many consecutive strikes from Exploit Weakness.


In Pod[]

Each commander has powerful abilities they can only access while they inhabit their command pod.

  • Spell fire felpyroblast Chaos Pulse — Fires a pulse of Fel energy at an enemy, inflicting 46250 to 53750 Fire damage per shot in bursts of 3 missiles. Each missile also causes the affected enemy to take 1% extra damage from all sources for 6 sec, up to a maximum of 15%.
  • Admiral Svirax
    • Ability felarakkoa feldetonation green Fusillade Deadly — A legion cruiser appears overhead and barrages the arena, inflicting 1387500 to 1612500 Fire damage. Each Fusillade applies Zeroing In on Admiral Svirax, increasing the damage inflicted by subsequent Fusillades by 25%.
      • Ability hisek aim Zeroing In — Admiral Svirax hones her aim, increasing Fusillade damage by 25% per stack of Zeroing In.
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar
    • Inv gizmo felironbomb Entropic Mine — Creates 6 Entropic Mines in the vicinity of a target enemy. After 3 seconds the mines become armed, triggering Entropic Blast on any enemies that come within 6 yards. Entropic Mines will explode when a Summoning Beacon is placed nearby.
      • Spell fire felflamering Entropic Blast — A violent explosion is triggered by coming into proximity with an Entropic Mine, inflicting 2543750 to 2956250 Fire damage to all targets within 6 yards. Also inflicts 427500 to 472500 Fire damage every 2 sec for 12 sec.
  • General Erodus
    • Spell shadow demoniccirclesummon Summoning Beacon — Creates a beacon that calls Legion forces into the fight.
      • Fanatical Pyromancer
        • Spell fire fireball02 Pyroblast Interruptible — Hurls an immense ball of flame at an enemy, inflicting 3800000 to 4200000 Fire damage.
      • Felblade Shocktrooper
        • Spell shadow summonfelguard Demonic Charge — Charges a random enemy from among the three furthest enemies, knocking back and slowing that enemy by 30% for 6 sec.
          • Ability warrior bladestorm Bladestorm — Slashes wildly, inflicting 1045000 to 1155000 Physical damage to all enemies within 5 yds every 1 sec for 6 sec.

Out of Pod[]

While out of their command pod, each commander fights their enemies more directly.

  • Ability warrior battleshout Assume Command — The caster takes command of their command pod, ejecting any interlopers who may have entered in their absence.
  • Ability xavius tormentingswipe Exploit Weakness — Strike enemies within 10 yards where they are the weakest, inflicting 3700000 to 4300000 Physical damage and increasing Physical damage taken by 50% for 20 sec.
  • Inv gizmo felironbomb Shock Grenade — Hurls Shock Grenades at 3 targets, inflicting 1110000 to 1290000 Fire damage on impact. After 5 sec, the target and all allies within 8 yards are Shocked, inflicting 2375000 to 2625000 Fire damage and stunning them for 3 sec.
    • Ability monk cracklingjadelightning Shocked — Inflicts 2375000 to 2625000 Fire damage and stuns all enemies within 8 yds for 3 sec.

Stealing Power[]

While a commander is out of their pod and attacking directly, players can commandeer the pod and use its powerful abilities. This causes the player to suffer a Psychic Assault, which will eventually overwhelm and kill the player for meddling with powers beyond their station.

  • Spell arcane mindmastery Psychic Assault — The Legion commanders still in their command pods assault the player's mind directly, inflicting 341250 to 358750 Shadow damage every 2 sec. Each tick will do more than the last, until the player's mind is overcome.
    • Spell shadow mindsteal Psychic Scarring — The mental strain of commandeering the Legion's power rendering the occupant unable to enter a Legion command pod.
  • Spell fire felpyroblast Chaos Pulse — Fires a pulse of Fel energy at an enemy, inflicting 46250 to 53750 Fire damage per shot in bursts of 3 missiles. Each missile also causes the affected enemy to take 1% extra damage from all sources for 6 sec, up to a maximum of 15%.
  • Screaming Shrike
    • Inv felbatmount Extract Interloper — Channels a beam of disruptive magic at a command pod. If the channel lasts its full duration, the occupant of the command pod is ejected immediately.
  • Spell fire felflamebreath Defensive Countermeasures — Fires a blast of fel energy at a Screaming Shrike, vaporizing them on impact.
  • Admiral's Pod
    • Spell fire felrainoffire Withering Fire — Powerful guns shoot into the arena from above, inflicting 2775000 to 3225000 Fire damage and increasing damage taken from all sources by 25% for 10 sec. Withering Fire is only effective against summoned demons.
  • Engineer's Pod
    • Ability vehicle shellshieldgenerator Felshield Emitter — Places a Felshield Emitter at a target location. When used, a shield will protect units within 12 yards, preventing 50% incoming Fire damage for 10 sec.
  • General's Pod
    • Spell shadow demoniccircleteleport Summoning Beacon — Creates a beacon that calls Legion forces into the fight. The beacon triggers nearby Entropic Mines, destroying the beacon in the process.


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Related Achievements[]


Admiral Sivrax says: This is one engagement you will not walk away from.
Admiral Sivrax yells: Cannons, begin firing on my mark!
Entropic Mine
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar says: I hope you enjoy my inventions.
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar says: Watch your step!
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar says: I have calculated your odds of survival--zero!
Summoning Beacon
  • General Erodus says: Demons! Charge!
  • General Erodus says: Leave no one alive!
  • General Erodus says: Legion, show these weaklings why we are the dominant force in the cosmos!
Killed a player
  • Admiral Sivrax yells: You've left your flank exposed.
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar yells: Pathetic!
  • General Erodus yells: No mercy!
Prophet Velen yells: The war council has finally paid for their treachery. Without their leadership, the Legion will fall into chaos.
Last Boss killed on the Ground Level
Prophet Velen yells: Well done, champions. For the first time in millennia, a blow has been struck against the denizens of the Burning Throne.
Prophet Velen yells: Yet this battle is far from over. A great power roils in torment at this world's core.
Prophet Velen yells: Rendezvous with the Vindicaar so we can prepare for the final attack.
Unused quotes
  • Admiral Sivrax: All vessels, converge on my position!
  • Admiral Sivrax: Why let my vessels blast you apart when I can dispatch you myself?
  • Admiral Sivrax: Was this your plan?
  • Admiral Sivrax: How was I... outmatched...?
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar: It appears you need a lesson in pain. Allow me to instruct you.
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar: It appears I need to take a more hands-on approach!
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar: I tire of this waiting. It will be more satisfying to have my machines tear you apart!
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar: What result were you expecting?
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar: Inconceivable!
  • General Erodus: Time for my pawns to thin your ranks!
  • General Erodus: I can no longer resist the call of battle!
  • General Erodus: Your front lines cannot withstand my attack!
  • General Erodus: You have no place on my battlefield.
  • General Erodus: My name... will be... remembered...


  • It was called War Council during the PTR, and still is in some quests.[1] The Russian version of the game also refers to them by the old name.
  • Immediately prior to entering the room where the encounter takes place, there is an elevator that will squish anyone unfortunate to be standing underneath it when it reaches the lower level.

Patch changes[]


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