The subject of this article or section is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline and was added at the commencement of phase 3.
Image of Anwehu
Title <Weapons & Armorsmith>
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 70
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shattered Sun Offensive
Location Terrace of Light, Shattrath City[48.1, 42.9]
Status Alive

Anwehu is a draenei armor vendor located behind Exarch Nasuun and the Shattrath Portal to Isle of Quel'Danas on the Terrace of Light of Shattrath City.

He duplicates Smith Hauthaa's Justice point wares.


Note that like Smith Hauthaa, Anwehuu will not sell his wares until players have constructed the Forge and Anvil behind the Sun's Reach Armory on the Isle of Quel'Danas by completing N [70 Daily] Making Ready†.

Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Item Cost
 [Adorned Supernal Legwraps] 109g 45s
 [Aftershock Waistguard] 53g 5s
 [Angelista's Revenge] 69g 31s
 [Anveena's Touch] 70g 5s
 [Barbed Gloves of the Sage] 54g 84s
 [Belt of the Silent Path] 51g 86s
 [Blade of Serration] 60g 8s
 [Blue's Greaves of the Righteous Guardian] 76g 61s
 [Boots of Incantations] 80g 16s
 [Breastplate of Ire] 108g 25s
 [Chestplate of Stoicism] 107g 8s
 [Clutch of the Soothing Breeze] 52g 46s
 [Corrupted Soulcloth Pantaloons] 106g 29s
 [Crossbow of Relentless Strikes] 48g 10s
 [Crystalwind Leggings] 109g 47s
 [Ecclesiastical Cuirass] 107g 88s
 [Embrace of Everlasting Prowess] 109g 86s
 [Embrace of Starlight] 108g 68s
 [Enslaved Doomguard Soulgrips] 53g 64s
 [Fused Nethergon Band] 69g 80s
 [Gauntlets of Rapidity] 53g 25s
 [Gavel of Naaru Blessings] 60g 52s
 [Girdle of Seething Rage] 56g 26s
 [Girdle of the Fearless] 54g 24s
 [Gown of Spiritual Wonder] 109g 6s
 [Greaves of Pacification] 108g 28s
 [Grovewalker's Leggings] 107g 89s
 [Handwraps of the Aggressor] 52g 26s
 [Hauberk of Whirling Fury] 104g 72s
 [Inscribed Legplates of the Aldor] 101g 94s
 [Leggings of the Pursuit] 105g 12s
 [Legplates of Unending Fury] 111g 49s
 [Legwraps of Sweltering Flame] 106g 70s
 [Oakleaf-Spun Handguards] 54g 45s
 [Ring of the Stalwart Protector] 69g 56s
 [Runed Scales of Antiquity] 103g 92s
 [Rushing Storm Kilt] 105g 10s
 [Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard] 104g 33s
 [Scryer's Blade of Focus] 60g 30s
 [Shattrath Protectorate's Breastplate] 112g 27s
 [Shroud of Nature's Harmony] 107g 49s
 [Shroud of the Lore`nial] 106g 30s
 [Slippers of Dutiful Mending] 76g 32s
 [Staff of the Forest Lord] 76g 22s
 [Sunguard Legplates] 107g 47s
 [Swift Blade of Uncertainty] 58g 92s
 [Tameless Breeches] 103g 55s
 [The Blade of Harbingers] 79g 89s
 [The Mutilator] 59g 60s
 [Tormented Demonsoul Robes] 105g 90s
 [Trousers of the Scryers' Retainer] 102g 74s
 [Tunic of the Dark Hour] 102g 35s
 [Vanir's Fist of Brutality] 58g 23s
 [Vanir's Fist of Carnage] 59g 38s
 [Vanir's Fist of Savagery] 59g 15s
 [Waistguard of Reparation] 54g 64s
 [Wave of Life Chestguard] 103g 53s

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