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Apexis guardians
Apexis construct
Faction/Affiliation Apexis, Adherents of Rukhmar, Order of the Awakened, Sethekk
Racial capital Skyreach
Hellfire Citadel
Racial leader(s) IconSmall HighArakkoa High Sage Viryx
IconSmall IskarShadow-Sage Iskar
Homeworld Draenor
Area(s) Spires of Arak
Tanaan Jungle
Language(s) Ravenspeech (presumed)

Apexis guardians are mechanical constructs created by the arakkoa, powered by solar energy.[1][2] They are mainly found in Skyreach and Apexis ruins in Spires of Arak, although a number of fel-corrupted golems are also found in Tanaan and Hellfire Citadel.

They are based on excavated Apexis constructs.[3] The Apexis arakkoa had always been arrogant, and they had become even more so after their victory against the Primals. They deemed those who walked the surface to be unclean and used their constructs to mine and gather other resources from the ground.[4] 1,200 years later, the golems were reactivated from within the Apexis Excavation near Skyreach. The Ancient Nest Guardians were originally built as automated caretakers for young Arakkoa, but with the conflict escalating between the Adherents of Rukhmar and the Outcasts, many have been repurposed as instruments of war.[1] At least Araknath was inspired by the draenei Vigilants.[2]



As a companion pet[]


  • Apexis guardians share the skeleton and animations of blood golems.
  • The Apexis Guardian mobs may have been intended to be of the same race.


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