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Start Auto-accept
End Revil Kost
Level 10-45
Category Artifact
Experience 15,050
Rewards 15g 40s
Previous N Death knight [10-45] A Pact of Necessity
Next N Death knight [10-45] Following the Curse


Start your search for  [Apocalypse] at Manor Mistmantle in Duskwood.


<The Lich King's chill voice fills your mind once again>

There is an ancient blade, lost in the echoes of time, that has the power to bring my vengeance upon the Legion.

It is known only as Apocalypse.

I've sensed the blade in the possession of the Dark Riders of Deadwind Pass. Their magic conceals them from my sight but they cannot hide from the scourge! They were last seen by my agents near a place caled Manor Mistmantle.

Go there, <name>. Defeat the Dark Riders, and claim the blade!


You will receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 15,050 XP


And just why should I help you, death knight?


I am left with little choice. I cannot face another Dark Rider ambush alone, and you are obviously formidable.

I will help you find your artifact, but only if you will allow me to return the others in their possession to their rightful place.

Do we have a deal, death knight?


The Lich King says: The sanctum of the Dark Riders is hidden even to my sight, though many in Duskwood have given their lives to unearth it.
The Lich King says: I sense one such presence in Manor Mistmantle... a man strong in the Light. If he could be bent to your will, he may prove to be the key you require.

Upon arriving at Manor Mistmantle, several Dark Rider corpses can be seen outside and inside the building. Revil Kost is kneeling in the back of the house.

Revil Kost says: Stay back, death knight! I may be wounded, but the Light will protect me!
Revil Kost says: What? Have you not come to finish what the Dark Riders started?

Upon speaking to Revil, the player will be given several options to convince him to join their cause. The player can choose at any time to attack the priest to subdue him, but all of the other options will eventually lead to success without ever needing to engage in combat.

So you hunt the Dark Riders as well? Long have I searched for a way to rid Duskwood of their curse, but now it seems I have become the hunted.
Though we share a common enemy, the sins you bear prevent me from aiding your cause. The Light is not well served by taking power from one evil only to bestow it upon another.
  • Gossip The power would serve to defeat the Legion. You consider that an evil goal?
  • Gossip I don't have time for your nonsense, priest! The Burning Legion is the greater threat!
  • Gossip If you will not tell me, I will strip the answers from your soul! <Attack>

Choosing the first option:

I admit that the Legion is a great threat, but my duty is to the Light.
I must stand vigilant against its enemies at all times, no matter how dire the situation appears.

Choosing the second option:

To me, there is no greater threat than those who despoil the Light!
I will not guide the hand of a sinner to power, no matter the ultimate cost!

Either way, the player will be given the same two options to proceed.

  • Gossip If we do not act, Sargeras will take this world. There will be no remnant of your Holy Light to follow. Where will your duty be then?
  • Gossip Forget this. I will take the answers I need! <Attack>

Choosing the first option yields the following:

The Light will not falter so long as the brave hold it in their hearts.
We have seen it bring about the Legion's defeat before, and it will do so again.
  • Gossip You are wrong. I was at the Broken Shore. I saw the demons cut through our men, holy and unholy alike. If we cannot turn the tide now, we are all lost.
  • Gossip I saw your holy warriors broken on the rocks outside the Tomb of Sargeras! This is unlike any Legion force we've seen, and we'll need more than your Holy Light to drive it back this time!
  • Gossip Enough of this! You will answer me or die, priest! <Attack>

Choosing either of the first two options will convince Revil to help.

Neutral answers
Revil Kost says: I hear the truth in your words, death knight. We may walk very different paths, but I see you fight for a noble cause.
Confrontational answers
Revil Kost says: Your words are acid, but there is truth in them. Though I detest the methods you employ, it seems we may have no choice.
Revil Kost says: Enough! Stay your weapon!
Revil Kost says: Very well. I will tell you what I know.


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