Appeasing the Great Rain Stone

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NeutralAppeasing the Great Rain Stone
Start Soo-say
End Soo-say
Level 77 (Requires 76)
Type Daily
Category Sholazar Basin
Experience 21400
Reputation +500 The Oracles
Rewards 6g 50s


Soo-say in Rainspeaker Canopy wants you to take a companion to dig up and collect 6  [Shiny Treasures].

Be sure to speak to Soo-say in Rainspeaker Canopy about securing the aid of one of your previous companions.


Since mosswalker been attacked I worried maybe we not good to Great Rain Stone... we maybe too greedy. We need more treasures to offer!

You good at finding shinies last time... maybe you go look more around village for shinies? You maybe need one of good Rainspeakers for help. Just tell us who.


Never enough shinies... Great Rain Stone good to us, we need to be good to Great Rain Stone.


So many good shinies! You good at this.

Come back for more again later, yes?


You will receive: 6g 50s


12g 84s at Level 80.



[Savior of the Oracles]