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NeutralArakkoa Outcasts
Arakkoa Outcasts banner
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Iskar Shadow-Sage Iskar
Race(s) Arakkoa Arakkoa
Capital Skettis, Veil Terokk
Theater of operations Talador, Spires of Arak, Tanaan Jungle
Language(s) Ravenspeech
Sub-group(s) Ravenspeakers, Talon Guards, talonpriests
Affiliation Order of the Awakened
  Formerly Independent
Status Active
Quartermaster Alliance IconSmall Arakkoa Shadow-Sage Brakoss
Horde IconSmall Arakkoa Ravenspeaker Skeega

“When the sky burns, it pays to have allies in the shadows.”

Shadow-Sage Iskar

The Arakkoa Outcasts are a collection of broken and flightless arakkoa who revere Anzu and the ancient king Terokk. They use shadow magic to combat the fire and wind of Rukhmar's flying arakkoa followers, the Adherents of Rukhmar. Some of them, however, still pray to the sun goddess hoping that she will rid them of the curse of Sethe.


Arakkoa Outcasts BotSL

A group of outcasts.

Discipline is harsh for any arakkoa who conflicts with the sages ruling the capital of Skyreach. Those found guilty of breaking the law, dabbling in shadow magic, or worshiping gods other than Rukhmar are hurled from the spires and into the cursed pools of Sethekk Hollow, where their wings shrivel and their bodies contort. No longer able to fly, and forever cut off from their sun god, these outcasts have formed their own communities in the shadows of the spires, particularly in the refuge city of Skettis. The outcasts are a tight-knit group and deeply distrustful, but they share common enemies with adventurers from Azeroth, and it may be possible to forge a relationship with them if one knows who to speak with.[1]

A group within the Arakkoa Outcasts called the Ravenspeakers worship Anzu's consort: Ka'alu, the Raven Mother.

When several Outcasts, including Iskar himself, joined the Burning Legion in order to regain their wings, the Outcasts who remained allied themselves with the Order of the Awakened to combat their brethren in Tanaan Jungle.

Some of the Arakkoa Outcasts would go on to become the faction of arakkoa fought in Hellfire Peninsula, Blade's Edge Mountains, and Terokkar Forest in Outland.[2]


Main article: Arakkoa#Biology and culture

A standard greeting among the Outcasts is the phrase "Shadows gather," to which the person being spoken to responds "...when the raven swallows the day". Together, the two phrases make up the first line of Rukhmar's lullaby.

The Outcasts prefer to keep to the shadows, using both magic and ciphers to conceal themselves, their secrets and their most precious artifacts.[3][4] The Outcasts can disguise themselves in such diverse forms as draenei, other arakkoa, or even mushrooms, and use scarecrow-like illusion effigies to project false images or even allow them to communicate across large distances.[5][6][7] They can cloak themselves and others in shadow, or even cross over into the Shadow Realm to hide entirely from those outside it.[8][9]


Reputation with the Outcasts is gained from the storyline 'The Plight of the Arakkoa' in Talador, and from questing and completing bonus objectives in the Spires of Arak. Afterwards, killing level 100+ mobs found in Lost Veil Anzu and Skettis grant reputation all the way to Exalted. Additionally, a Achievement dungeon arakkoaspires [Relic of Rukhmar] can be obtained from a rare level 100 garrison combat mission. Using the relic grants 2500 reputation. During the Sign of the Emissary event, all kills within heroic and mythic Skyreach award reputation.

Faction description[]

Working from the shadows, the Arakkoa Outcasts seek to bring a brighter tomorrow.


Alliance Shadow-Sage Brakoss / Horde Ravenspeaker Skeega
<Arakkoa Outcasts Quartermaster>
Reputation Item Cost Type Note
Friendly Inv potion 126 [Arakkoa Elixir] 5g 1 Apexis Crystal Consumable
Honored Ability druid rake [Saberon Protector] 500g Trinket
Revered Inv misc boilingblood [Son of Sethe] 1000g 2000 Apexis Crystal Companion
Inv feather 14 [Wings of the Outcasts] 1000g Consumable
Exalted Inv misc map 01 [Draenor Archaeologist's Map] Consumable
Inv stone sharpeningstone 01 [Draenor Archaeologist's Lodestone] Consumable
Inv tabard a 76arakkoaoutcast [Arakkoa Outcasts Tabard] 100g Tabard
Ability mount talbukdraenormount [Shadowmane Charger] 5000g 5000 Apexis Crystal Mount


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