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AllianceAramar Thorne
Image of Aramar Thorne
Title Wielder of Light,[1]
Cabin Boy
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Druid
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stormwind
Occupation Sketcher
Former occupation(s) Cabin boy of the Wavestrider
Location Dryad
Status Alive
Relative(s) Greydon (father), Ceya (mother), Robb (step-father), Robertson, Selya (younger half-siblings), Makasa Flintwill ("sister"), Silverlaine (uncle)
Companion(s) Murky, Hackle, Galena Stormspear, Telagos, Reigol Valdread, Stitch, Willy (friends); Soot (family dog)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Aramar Thorne, nicknamed Aram, is a five-foot-four,[2] twelve-year-old boy, the son of Captain Greydon Thorne, a famous explorer.[3] He comes from Lakeshire.[4]

Aramar's journey is led by a strange compass gifted to him by his father during the night of a pirate attack on the Wavestrider. The compass does not point north, and its crystal needle is "a shard of pure starlight from the heavens, imbued with the celestial spark." The crystal does not come from Azeroth.[5]


Aramar Thorne was born to Greydon Thorne and Ceya Northbrooke in Lakeshire. On Aram's sixth birthday, his father abandoned his family quite suddenly. At first, he didn't want to believe that Greydon abandoned them and thought that he was taken by orcs or murlocs. After two years, Aram accepted the reality and it left him with a grudge which he has never ceased harboring. In the meantime, Ceya married Robb Glade who saw his talent and bought him a sketchbook on his twelfth birthday.[6] Six years after the sudden abandonment, one month after his twelfth birthday,[7] Greydon returned, and, with the consent of both his mother and stepfather, took Aram on a one year voyage around Azeroth aboard his ship, the Wavestrider. During the next six months, Greydon began rigorously tutoring his son in an eclectic range of topics, such as trade, anthropology, biology, swordplay, and sailcraft. Aram was plagued by dreams where the Voice of the Light seems to guide him to some uncertain future.

After landing in Desolace, the crew traded with gnolls of the Grimtail clan led by their female matriarch Cackle who noticed Aram's vivid sketches and she considered it a powerful magic. The crew then sailed to Flayers' Point where Aram noticed the ship's cook Jonas Cobb trading and betraying the crew. The Wavestrider was then boarded and scuttled by pirates led by the mysterious band known only as the Hidden. As Jonas was about to attack Aram, he was crushed by the destroyed ship mast and Aram took his cutlass. After witnessing the battle, Greydon placed a strange compass which never pointed north in the care of Aram, warning him that the device must be protected at all costs. Greydon placed his son under the care of his young second mate, Makasa Flintwill, a stern 17-year-old girl who had no love for Aram and had previously been teasing one another. Aram and Makasa escaped, though most of the crew, including its Captain, ostensibly lost their lives. Stranded in Feralas, Makasa and Aram had no choice but to rely on each other to survive. Though he resented his lessons, he took his father's advice about seeing the value in all life to heart, and in the wilds of Feralas, befriended the murloc, Murky, and the night elf druid Thalyss Greyoak. Eventually, Aram came to realize that Makasa saw Greydon as a surrogate father since he saved her from a Horde raid that killed her brothers. Recognizing each other as siblings, the pair put aside their differences to survive the wilds of Feralas.

Eventually, the Hidden found Aram and kidnapped Murky, demanding that he hand over the compass in exchange for the murloc's life. The exchange, however, was interrupted by a group of Gordunni ogres led by Wordok, who captured Aram and Thalyss and took them to Dire Maul, where they were forced to fight for the amusement of King Gordok. In the gladiator pits, Aram met the former Woodpaw gnoll Hackle and the tauren Woolbeard, both of whom were taken with the skill of his art. When forced to face Hackle in the arena, he instead convinced the gnoll runt that he could curse him using the powerful magic contained within his portrait. Enraged by the lack of blood, Gordok unleashed a colossal wyvern named Old One-Eye. Never one to harm a living creature, Aram refused to hurt the beast, and instead cut the spiked collar from the wyvern and helped free its cubs. At this moment, the Hidden arrived to claim Aram and the compass. Malus, their leader, challenged Gordok to a bloody duel. In the ensuing chaos, Aram - with the help of Makasa, who had tracked her brother through the wilds - escaped on the back of the wyvern. During the escape, the druid Thalyss sacrificed his life to protect the boy from a crossbow bolt. High above near the border to Thousand Needles on the back of the wyvern, Aram found that the compass had all along been pointing in the direction of a mysterious shard buried in the earth. It was the shard of a sword, though Aram did not know that.[8] Aram now plans, along with Makasa, Hackle and Murky to reach Gadgetzan in order to fulfill Thalyss' last wish to deliver an item to his friend there, as well as the wish of his father to protect and uncover the mystery of the compass and the Light that has been speaking to him, with the Hidden close behind.[9] At this point, they have been in Feralas for close to a month.[10]


  • His eye color is brown.
  • He doesn't like spiders.
  • Reigol Valdread mockingly calls him a squire.
  • Aram's signature was always his first name. The final sketch in the first book, the second sketch of his father, has the signature A. Thorne which corresponds with the book's ending where he reconciled with his father and accepted his task.
  • He was called Greydon-son by Durgan One-God and Urum by Murky.
  • During the story, Aram wears a grey woolen cable sweater knitted and gifted to him by his mother on his eleventh birthday.[11] He wears it along with his father's coat.
  • Aram is focused more on a ground-level experience of Azeroth and may not even be aware of the greater stories at play.[12]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • With Traveler taking place around Year 29,[13] and Aram is 12 years old, he would be born at the beginning of Year 17 or end of Year 16, and he is around 23 years old in Dragonflight.
  • The crystal needle of Aram's compass is likely a piece of a naaru, coinciding with the Voice of the Light speaking to him in his dreams. It may also be a piece of the Diamond Blade like the shards the compass points to are.


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