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For how to defeat his Undead Form found in Karazhan see Nightbane (tactics) and Nightbane (Return to Karazhan tactics).
Image of Arcanagos
Gender Male
Race Blue dragon (Dragonkin)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Blue dragonflight
Occupation Companion to Aegwynn as she confronted Medivh
Location Various
Status Active (lore)[1]
Companion(s) Aegwynn

Arcanagos was a powerful blue dragon who traveled to Karazhan just prior to the First War to confront Medivh, who unbeknownst to Arcanagos was possessed by Sargeras, lord of the Burning Legion.


When the Dark Portal was opened by Medivh, almost every creature attuned to magic on Azeroth felt ripples as the gateway flared to life. Arcanagos traveled to Karazhan with Medivh's mother, Aegwynn, to confront him about it. The tower was crowded with nobles who were expecting a gala, and so Aegwynn entered alone at first, hoping to convince Medivh to give up his power peacefully. After Medivh revealed that said power was that of Sargeras, he and Aegwynn began to fight, shaking the tower to its foundations and causing the would-be revelers to flee. When Aegwynn was temporarily incapacitated, Arcanagos joined in.

However, despite being a blue dragon, Arcanagos was severely outmatched. Sargeras struck him down, burning him from the inside out until all that was left was bone. Her friend's death sent Aegwynn further into a rage, and as their duel continued, Aegwynn slowly gained the upper hand.[2]

The spell Medivh used against the dragon imparted some of his own essence into Arcanagos, imbuing him with fiery wrath. In order to divine information about Medivh, the Violet Eye has adventurers resurrect the dead dragon in order to extract the arcane essence.[1] Arcanagos appears, now as a fiery skeletal monstrosity known as Nightbane, and proceeds to attack those who summon him.

Following the Fourth War, Mathias Shaw mentions in his reports that the agents he sent to meet the Shade of Medivh had seen Nightbane appear upon their arrival, at least, that's what their charred reports say.[1]

Old lore[]

Nightbane Art

Nightbane Art

Arcanagos's story before Chronicle Volume 2 was told in the Nightbane quest chain:

Arcanagos sensed Medivh was being used by a dark and sinister force, and pleaded with him to abandon the tower before the situation escalated out of control. When Medivh refused to leave his residence, the blue dragon attempted to remove him by force. The two masters of the arcane fought briefly, trading blows, but the blue wyrm met his match in the corrupted Titan-imbued Guardian of Tirisfal. Burning from a horrific spell from the inside out, Arcanagos frantically flew off and crashed into the mountains of Deadwind Pass, dying a painful death, his bones shattering and falling down to scatter the surrounding area.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Master's Terrace 70 300,930
Nightbane (tactics) ?? 929,530
Nightbane (Return to Karazhan tactics) ?? 143,823,376


Encounter with Medivh[]

Medivh yells: You've got my attention, dragon. You'll find I'm not as easily scared as the villagers below.
Arcanagos yells: Your dabbling in the arcane has gone too far, Medivh. You've attracted the attention of powers beyond your understanding. You must leave Karazhan at once!
Medivh yells: You dare challenge me at my own dwelling? Your arrogance is astounding, even for a dragon.
Arcanagos yells: A dark power seeks to use you, Medivh! If you stay, dire days will follow. You must hurry, we don't have much time!
Medivh yells: I do not know what you speak of, dragon... but I will not be bullied by this display of insolence. I'll leave Karazhan when it suits me!
Arcanagos yells: You leave me no alternative. I will stop you by force if you won't listen to reason.
Arcanagos glows with a blue aura as Medivh casts a pyroblast that reflects off the dragon. Injured, Medivh stands back to his feet.
Medivh begins to cast a spell of great power, weaving his own essence into the magic.
Arcanagos begins to burn.
Arcanagos yells: What have you done, wizard? This cannot be! I'm burning from... within!
Arcanagos flies off into the distance aflame.
Medivh says: He should not have angered me. I must go... recover my strength now...


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