Arcane Empowerment
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  • Arcane Empowerment (3 ranks)
  • Arcane, Tier 7
  • Increases the damage of your Arcane Missiles spell by an amount equal to 15/30/45% of your spell power and the damage of your Arcane Blast by 3/6/9% of your spell power. In addition, increases the damage of all party and raid members within 100 yds by 1/2/3%.
Class Mage
Tree Arcane
Points required 30
Affects [Arcane Missiles], [Arcane Blast], damage done by party/raid members
Related buff
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  • Arcane Empowerment
  • Increases all damage by Z%.

Arcane Empowerment is a Mage talent that increases the damage done by [Arcane Missiles] and [Arcane Blast] by a percentage of your spell power, and it increases damage done by all party/raid members.


Arcane Missiles normally gets 142% of Arcane spell damage applied to the total damage of the spell, distributed to each tick evenly over the 5 second channeling time. The talent bonus is added to the base bonus, where at max rank the bonus is increased to 187%. The following formula gives the spell damage coefficient, where X is the number of points in the talent:

142% + (15% * X)

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