Arcane Guardian

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Not to be confused with Arcane Guardian (Talador) or Arcane Guardian (Azsuna).
HordeArcane Guardian
Image of Arcane Guardian
Race Arcane guardian (Elemental)
Level 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Silvermoon City
Location Silvermoon City
In WoW
"Happiness is mandatory, citizen."[1]

Arcane Guardians are magic-powered golem-like creatures used by blood elves as sentries. They roam about Silvermoon City and supplement the city's blood elven guards in the city's defense.


  • Ability ensnare.png  Hooked Net — Immobilizes an enemy for 3 sec. and inflicts Physical damage.


  • Happiness is mandatory, citizen.
  • Maintain order within these walls.
  • Obey the laws of Silvermoon. Failure to do so will result in termination.
  • Remain strong. Kael'thas will—error -- Lor'themar will lead you to power and glory!
  • Do not be disheartened. Silvermoon will remain strong through this course of events.
  • Do not disturb the serenity of the city. Peace must be upheld.

Notes and trivia

  • The guardians can see through stealth, and serve as Silvermoon's equivalent to the named elites found in other cities, such as Dark Ranger Anya in the Undercity. However, they are not elites themselves.
  • The quote "Happiness is mandatory, citizen," is a reference to the tabletop RPG Paranoia.

Patch changes

Prior to this patch, the guardians stated "Remain strong. Kael'thas will lead you to power and glory!" This change represents the defection of the Blood Knights, and much of Silvermoon, from Kael'thas.

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