Arcane Subtlety
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  • Arcane Subtlety (2 ranks)
  • Arcane, Tier 1
  • Reduces the chance your spells will be dispelled by 15/30% and reduces the threat caused by your Arcane spells by 20/40%.
Class Mage
Tree Arcane
Affects Arcane spells, dispel resistance

Arcane Subtlety is a Mage talent that grants Dispel resistance while reducing the threat caused by Arcane spells. It is a very useful talent for arcane mages across both PvE and PvP as it offer multiple benefits simultaneously.


  • Dispel resistance is invaluable in PvP situations, specially for a class as reliant on buffs as the Mage. It can prevent both your buffs and the dots you place from being dispelled, protecting from [Purge], Dispel, [Mass Dispel], [Spellsteal] and others of the sort.
  • Mages have many critical dispellable abilities such as [Icy Veins], [Ice Barrier], [Ice Block] (via Priest's [Mass Dispel]) and [Mana Shield] (and even [Presence of Mind] if one is not careful), and this talent provides accessible protection to these for Mages across all trees.
  • The threat reduction is excellent for mages that use Arcane spells as a primary damage source in raids. 40% threat reduction to Arcane spells is the most that a Mage can obtain through talents, with Frost and Fire talents reducing threat of those schools by only 10%.
  • This talent is available early in the Arcane tree, and is often taken by Frost or Fire Mages who want some useful early Arcane talents, such as [Arcane Concentration], [Improved Counterspell], or [Presence of Mind]. Since Frost and Fire mages will not be using [Arcane Missiles] as often, this talent is preferred over [Improved Arcane Missiles] in the first tier. The threat reduction is very useful when using [Arcane Explosion] in AoE situations, where a tank needs to hold aggro on multiple mobs.

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